Grigori Grabovoi
Everyday Practice of Consciousness Development

Grigogi Grabovoi

Resurrection and Eternal Life
Our Reality Now

By Grigory Grabovoi
Moscow, 2002

Translated by Rashid Galiev
Edited by Thomas Clark
Boston, Massachusetts, 2006

Introduction 9
Section1. Concrete facts of people resurrection 20
Case1. Resurrection of A. E. RUSANOV 20
Declaration from Emily A RUSANOV (May 27, 1996) 20
Declaration from Tatyana I Kozlov (May 27, 1996) 21
Commentary to case 1 21
Case2. Resurrection of V. KULIKOV 25
First declaration from Svetlana A Kulikov (January 26, 1999) 25
First commentary 26
Commentary to levels of resurrection 28
Second commentary 29
Unusual animals and birds abilities 30
Commentary 3 33
Second declaration from Svetlana A Kulikov (April 26, 1999) 33
Commentary to second declaration 34
Case3. Resurrection of N. Chigirinzeva 37
Declaration from Lubov S Kazakova (June 1, 1999) 37
Commentary to case 3 38
Case4. Resurrection day when registered physical death 40
Declaration of Lev Bogomolov (January 28, 1998) 40
Commentary to case 4 40
Resume 41
Section2. Basic principles of resurrection 43
2.1. First principle group 43
Consciousness 47
Genuine consciousness 47
Expanded consciousness 48
Perception of people who are gone 50
New stage in development society and individual 51
2.2. Second principle group 55
Space 55
Time 57
2.3. Third principle group 63
Note to acceptation the reality (principle 1.3) 66
2.5. Third principle group (continuation) 72
The role of resurrection in the thought process 88
2.4. Consciousness principles -- the fourth level 90
2.5. List of the resurrection principles 101
2.5.1. First principle group 101
2.5.2. Second principle group 102
2.5.3. Third principle group 102
2.5.4. Fourth principle group 103
Section3. Methods for human resurrection 104
3.1. Resurrection through remote consciousness sites 105
3.2. Resurrection through plants 106
3.3. Method of development for the soul of the resurrected person 107
3.4. The apparent infinity of the water’s surface 108
3.5. Thought control for people resurrection 109
3.6. Thought formed by consciousness 111
3.7. Consciousness development for self-understanding 112
3.8. Resurrection on the consciousness border 113
3.9. Body control by the resurrection 114
3.10. Little fingers method 114
3.11. Digital concentration 114
3.12. Visualization the feelings of resurrected person 115
3.13. Alternative manner of perception 115
3.14. Visualization joining elements of reality 116
3.15. Transferring the reality event in the information event 116
3.16. Setting the links of the world elements 117
3.17. Form the resurrected person image 117
3.18. Usage the environment as event analyzer 117
3.19. Digit substance transformation 118
3.20. Usage the links of surrounding objects 118
3.21. Transformation of information objects into consciousness elements 118
3.22. Discrete elements in continual progress 119
3.23. Technology of thinking as resurrected person 120
3.24. Thought registration in remote world area 120
3.25. Symmetric transformation of the world image 120
3.26. World management in the area of its self-organization 120
3.27. World transformation in one area of its development 121
3.28. Transforming the environment via a thinking area 121
3.29. Materialization in the physical reality 121
3.30. Conversion to system knowledge 122
3.31. Living reality management 122
3.32. Harmony with the resurrected person 122
3.33. Thought’s existence in every reality element 123
3.34. Transferring an image of a resurrected person 123
3.35. Expanding the human image into all world elements 123
3.36. Rejuvenating a resurrected person’s health 123
3.37. Getting information via a direct channel of vision 124
3.38. Achieving a connection between event elements 124
3.39. Line of connection between events 124
3.40. Information transformation toward resurrection 124
3.41. Realization of plan of resurrected person 124
3.42. Gaining the habits of resurrection 124
3.43. Recognition of signs of the resurrected person 124
3.44. Perpetual thought about a resurrection 124
3.45. Recognition of the resurrected person in images 125
3.46. Outer information in the resurrection 125
3.47. Creator presence in resurrection 125
3.48. Appeal to Grigory Grabovoi 125
3.49. Consciousness expansion toward your future 125
3.50. Information expansion on the past, present, and future 125
In conclusion 126
Section4. The principles of resurrection and everyday life 127
4.1. New medicine as an corollary of resurrection 128
4.1.1. First principle -- group commentary 128
4.1.2. Second principle group commentary 132
4.1.3. Third principle group 136
4.1.4. Fourth principle group commentary 141
4.2. New medicine principles 143
4.2.1. Materialization, spirituality, and life 143 Materialization 143 Body and spirit interaction 144 Life in a physical body 145
4.2.2. Materialization, spirituality, and life 145
4.3. Concrete facts of the illnesses healing 149
4.3.1. First case of healing from “Carcinoma of mammary gland” 149
4.3.2. Second case of healing from “Cancer of colon” 150
4.3.3. Third case of healing from “Cancer of pancreas gland” 151
4.3.4. Fourth case of healing from “AIDS in last stage” 152
4.4. People salvation, warning prognosis 153
4.4.1. Extrasensory detection of disaster in the shaft 153
4.4.2. Prevention of the car collisions 154
4.4.3. Prevention of the airplane catastrophe 155
4.4.4. Diagnosis of the space-shift 156
4.5. Methodology of warning prediction 158
4.6. Materialization and Dematerialization conception 159
4.6.1. Object materialization in unknown place 159
4.6.2. Key materialization 160
4.6.3. Experimental key materialization 161
4.6.4. Document materialization 161
4.6.5. Stamp materialization 162
4.6.6. Air ticket materialization 162
4.6.7. Article dematerialization 163
4.6.8. Voice materialization 163
4.6.9. Teleportation 164
4.6.10. Chemical process research and future materialization 164
4.6.12. Audio record as sound form materialization 166
4.6.13. Computer diskette materialization 166
4.6.14. Computer virus dematerialization 167
4.6.15. Lift management 167
4.7. Restoration and resurrection the people via technical devices 168
4.7.1. Information archive in space-time point 169
4.7.2. Computer technology of distant control 170
4.8. Healing with digital series 173
4.9. How to create a matter by human’s consciousness 177
4.9.1. Micro-matter construction 177
4.9.2. Construction macro-elements from micro-elements 178
4.9.3. Reality construction from the consciousness 178
4.9.4. Outer reality element construction by its reflection on your consciousness 179
4.9.5. Construction of inner content of the outer reality imaginations 179
4.9.6. Discrete management by continual thought 179
4.9.7. Space construction with time vector 180
4.9.8. Method of enclosure 180
4.9.9. Matter construction via forms manifold 181
4.9.10. Matter construction based on corollary of event 181
4.9.11. Resume to materialization methods 182
5. Conclusion 183
5.1. Resume to healing via digital series 184
5.2. Life transformation 185
5.3. Technologies and education 186
5.4. Salvation tower 187
5.5. Juridical status of resurrected people 188
5.6. Spiritual beings 189
5.7. Myths and delusions 189
5.8. Role of this book 190
Epilogue 192
Appendix A. Documents confirmed resurrection facts 194
1. Declaration from Emilia Rusanov 194
2. Declaration from Tatyana Kozlov 195
3. Declaration from Svetlana Kulikov 196
4. Second declaration of Svetlana Kulikov 198
5. Declaration of Lubov Kazakov 200
6. Declaration of Lev Bogomolov 202
Appendix B. Documents confirmed healing facts of fatal illnesses 203
1. Declaration of Galina Antipova 203
2. Second declaration of Galina Antipova 205
3. Diagnosis of medical doctor about Galina Antipova 206
3. Declaration of Diana Serbin 207
4. Declaration of Nadejda Serbin 208
5. Diagnosis of four stage of cancer 208
5. Healing certificate from fourth stage cancer 209
6. Healing certificate from cancer 210
7. Healing of cancer of pancreas gland 211
8. Diagnosis of duodenum cancer 212
9. Healing from AIDS certificate 213
10. Healing certificate from AIDS 214
11. Fragment of illness history 216
12. Rejuvenation result certificate 217
Appendix C. Documents confirmed prevention of disasters 218
1. Certificate of extrasensory people detection after shaft crash 218
2. Certificate of de-materialization part of car 220
3. Certificate about airplane diagnosis 221
4. Certificate of airplane extrasensory diagnosis 224
5. Protocol confirmed extrasensory diagnosis 225
6. Certificate of extrasensory diagnosis of airplane 226
7. Declaration of Boris Veremei about extrasensory restoration 227
8. Certificate of extrasensory diagnosis 228
9. Certificate about prognosis of Mir and Atlantis junction 229
10. List of confirmed prognosis made by Grigory Grabovoi 231
Appendix D. Materialization and dematerialization certificates 232
1. Materialization unknown object 232
2. Key materialization 233
3. Key materialization and de-materialization 234
4. Key partial dematerialization and restoration 235
5. Documents materialization certificate 237
6. Stamp dematerialization certificate 238
7. Airplane ticket materialization 239
8. Article dematerialization 241
9. Certificate on distant voice transfer 243
11. Certificate of teleportation 244
12. Certificates of chemical processes direct vision 245
13. Certificate of direct vision of Math results 247
14. Extrasensory cleanup and record on audiocassette 249
15. Dematerialization of computer diskette 251
16. Extrasensory computer virus detection and cleanup 252
17. Extrasensory distant lift management 254
Appendix E. Documents confirmed restoration via technical devices 255
1. Certificate-license on invention 255
2. Certificate-license on invention 256
3. Certificate-license on invention 257
4. Certificate-license on invention 258
5. Patent on method of catastrophes prevention 259
6. Certificate from Agency of Extreme Situation Monitoring 260
7. Patent on Information Transferring System 261
8. Test results of Information Transferring System 262
9. Diploma of G. Grabovoi in Mechanics 263
10. Diploma of doctor of “Know-sphere Technology” 263
11. Diploma of Grand Master 264
12. Diploma of Grand Doctor Philosophy 264
13. Diploma of Doctor of Technical Science 265
14. Diploma of Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences 266
15. Diploma of Doctor of Informatics 267
16. Diploma of Doctor of Science 268
17. Certificate of “Full Professor” title 269
18. Diploma of Professor 270
19. Diploma of professor 271
20. Diploma of professor title 272
21. Diploma of academician title 273
22. Diploma of academician title 274
23. Diploma of active member 274
24. Diploma of academician of Italian Academy 275
25. Diploma of academician of Medical Technical Sciences 276
26. Diploma of academician of IAISB 277
27. Diploma of academician 278
28. Diploma of academician 279
29. Certificate of lecturer 280
30. Course of Technology and Development 281
31. Example of certificate 282
32. Certificate of registration 283
Appendix F. Phenomena of resurrection 284
Appendix G. Everyday consciousness development 287
1 day of month 288
2 day of month 289
3 day of month 289
4 day of month 290
5 day of month 290
6 day of month 291
7 day of month 292
8 day of month 293
9 day of month 293
10 day of month 294
11 day of month 295
12 day of month 296
13 day of month 297
14 day of month 297
15 day of month 298
16 day of month 299
17 day of month 299
18 day of month 300
19 day of month 300
20 day of month 301
21 day of month 302
22 day of month 303
23 day of month 303
24 day of month 304
25 day of month 304
26 day of month 305
27 day of month 306
28 day of month 306
29 day of month 307
30 day of month 308
31 day of month 308
Notice to concentration 309

This book is from the series of books dedicated to a genuine world understanding.
Here I explain my experience concerning the resurrection of human beings. I will discuss the human’s resurrection only, and will not debate the resurrection of animals, plants, and so on.
For most of us, the idea of resurrection is symbolic. However, the soul of everyone accepts that resurrection is a reality. Many people correctly recognize the RESURRECTION on the soul level. Everyone needs to understand how that human being who was dead and gone can resurrect.
Many people do not care about -- how God created the world, what its laws are, and what life is by itself. These people get confuse about many facts -- healing from AIDS, cancer in its last stages, materialization and dematerialization of things, diagnostics for technical equipment (even for cosmic objects), remote computer management through thought, changing the past and present and future, understanding the conversation between people an any distance in an any language, and on and on. All of these facts confirmed in official documentation, consolidated into numerous tomes. Many of these facts accept as miracles, but we need to keep in mind that miracles not contradict the nature’s laws – they contradict only to our understanding of nature’s laws.
It is time to change how we think about the world and it laws – and this we have to done at the beginning of this new millennium; it is necessary for the world salvation.

All of us feel the accelerated science and technology development. Is man developing? If yes, in what direction? What is going on with humankind? What things cause the real development of man – his authentic progress and evolution?
The man’s perfection develops with his consciousness progress. Man’s consciousness has two states now: sleep and vigil. Everybody knows what these states are. I will not touch here on waking-dreams, because these involve special consciousness states.
Most of our lives spent in these two states of consciousness -- sleep and vigil. In the vigil state, a person can move, decide, conclude, and do a host of other things, which are impossible when a man is asleep. Nevertheless, there are levels of consciousness in which the vigil state is very like state of sleep.
Let us consider how a person’s world perception changes along his consciousness transformation. In a dream, our world perception transforms. In the vigil state, we experience the world in three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time. However, think about this: Let us say a man is born with color-limiting contact lenses on his eyes but he does not know it. Of course, over time the man concludes the world is exactly as he sees it. Suddenly, when the contact lenses removed, the man discovers the different world – perhaps in a gamut of beautiful colors. The same would hold true for us when we will detach the ordinary constraints on our vigil consciousness -three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time. Our world perception would revolutionize – we would discover the new unknown world.
This is a truth well known since ancient times. Look what the apostle Paul said in his Epistle to the Ephesians (3:17, 3:18): “…that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend, with all the saints, what is width, length, depth, and height…”
Width, length, depth, and height – here Paul enumerated the four dimensions of space. Through well-defined work in defined conditions and, foremost, rooted and affirmed in love, Paul says man can perceive four-dimensional space. In fact, with such consciousness transformation a man can perceive space with any number of dimensions.
What does this mean – to perceive four space dimensions? Consider a simple example: imagine a straight line. We divide the line into two parts with some point. Imagine the point is a wall. Then, from any point on the line, it will be impossible to see any other points on the line from any other part of the line. From a mathematical point of view, we can say a straight line has one-dimensional space. In two-dimensional space (on a plane), we can see our line from the sides -- we can see both parts simultaneously. Let us now consider a familiar plane, like a table or desktop. Let us draw a circle on top of this desk. The circle divides the desk into two parts: that part which is inside the circle and that part which is outside the circle. From three-dimensional space – looking down on the table from above -- we see both parts simultaneously. That is impossible from the plane of the tabletop itself.
Therefore, finally, we come to three-dimensional space. Let us take a sphere. Let us separate the sphere into two parts: inside the sphere and outside the sphere. Could you perceive four dimensions, you would see both parts simultaneously. Think of a house. In three-dimensional space, one could simultaneously see both what was in the house and what was outside the house.
Consider again our example of the desk. You could put a coin inside of the circle drawn there. You could then take that coin and move it to the outside of the circle – through the air, not by sliding it across t he desktop. In that case, – what with the coin moving in three-dimensional space -- it will not cross the line of the circle.
Similarly, in three-dimensional space, you can go from one room to another without crossing any wall -- just use the fourth dimension. Of course, other people in the room it will think it a miracle and will immediately call the newspapers to inform them of this extraordinary incident.
We have discussed problem of space. Now let us take a look what said, in the Revelation of St. John (10:6), about time: “… and swore…that there should be delay no longer” (“…swore that the time will not exist”*).
If we consider this sentence along with what the apostle Paul said about space, we can begin to see perpetually restricted perception of the world as existing in three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time. This restriction connects with consciousness – that is, the level of consciousness humankind has now.
This situation will change. The two citations above, taken from the canonical Bible, confirm the possibility of our departing our everyday restricted consciousness.
In reality, the belief that natural laws base on three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time indicates a superficial understanding of the world. Indeed, there is a deeper and more fundamental connection between the world’s structures. Phenomenal changes accomplish in this world by connecting with it through a special act of will. We must develop, through this act of will, an expanded consciousness.
Many of us know the words of the Gospel. However, which word is the key? An accurate reading of the Gospel reveals to us that the key word is the “God Realm” (“the realm of Heaven”). Repeatedly Jesus Christ rejected material values for the “God Realm.” He explained that if everyone could succeed in reaching God’s realm, then all other values would simultaneously left behind.
This “God Realm,” first, is expanded consciousness. Secondly, it is the ascension to the next consciousness level. That is the real path to God.
Now we can understandable the sentence, “The realm of God is within us.”
The God Realm -- expanded consciousness -- is inside us.
When Jesus Christ said, “Wake up!” he meant to wake up to the God realm. The relation between our usual, everyday consciousness and an extended state of consciousness is like the relation between a vigil state of consciousness and plain sleep.
When we enter into the realm of God, all that is truly, fundamentally real will be present, as the man with expanded consciousness has risen above the constraints of three-dimensional space and time – he or she is now able to accept “real” reality.
In this state of consciousness, the will can accomplish actions which, seen from the point of view of everyday consciousness, seem extraordinary – for example, having conversations with people who were supposed to be “dead and gone.” Indeed, it is possible to see them and talk with them. It is possible – though not everyone can return to life -- to help many come back to life.
We have to recognize that it is only from the viewpoint of everyday consciousness that people call “dead and gone” in the first place.
Consider this: imagine we are at home and we take piece of ice and put it on a dish. It seems solid enough -- a solid object we can pick up, study, weigh it, and so on. However, after a little time, we find it is not so “solid,” after all. It is not long before we see, in the dish, water only. Physics calls this “phase transformation” -- a material passing from a solid state to a liquid state. If we keep the water in the dish an even longer time, the water will disappear. That is the next “phase transformation”: the material passing from a liquid state to a gas state. Try as you might to find the evaporated water, you will not succeeded. If you detect in house the pipe carrying cold water, then you might see, on its surface, tiny drops of water. If you collected some of that water and froze it, then you will get ice again.
This example illustrates a way we can look at the transformation of people who have passed from life into death – at people who said to be “dead and gone.”
When the water transformed to a gas state we could not see it; so it is with the people who are “gone.” These people are still around us.
Remember the things that people who were in a state of “clinical death” have said. These people tell of how doctors reanimated their bodies. Though “clinically dead,” they were able to hear what the doctors and nurses were saying. Of course, the doctors and nurses, after the fact, always amaze by a patient’s memories of the events and words.
Obviously, the example with water was only a partial analogy. The transformation from death to life involves different states (we will talk about these later). For now, the most amazing fact to consider is this: the difference between these states is not so significant – ice becoming water then becoming ice again; water evaporating and returning; death and resurrection. People who were “dead and gone” can come back to life.
In reality, we should be more careful with the words we use to distinguish “people who are dead” from “people who are alive.” Both of these two groups are simply in different states of consciousness -- like water in its various states (ice, water, and steam are all H2O). From one viewpoint, resurrection is just a standard procedure, and people can learn this standard procedure the same as any other.
In this series of books we consider how the past, present, and the future, based on an everyday understanding of the laws of the world, can be radically transformed through a realization of the reality of eternal life. Indeed, from our everyday consciousness -- from three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time -- past events occur in “the past,” present events exist in “the present,” and the future exists only in “the future.” In reality, for the man with expanded consciousness, the past, present and future exist simultaneously. Man’s being can be transformed from “past” to “present” -- who is “gone” can return to the world. The man who comes back never sees in his return something unusual or unbelievable. For him, the return is completely natural. He perceives the transformation just as we, in normal life, perceive the return to health after a short illness. It would not take much conversation with these people to determine the truth of that. Moreover, the number of such people with whom one could have that conversation is growing.
We tend to speak of two approaches toward a proper understanding of the world. One of these is the approach of the scientist. The other is the approach of the man who has developed a harmonic spiritual management of reality, characterized by inner vision.
Everyone is familiar with the first approach, through which a scientist tries, though observation and experiment, to detect a common law between two different events seemingly not connected, at first glance, to each other. The scientist tries to find a law, which will express, through a formula, a consolidation of all the “facts.”
We all know about Newton’s Laws regarding the calculated flight of a ball, airplane, or planet in the Solar system. Scientists use special devices created in laboratories or workshops. Improvements to these devices have, over time, made new information concerning the “laws of nature” available.
The second approach to an understanding of the world is different. Here, the man does not use devices created in laboratories or workshops but rather uses special devices created by the Lord – from his own body. All real developments in learning stem from this “device.” All of the books in this series involve this approach. Later we will show why it is fundamental.
The constantly cumulative development of technical systems can be dangerous, if the systems not managed and monitored consciously. The threat of global destruction is proof enough of this. Technical systems must come under the control of consciousness, as only our consciousness can develop in harmony with world.
Scientists at the forefront of science understand the necessity of a theory based on multi-dimensional space (i.e., more than three dimensions). Though they create many theories, if they do not perceive these spaces they restrict their understanding. Here is the question: how do we remove the constraints from our perception? The challenge here is for everyone, not just scientists. How to increase our level of consciousness -- that is the most important problem facing humankind.
Amid a series of related books, this book focuses on how greater consciousness can developed. In the appendix are daily exercises spanning a month’s time, which performed repeatedly month after month.
The exercises help you change, so that your own pulse will better correspond with the pulse of the Universe. Though the exercises only take a few minutes each day, the results are significant, having a maximum effect through only a minimum investment of time and effort.
At every step of the way, we can see the value of changing consciousness. Wherever we go, we face the challenge and the opportunity of striving for this change. Suppose you are walking in a park and suddenly you see a beautiful rose. You may marvel at the color of the petals, the light aroma of the flower, perhaps observing a drop of water on a leaf, glinting in the sunshine. Probably, this divine beauty and aroma will amaze and entrance you. You may well feel that another life is close to you. You want to understand this. How can you understand it?
You feel the answer is present -- you feel it with all your heart. However, you also feel that something is missing. The flower is very close -- it is right in front of you. However, some invisible barrier separates it from you. The answer is here, but on a different plane – in a different language. You probably feel you not reach the reality of the rose, though you know it is right in front of you. How is it possible to understand what the rose is?
Shall we ask a scientist? Though science can make a chemical analysis of the flower, evaluating the flower’s various processes, providing the assorted percentages of its chemical elements, this knowledge does not really help us to understand the reality of the flower.
The question remains: what is this rose? There is only one way you can understand it.
You must become the rose -- at least for a moment. This is possible with expanded consciousness. This is the way to comprehending the world. This is the basic, primary, fundamental understanding.
You must pay attention. To receive the knowledge you need does not mean cutting the flower – does not require that you destroy the rose.
Consider this: we have confirmed that in expanded consciousness is a radically different perception of the world. We need to see that our usual, everyday consciousness does not stay the same in time. You can confirm that through simple observation of your own behavior. Recall any repetition of events and your various feelings along the way. You can remember how much the feelings varied. This is true for everyone. Sometimes our perceptions are foggy. Sometimes they are clear. Similar events experience at different times with different emotions. Our general consciousness changes constantly. We do not stay in a single state of awareness.
Our awareness changes with the development of our consciousness.
In the cases of certain special states of emotion – feelings of extraordinary growth, happiness, success – we find signs of our transformation to a significantly higher level of consciousness, and we continue to remember these peak moments with uncommon clarity throughout our lives.
It is possible that a person having ordinary, everyday consciousness can make a surprising sudden leap in awareness, reaching expanded consciousness. This is the case when a person feels a sudden blessing -- enlightenment, unlimited joyfulness. Certainly, this state not expressed in words -- it must live through. With correct spiritual intention, correct understanding, and correct regular practice, it is possible to reach these extended states of consciousness and to retain them throughout one’s life.
Let us consider the challenges another way.
Imagine you have a magnifying glass in a drawer somewhere in your house. Because the magnifying glass not used much, there is now a heavy layer of dust on it. While walking around your house one day, you suddenly see an ant on the floor. Wanting to have a closer look at the ant, you crouch down and find that the ant is indeed very, very small. Now you remember that somewhere in the house you have a magnifying glass. You retrieve it from its drawer, and return to the ant. You find that, even with the magnifying glass, the ant is still very tiny; in fact, your view of him is now even more clouded and obscure.
This parallels the scientific approach toward understanding the world. You can move the magnifying glass of science this way and that -- up and down, back and forth -- and record and analyze the changing picture. You can change your position and the angle of approach; you can work up complicated algorithms of statistical analysis of the data received and plot a further course of action.
You could also do something quite different. Let us return to the ant. You could grab a tissue and clean the lens of the magnifying glass! Suddenly the ant would become very clear to your eyes. Success would come from a simple improvement of the technology – the tool – the lens.
Therefore, it is with the development of a right understanding of the world. This requires an improvement in our perception, a change in the state of our consciousness – an improvement in how our brain functions. Notice that a change in only one cell can change the state of our entire consciousness.
Again, how do we achieve this change? That is the core question.
There are many methods. One of these is meditation -- the simplest most effective method. Through regular meditation, we can change the way the brain works. Slowly but surely we can affect the synchronization of the pulses within the brain. This confirmed by scientific research studying the influence of meditation on the nature of brain waves. Encephalogram research has proved that meditation can synchronize brain pulses in various areas of the brain. The brain begins to work coherently – the whole brain.
Everyone knows of the revolution that came through the invention of the laser. Scientists doing laser research rewarded with Nobel Prizes in physic. At the core of their inventions is the principle of coherent irradiation creation, a single principle that illuminates every aspect of any laser device.
Similarly, a person may develop greater coherence in the varied workings of his or her brain. Different tools, like different laser devices, bring new possibilities.
Please note: research on meditation has involved the brain only, but meditation can change the human organism, including all the separate cells throughout the body. The difference between regular light and a laser beam is enormous. Similarly, the difference between the human organism before and after meditation is, beyond merely significant, enormous.
In fact, the difference is so big that the person transformed arrives at a new, higher level of life. The human organism has unlimited potential for self-improvement. The possibilities of it are hard to imagine.
Please recognize, when I talk about meditation, that there are many different ways of meditating. In the Christian tradition, for example, prayer is a meditation that occurs at a very high spiritual level. Because one’s consciousness focuses in the heart area during prayer, it is a powerfully effective way to enter a higher level of consciousness.
A quick transition from regular consciousness to expanded consciousness is possible to develop through concentration. Meditation contributes to this concentration process. In fact, as a spiritual practice, concentration is similar to visional thinking. *

To diagnose the health of a patient – the state of a human organism -- doctors use special equipment like X-Rays, Ultra-Sound, etc. A person having expanded consciousness uses his or her own inner vision as a kind of device to increase awareness of his or her own organism. Through inner vision, he or she sees, and transforms, all the organs. Inner vision provides not only the possibility of observing the inner organs but also of studying the workings of, and methods for restoring, these organs.
Looked at this way, a “cure” becomes immediately evident. A scientific approach is not called for -- no performing experiments, accumulating and analyzing data, exploring the validity of the data, and on and on. These only point in a direction. The answer lies somewhere else. Indeed, we assume that you are interested in a particular organ, say an appendix. You want to understand, beyond function, the organ’s purpose. It is clear that nature knows the purpose. Therefore, the answer does exist. We just need, ourselves, to see it via inner vision.
Inner vision is a universal method for accessing this particular kind of information. What we can compare with this? Actually, a comparison made through looking at one aspect of modern life – the appearance of the Internet – the World Wide Web. Via the Internet, one can get any sort of information from anywhere around the world. Already we have Cosmos Net, Universe Net and so on – almost-endless data about almost everything. A person – a human organism – we can compare to the operator of such a Net. Inner vision is like the method one would use to place a request within this Net. The performance of this Net is so fantastic that a response to the inquiry is generated almost immediately. Notice also that instead of congratulating “Cosmos Net,” the best way to explain what happens is to comprehend the Information Field.
Here is an interesting question: where did the responses to the request come from? Discoveries – sometimes, amazing discoveries – we made in different areas of life. Certainly, it has happened in science, but also in other areas, for example innovations in technology or in social principles.
What is the value of any discovery made by any person who lacks inner vision? No matter who discovers an idea -- no matter how new or brilliant it may seem -- it is always coming in from one place -- the Information Field. In a sense, the reward for the discoverer’s efforts and hard work may not be soon coming. In fact, the discoverer may never know the success of his or her discovery. One cannot congratulate oneself for having access to the Information Field, which is never under our control.
Let us consider another situation - two people in water. One of them has his palms formed into a kind of cup, as if waiting to collect rainwater. The other knows where there is a working water faucet, and he knows how to use it. This person is going to get water whenever he needs it. He can fill a cup with water – or fill a bathtub or a tank. In short, he can get all the water he wants.
Think about how we normally access the Information Field. We have many questions, but it not automatically assures that we are going to get instant answers to our questions. Consider, for example, the nature and purpose of the organ called the appendix – it is mysterious -- there just are not answers for every question.
In comparison the use of inner vision to using the INTERNET, we are looking at both: from the outside without any insight into the deep, intricate nature of both. Let us elaborate. In seeking information, we may make a request to the Information Field -- or we may get it from an information provider via the World Wide Web.
Information exists in an encoded form. Is the asker really understands the information obtained. Still, the information influences behavior. When a man has expanded consciousness, he asks a question and gets an answer – and, in time, the information is recognized. A man must change his behavior in time -- that is the goal.
Above I mentioned the organ called the appendix is something still quite mysterious to us. Let us consider the problem more closely.
Modern science still does not recognize what the appendix itself is – or what its purpose is. However, with inner vision, we can know the answer to this question. The appendix is an important organ. It has several functions. Here is one: the appendix projects information about the immune system from the left side of the brain to the right side of the brain. One of the most important jobs the appendix does is to maintain balance among these parts. If you take out a person’s appendix, that person’s immune system goes awry. If the immune system for the reproductive system goes awry, for example, the increased workload on the brain puts tremendous pressure on the inner skull. It turns out that the purpose of the appendix is far different from what we imagined in the first place. We are just beginning to discover its real functions. Similarly, we can approach fresh considerations of various other organs and discover wondrous properties. How amazing, for example, is the pituitary gland!
Let us now talk about medicine in the future and medicine today -- medicine in terms of resurrection, that is. Resurrection practice defines the principles of a new medicine. The first principle of this new medicine is that it brings full material restoration. This new medicine has already begun to solve numerous human problems. The main issue, of course, is eternal life.
A different volume in this series dedicates to numerology, a science of symbolic calculation, concrete situation analysis, and forecasting. Using inner vision, I can make a diagnosis of an airplane’s situation according to its boarding number. I can see how that number connects with any defects the crafts might have. Numerology provides an analysis of the situation.
A man who has not learned this numerology simply cannot understand how a connection can exist between numbers and real life events. For him, it is an enigma. He cannot see the connection.
Later, we will consider this further.

Another interesting topic is that of the life of animals and birds. From childhood, we observe how birds fly from branch to branch, from tree to tree. We marvel at how easily they do it, and at how high they fly. Bird flight reveals to us many wonderful and unusual things. Science still does not understand that the flight of birds is not due to the wafting of their wings. Antigravity plays the most significant role. For a pigeon, the antigravity in its head is ten times less than that on the end of its tail. The bird can distribute this antigravity; this creates another flight dynamic. Different birds have different distributions of antigravity in their bodies. The principle of flight for birds that fly in the daytime is quite different from that of night owls. The most interesting form of bird flight is that of an eagle. Eagles create antigravity in their bodies, but they also have the possibility of dematerializing. When the eagle is in its attack mode, we see a small clod. It is possible we think the bird has compressed itself. However, it is not just compression causes such a change in volume. In fact, the way the eagle accomplishes such a decrease in volume is through dematerialization in some parts of its body. The eagle can change the form of its body according to the target pursued. Falcons also have this ability, though not in such great measure as the eagles have.
Eagle has many wondrous abilities. We will talk about these in forthcoming books. It is no accident that ancient peoples connected eagle imaginary with the Lord. Nor is it an accident that we can see the image of an eagle on the flags of modern states. Eagles presented on the flag of Russia. An Eagle with two heads indicates a stabile, wealthy future.
In books forthcoming, we will also consider levitation, materialization, dematerialization, telepathy, teleportation, etc.
These abilities long time held sacred. It is time to explain them.
Humankind has come to a new epoch of development, in which will be solved the problem of deathless people – the resurrection of people “dead and gone.” The problem exists not just in theoretical aspect, but also as a contemporary practice. It is a living reality saving all humankind.
Facts concerning resurrection prove the real, ongoing restoration of all material things – there is no destruction, ever.
The practice of resurrection is the way to salvation in this time – a time of accumulating weapons of mass destruction. The practice of resurrection points to an alternative way to develop civilization.
The development of regeneration and restoration mechanisms provides a solution to the problem of “creation without destruction.” The principle of restoration easily extends to all areas of human life. It can be the basis for the development of constructive thinking for future generations.
Any aggressive environment is possible to transform via non-aggressive elements emerging in an altogether new environment. As result, it will be possible to find effective behavior, which will prevent ecological disaster.
Keep this in mind: resurrection brings change everywhere -- throughout all outer space!
The world harmonizes if, for example, we create materials, which do not tear apart cars. This would not require very many resources. It is all so real. Real as is real the resurrection. We can aim for that; and we can have it.
Always remember one truth: we are born for joy, happiness, fulfillment, and eternal life.

Section1. Concrete facts of people resurrection
Facts of resurrection, which described in this section confirmed with documents (see APPENDIX A).
We have many facts of resurrection. Here we consider only several of these, which are more interesting. Indeed most of the people ask me about resurrection soon after biological death, but sometimes after long period. Therefore, we consider four cases of resurrection which distinct in time after death. One case is resurrection after several hours (case 4), next case is resurrection after several weeks (case 3), next case – after several months (case 1), and last one – after several years (case 2). In two cases resurrection accomplished for males, and in two cases for females.
Case1. Resurrection of A. E. RUSANOV
Declaration from Emily A RUSANOV (May 27, 1996)
At September 25, 1995, I asked Grigory Grabovoi in personnel meeting about full restoration of my son RUSANOV A.E., born at August 22, 1950 and died at June 16, 1995. My son was born in Moscow and died in Moscow. Before meeting with G. P. Grabovoi, I would despair of missing my son and would suffer after insult. After this meeting approximately at beginning of October 1995, I feel hope, that my son will be back and I become sense that he spiritually appears at home. I traveled to cemetery and detected crack across the grave and in the middle of grave appeared hole with ejection of earth from inside.
Around midnight I saw (when the eyes were closed) two white twists were connected to grove of my son to the hole and then I pull these twists and feel heaviness. This continued in several minutes. My son was tomb at VOSTRYAKOV cemetery, but I saw his grove on the level of my window, which placed on seventh floor of building.
After I asked Grigory Grabovoi about restoration of my son, I talked with former wife of my son Tatyana Ivanovna Kozlova. We are in good relations even after divorce of my son with her. She was on funeral of my son. In next period from October until February T.I. Kozlova several times tell me that she meets in Moscow and Kaliningrad city the man simile to my son A.E. Rusanov. At beginning of February 1996, she traveled in train “Yantar” from Moscow to Kaliningrad. In compartment with her, travel the man very simile to my son A.E. Rusanov. He was simile not only outside but also in manner of behavior, gestures, and glance but looks like misplaced and intangible. One man escorted and controlled him, but never called him by name. T.I. Kozlova was wondering when my son A.E. Rusanov not recognized new type of money (this money appears after funeral of my son).
Declaration from Tatyana I Kozlov (May 27, 1996)
From December 1975 until October 1982, I was married with A.E. Rusanov. After divorce with husband, I maintain friendly relationship with his mother Emily Alexander Rusanov, born at June 20, 1927 in Moscow district. At September 26, 1995, she confided me about her meeting with Grigory Grabovoi and that she asked him to restore her son A.E. Rusanov, born at August 22, 1950. A.E. Rusanov died according Certificate of Death at June 16, 1995 in Moscow. Thereafter I observed the man simile to A.E. Rusanov in period from October 1995, until February 1996. Traveling to Kalinigrad, I meted in train compartment the man looked like he taken from another World. This man looked exactly as A.E. Rusanov, born at 1950, according to following criteria: hair color, eyes color, outer look.
This man manner of behavior was the same like manner of A.E. Rusanov. Aspects of character are also the same. He has the same habits (taciturnity, relish to reading, he reads the gazettes). Another man who escorts him was middle height and never called A.E. Rusanov by name. When he showed banknote of 1000 rubles to man simile A.E. Rusanov, last one was wondering after explanation that this is new form of money. It is look like man simile to A.E. Rusanov was far of real life. However, he has the professional skills. The man who escorted spoke that they working as car drivers.
This meeting was happen at February 2, 1996 when I traveled from Moscow to Kaliningrad in train “YANTAR.”
Commentary to case 1
Thus, these are descriptions of this case was provided with witnesses of these events. In these descriptions illuminated several interesting moments, which need to consider in details.
Let us consider declaration of Emily A Rusanov. In fact at the beginning of Emily A Rusanov declaration is talking that after beginning my work of restoration her son he become feeling of spiritual attendance in home.
Actually, when the man died and tomb in his consciousness stored all his knowledge and this consciousness kept connection with his body in which missing life. However, this body, even with missing life processes, adequate reacted on touching from outer consciousness in our case from consciousness of his mother. Body reacted not only on consciousness but also on information in impulse of it and answered on that. Here is seen that if imagine the body, then possible to transfer knowledge about resurrection to soul.
Further, after resurrection, when we talking with resurrected man we discovered that in the moment of thinking from outer consciousness he accepted information and his physical body identified with own “I.” Keep in mind that physical body was in grave and was restricted in it possibilities in several sense. Moreover, resurrected man speaks that his body continue to exist and has all possibilities for continue to be part of society. This fact is well known. Important to remark: knowledge contains the previous information according to physical body, and contains new information about biological death.
Let us continue to read the declaration. When Emily Rusanov arrived on cemetery and neared to grave of son, she saw the crack along grave and hole in middle with earth ejection from inside.
Explanation of that is following. Ejection from inside should be considered as materialization of consciousness, which is inside of physical body. After beginning of my work of resurrection the consciousness materialized in spherical form and bringing out to information carcass of planet. Then start creation the material structure around the soul. This is structure, which the people usual see. In theoretical and practical aspects possible to say following: the man is a structure of consciousness wrapped in body.
Let us make one more notice. I talk about first step of consciousness materialization in sphere form. Therefore, after transition this sphere through information carcass of planet can be occurred it projection or in new fetus (and then born new child) or in structure of resurrection. In this case through the management was accomplished projection in structure of resurrection. That means was recreated the same body and was recreated the same man. Therefore, here was made the same resurrection as made Jesus Christ when resurrected Lazar. However, in this case resurrection accomplished several months after death.
Next topic Emily Rusanov wrote that once close to midnight she clearly saw with closed eyes when two white twists from her breast connected to grave of her son to the hole in grave. Then she pulled twists and feel heaviness. This continued during several seconds. From declaration, we see that son of Emily Rusanov was tomb at cemetery of VOSTRYAKOV of Moscow, but the vision of grave was at the level of her window at seventh floor.
Therefore, two twists described transition period. First twist appeared when her son was born. This is structure of birth. Second twist is structure of possible prolongation, continuation, extension consciousness of son or his core. As considered above it is possible two variants: or reborn in new body - reincarnation, or resurrection (recreation the same body and the same consciousness structures). In this case based on outside control accomplished variant resurrection.
Appearance of two twists and acceptance the grave of son on the level of apartment on seventh floor mean the connection between structure of son consciousness and environment.
In practice of resurrection exists special moment which characterized as connection between body and structure of place where is tomb the body after biological death. That means the place of grave is place of link. Primary link represented in radius of two meters from physical body. Whole area of link extends in radius 50 meters around the grave and then placed information carcass of outside World. Knowledge of place of link is important for procedure of resurrection, because the transition to life means transition through this structure of link. By the way, if explain the vision of Emily Rusanov from this point of view, then possible to say that she saw form of grave like variant of link from physical body.
Further text of declaration based on information of Tatyana Kozlov. Our commentary based on her descriptions.
From declaration known that after meeting with me and ask for resurrection, Emily Rusanov informed about that former wife of her son Tatyana Kozlov, which meted the people simile to her former husband Rusanov A.E. Thereafter, Tatyana Kozlov traveled in one compartment of train “YANTAR” from Moscow to Kaliningrad with the man similar to Rusanov A.E.
It looks like the behavior of Tatyana Kozlov was too passive. Nevertheless, assume that yourself traveled in train and suddenly meted your relative which you tomb several months ago. Moreover, this man not pays attention to you. What you think if you say to him “Hello!” Are you recognized me? May be you just wondering, freezing and cannot say anything. Tatyana Kozlov not written about her senses, but we can imagine what storm of senses seized her: wonder, confusion, destroy and suddenly appeared though that the resurrection realized, in the face of all. In face of all while at present time, resurrection accepts of people as miracle. The people did not have knowledge that the resurrection is a standard procedure and soon it will accept as natural, as norm of life. Therefore, right now when the man suddenly saw the relative who was tomb cannot make any conclusion. He cannot accept the miracle or aware to make something wrong. Then need to considered state of the man in this situation. This book exactly pointed for people to understanding reality and explained how to manage this situation. From first meeting with resurrected is important to talk with him and propose him your help.
Let us going back to declaration of Emily Rusanov where she talk that Tatyana Kozlov beginning to meet people simile to A.E. Rusanov at streets, and in train Moscow-Kaliningrad in compartment.
In connection with that, we can say that the people who were gone and then resurrected have very good reception of relative people and never distress them. Thus, firstly, A.E. Rusanov appear at some distance from wife, and stepwise leaded to acceptance his resurrection.
When she written that she meted people simile to A.E. Rusanov indeed she saw him.
Resurrected people behave so accurate because their consciousness transferred elements of resurrection. Then because this consciousness changes they have another psychic structure of reality perception. They, for example think, and this confirmed with their experience, that the life is eternal. They also have special feeling of macro-cosmos laws. Many laws are for they exact and they never step out of these.
They also know about 50 meters link, and after resurrection, they keep this distance from relative people.
After first contact, when resurrected man accepted on feeling level achieved second step, step of visualization, when resurrected man can contact with people more closely. We can see that A.E. Rusanov appear in train compartment in directly nearness of his former wife.
Pay attention that resurrected man has technique of situation control. This technique gave the resurrected man during the resurrection. As result he can by himself find and create situations, which he needs for contact with his relatives, with people who know him, or with people to whom he intend went back.
Emily Rusanov written about impression of Tatyana Kozlov: The man was simile to Rusanov A.E. in manner, behavior, vacant look. He traveled with man who controlled him, but never call Rusanov A.E. by name.
Here we can see in action of resurrected man one more element of knowledge: understanding feeling of his former wife. If he will appear alone, then concentration of his former wife will be too strong and; therefore, hampered planning development of events. Thus in situation implemented another man partially required attention of Rusanov former wife. This man can be not real man in usual sense; he has only visual nature, this details we not consider in this book.
We were talking above about primary link in radius two meters around the physical body. So partial concentration of former wife on second man removes primary link from grave and set this link to second man. That can any object of concentration, not only the man, for example car in which travel the resurrected man or anything. Here is important principle of unlink from primary zone.
Further in this situation second man never call A.E.Rusanov by name, because this action can caused shock state of former wife Tatyana Kozlov and Therefore, to destroying some of her cells. We know that resurrected man feel well state of people, because he has experience about deep destruction of consciousness and after that restructure of consciousness. Therefore, he moved forward carefully.
We can bold following base element in declaration of Emily Rusanov. She written: Tatyana Kozlov was wondering when my son Rusanov A.E. Here she says about her son and not about the man who is simile to Rusanov A.E. Here we see that after information from Tatyana Kozlov, Emily Rusanov had fully identified her son resurrection. Notice to, that this resurrection fully confirmed and this case happily ended.
Here must be illuminated that spiritually identification is main criterion of resurrection exactly this person.
Next phrase in declaration: When he saw money (banknote of 1000 rubles), he not recognized it.
When the same way will behave usual man? For example, the man traveled far away when new money issued. Then he will wonder if first time he will see it. A.E. Rusanov was in restraint space of grave when new money issued and his consciousness was restricted with this space. Here can be seen that the consciousness of people who gone in practice the same like at alive people. Therefore, we saw the same reaction on the same situation.
From this explanation is not correct to conclude that this schema of resurrection is standard. For now, this schema is quite typical, because society not accepts yet the resurrection. Mainly schema illustrates base laws of resurrection. Actually, this depends from relation of relative people to resurrected people. Whole process of resurrection takes short time period. Later it will be much faster when the people understand resurrection process. Evidences of resurrection we collected special way for explain schema of resurrection and teach the people for resurrection based on general analysis of facts.
In second section, we will talk about instantaneous resurrection if person, who control the resurrection, has high level of spiritual development.

Case2. Resurrection of V. KULIKOV
First declaration from Svetlana A Kulikov (January 26, 1999)
In connection with my request to Grigory P Grabovoi about resurrection of my murdered son Valentine (26 years age) I declare that Grigory P Grabovoi really able to resurrect murdered people.
After meeting with Grigory P Grabovoi where he agreed to resurrect my son Valentine (born at 1967), which was murdered at 1993 I began to intensive study thesis of Grigory P Grabovoi and three volumes of “Practice of Control. Way to salvage”. Question number was growing. Sometimes not understanding of formulas and impossibility to understand laconic phrases of thesis make me nervous. I read book repeatedly several times. After every reading impression was different, there are something changed.
Suddenly at January 10, 1999 at 11pm after attempt to understand non-understandable I ask Grigory P Grabovoi in my mind to help me. After some time all non-understandable definitions were going out. In consciousness were accepted clear and understandable cubic form of time and laws of World. I had feel joy and happiness. Several days I asked myself, who is Grigory P Grabovoi?
At January 13 1999, at beginning Julian New Year when the table was prepared to celebration I feel strong desire to near at window. When near to window I saw beautiful winter landscape with glint blue snow. The time was in period 10:30pm -10:50pm. Moreover, I asked again, “Who is Grigory P Grabovoi?” Then immediately instead of snow, I saw big blinking black numbers: 14111963. Then between these appear sign of addition and I saw strange equation: 1+4+1+1+1+9+6+3=8. Then number 8 turns down and converted at sign of infinity 8. Then my guests call me and numbers disappeared. At next day, only I recognized that these numbers is data of birth Grigory P Grabovoi. Sum of these is eight – number of Jesus Christ, which after turn down this number pointed at eternity.
At January 14 1999, my daughter Katya was in our home, she lived separately from us and she and my son were twins. At 2am when everybody sleep and Katya entered in her room I hear beat, like burst the ball and after pause murmured foil, which lied on chair. At the same time step out from her room Katya and says that the box from children car flight in her room like somebody kick it. I say that I hear this kick and foil murmur in chair. We were going to chair and saw that on foil printed hand of adult. Then at home we feel somebody presence. Sometimes we hear murmur, we saw wave of curtains and hear floor creak.
At January 16, 1999 son Dmitry (born at 1965) and grandson Michele (born at 1985) in one voice tell us that they saw at night on next wall alive Valentine near to photo of lion. Dmitry closed the eyes and opened again. Valentine was still there. Then Dmitry waked up Michele and convinced that Michele see Valentine to. Dmitry was very skeptic about resurrection. Now he is convinced in that. I want to add that at meeting with Grigory P Grabovoi I received audiocassette with his voice. In cassette explained what is criterion and why space is secondary to consciousness, and why interval of motion is primary. When I understand that cassette disappeared, that means dematerialized.

First commentary
Therefore, Svetlana asked to resurrect her son. Her son Valentine, born at 1967, and was murdered at 1993. We meted with her at 1998. Consequently is over 5 years ago. It was sixth year after his murder.
For resurrection it is does not matter how much time was past. In any case needs the same efforts. If the events of murder were a long time ago, then weaken or disappear the facts, which managed to murder. This aspect makes the resurrection easier and faster. Therefore, for resurrection is important to know cause of event, then the resurrection will accelerate.
Let us start analyze the declaration.
Svetlana written that she had studied my work “Applied structures of constructive information region. “ She also tried to understand three volumes of “Practice of control. Way in salvation” in which were collected concrete facts from my practice partial about resurrection. In the same time, she was confused with question: who am I?
Apparently, concentration on this question was so strong that when she stand at window and admired winter landscape she suddenly received the answer.
It is happen at overnight of New Year in Julian style. She wrote, “… I feel strong desire to near at window. When near to window I saw beautiful winter landscape with glint blue snow. The time was in period 10:30pm -10:50pm. Then I asked again, “Who is Grigory P Grabovoi?” Then immediately instead of snow, I saw big blinking black numbers: 14111963. Then between these appear sign of addition and I saw strange equation: 1+4+1+1+1+9+6+3=8. Then number 8 turns down and converted at sign of infinity ∞.”
First remark to this fragment: 14.11.1963 is my birthday (November 14, 1963)
Secondly, sum of numbers calculated according to rule in numerology: number will summarize until appearance one digit number. In this case, that means 1+4+1+1+1+9+6+3=26, then 2+6=8.
Let us continue. It is existed information that at the Last Supper Jesus Christ gave to his apostles’ sign 8 in italic shape like sign of eight and infinity simultaneously. This was symbol of his level. He holds it and then gave to his apostles.
If eight is oriented vertically then it is usual number eight, but if it oriented horizontally then it is the symbol of infinity. Usual number 8 is sum of eight ones, i.e. finite number of elements.
Horizontal oriented eight is symbol of different nature, i.e. symbol of infinite number of elements, infinite number of links.
Jesus Christ has eight with intermediate orientation between horizontal and vertical. That is italic symbol, which means transition from infinite elements to finite. This symbol corresponded with base structure, which connected infinite number of appearances with finite number. That means whole diversity of World transferred in our reality, which we feel, see, and accept.
This symbol represents principle of link between matter and spirituality. It means action of creation.
This knowledge was esoteric but now I at first time discover properties of this symbol.
Let going back to Svetlana. She was overwhelmed with desire to understand what is happen. During some time she was in special stress state and that driven to case when knowledge coming as revelation. Searching person comes by! He comes by if the search is real.
Let us read the declaration.
At January 14 1999, my daughter Katya was in our home, she lived separately from us and she and my son were twins. At 2am when everybody sleep and Katya entered in her room I hear beat, like burst the ball and after pause murmured foil, which lied on chair. At the same time step out from her room Katya and says that the box from children car flight in her room like somebody kick it. I say that I hear this kick and foil murmur in chair. We were going to chair and saw that on foil printed hand of adult. Then at home we feel somebody presence. Sometimes we hear murmur, we saw wave of curtains and hear floor creak.
Here needs to illuminate important circumstance. If the resurrected man neared to relative, then at relative is happen reaction of pituitary gland. In some phase of reaction relative can see the resurrected, but perceives event in expanded consciousness. This happen when relative is not ready to accept direct meeting with resurrected. In that case, meeting develops in saving manner.
If reaction of pituitary gland will be different then the relative cannot see the resurrected at all, in time when other people can see him or detect him with devices. In that case the relatives cannot see Valentine because the reaction of pituitary gland.
In declaration shed light on another interesting thing. Valentine and Katya were twins. The twin is the information echo of one another and; therefore, most preferred channel for first level of resurrection.
Resurrection accomplishes on several levels. We will talk about below. Let us remark following.
It is existed principle of resurrection, which says, “When more people want the resurrection then easier to access to resurrected man.” This principle called principle of parallel signals. Consequently, for resurrection is essential number of people and preferable relatives. In that case, the process of resurrection is going smoother and a special when process is going through twin. Therefore, Katya provides the most effective channel for resurrection.
Let going back to levels of resurrection.
Commentary to levels of resurrection
First level is fact of resurrection.
Second level is harmonization level. Harmonization accomplished with two kinds of reality. One of these is reality of people who were gone, another reality of living people. Core of this harmonization is a fact that the resurrected man should be present in both simultaneously. Obviously that exists intermediate environment whole the time when realized transition from one reality to another.
When beginning registration process and for example analyzed texture, then we can consider this phase as exit from level of people who gone.
Third level is level when resurrected man not belongs to people who were gone and he belongs to living people. At this level accomplished process of stabilization physical body, but it is exists so-called balance body. That is body in which is transferred after needs physical body. This transition realized as process of transfer matter from physical to balance body. This process is simile to process with liquid when liquid flies from one vessel to another. This mechanism works following way.
Imagine that the resurrected meets somebody of living people, who is not ready to meet resurrected. Soul of resurrected accepts this information and then resurrected in saving purpose formed reaction of pituitary gland such way that this man accept information in extended state of consciousness. At the same time balance body beginning to transferred in another place of space-time field. Have to keep in mind soul is infinite structure which controlled whole process. Thus, the resurrected man will appear in another place. This ability makes adaptation of living people to resurrected people much smoother.
Described process is simile to teleportation, but this is not teleportation. The difference between is following. For teleportation, living man is necessary to know accurate coordinates of teleportation place and is necessary to own high level of control structure, i.e. level of soul. The situation is much simpler when resurrected man transferred matter in another place of space-time, because the place for him is already prepared.
Another difference is that in time of teleportation elements of body appeared in discrete motions and in time of transferred matter in balance body, these elements appeared much smoother like matter really flies from one place to another. Camera can register this process.
Forth level is the level when balance body not needed anymore. The resurrected man has the contacts with several people and he has documents.
Fifth level is level where resurrected man in practice not different with living people. The resurrected man has a choice to live with relatives or not. Some of these people can behave with him different from he want. Therefore, he has a choice. When he decided where he want to live and with who then he steps in fifth level. Thus, balance body for transferring not needs anymore.
Notice too, that transferring in balance body accomplished rare now. That means nowadays is sufficient explanation of facts of resurrection.

Second commentary
Let us consider next fragment of declaration.
At January 16, 1999 son Dmitry (born at 1965) and grandson Michele (born at 1985) in one voice tell us that they saw at night on next wall alive Valentine near to photo of lion. Dmitry closed the eyes and opened again. Valentine was still there. Then Dmitry waked up Michele and convinced that Michele see Valentine to.
From general principles of resurrection follow if resurrection accomplish in presence of relatives, in this case Dmitry and Michele, then resurrection accelerated and access to exit of resurrected man simplified. Resurrection realizes in presence of these two witnesses. They saw living Valentine near to big lion photo. Important that in area of resurrection presented photo of animal. Instead of photo, it can be real animal cat, dog, or some plant. We considered this question in case 1. Presence some different object provides dispersion of attention. This decreased load on people and accelerate resurrection.
Therefore, we can form following rules.
As much as possible number of people should be involved in resurrection process. Then resurrection will accomplish faster.
Best way is to involve in resurrection relatives.
Presence of animal significantly improved the resurrection. Even if this animal presents on photo, like in considered case.
By the way, presence of lion has one additional property, which provides to see link between resurrected man and environment. In connection with that, I consider information opportunities of eagle and lion.
When lion moves he almost know which situation will happen and what will happen with him around one hour. That is difference between lion and other animals. For better understanding Let us think about well-known situation.
In modern airports, airplanes were landing almost every minute. Dispatcher provides safety he must see on screen of radar motion of all airplanes and control arriving and departure. Let us consider shortly how works radar. Radar sends short electromagnetic impulse (beacon) in some direction. If in this direction fly airplane, then signal reflects from airplane and going back. On radar screen is displayed bright point. Time of signal reflection corresponded with distance. In the next moment radar sends signal in next direction and that is the way to scan air space. As result all airplanes in air space will presented on display.
Let us interrupt for a moment to discuss abilities of animals and birds.
Unusual animals and birds abilities
Therefore, lion has possibility to scan space of further events around for one hour. He can see future events as present events. Notice too, that we are talking about scanning of time, which is scanning of further events. This scanning of time we can use later.
Periodically lion sends impulse of consciousness from his breast area and receives reflected signal with knowledge of further events.
This impulse forms in stomach area, and reflects from stomach walls going through brain and sends from stomach area. This is first signal. Second signal immediately sends from brain. Two signals joins together and uses for time scanning. When forms this signal lion stomach tightened and looks like rugby ball and impulse sends from one of it poles.
Let us consider one more example based on ostrich possibilities. Well known such expression, “ostrich policy,” which means that in the moment of danger he plunks his head in sand instead of rescue. In fact, the reason is different.
Ostrich can scan time for one minute ahead. Hence, if he sees real danger he runs away. This approves American scientists in experiment with balls. If the danger is potential and ostrich knows that nothing, bad can happen then he sticks his head in sand. In the danger beginning to stay real, he runs away.
Let us go back to lion. Lion scans time approximately at one hour ahead. If for example he will be able to scan for one hour and twenty minutes, then he lost some of unnecessary motions but he cannot allow that for itself.
One difference between scanning of environment between lion and radar is important. Beacon of radar is electro-magnetic wave is moving with light speed. Impulse from lion consciousness is nowhere moving and is nowhere extending here is not take place any motion. This impulse appears immediately in point where lion intends to go. This impulse appears in point and reflects from point after scanning space around.
For reflected signal is existed wave expanding, in contrary to direct impulse. This wave expands with very high speed, which is much more than light speed. Then this wave went back to it source.
Let us consider direct signal. For better understanding Let us imagine this process in following form. When lion intends to go through some area in his mind appears appropriate thought. Let us imagine it information form as cylinder. When at lion appears this thought, then immediately appears at the destination point slightly different cylinder of information, Let us say shaped like a cone. His appearance inducts on base principle of information fragment links. Then information will scan around the destination point.
Conditionally, we can say that this cylinder consists two parts. One part always contains in information because principle of “ALL CONTAINS IN ALL.” Second part of this cone like cylinder contains will information of lion. By the way, here calculates will fragment and illuminates spirit segment.
Spirit control is a govern structure. Spirit manages the consciousness.
This hierarchy is naturally correspondent with decision process.
When lion receives the reflected signal first decision makes with spirit, govern structure. For example, something is ahead and needs to jump. Then signal processes with consciousness and based on that lion makes decision, in this case where needs to run.
If we consider, in contrast behavior of tiger we can recognize different situation. At tiger spiritual control replaced with work of expanded consciousness and hence tiger is little bit late.
Therefore, we can see that lion significantly dominates to tiger in spiritual control, like also to the other animals. Namely, that ability illuminates lion from other animals and namely this ability makes lion king of animals.
If we consider human being abilities in that context then we can detect following. At human being is exist special separated segment of spiritual level and spiritual control is involved in Lord contacted structure. Consequently, human being can developed very fast if he has that desire.
Let us make one more notice. If spiritual control system of human being or any object develops much more than consciousness system and takes control of all cells and consciousness itself, then human being or object will be non-destroyable at all. Because the consciousness owned highly developed spiritual principles can create matter, and, therefore, any physical body, in partial case, body of human being.
Let us consider unique representative of birds about which we were talking in introduction. This is the eagle. Among the other abilities eagle can scan also space of future events.
First impulse he sends from feathers, even this part of body seems not appropriate because feathers can be lost. Nevertheless, it is true. Second impulse sends from eyes like at lion. Then these impulses will join and complex impulse will use for space scanning. The other parts of body will be in practice not involved in this process. Only when eyes closed then sent system of parallel signals from body. Other birds can do that. Thus, if close eyes of falcon then he cannot scan space, and, therefore, he not fly.
Let us talk about time. When the eagle scans space of future events in one hour, then he sees self, all processes, interconnections and analyzes all in complex. Perception of that accomplishes with direct or irrational vision. Next half hour he sees self and somewhat else, but background start to be unclear. Eagle can sees self for next 5-7 hours. We can compare this vision with thread which extends in space and which provides for eagle ability to feel where problem and not fly in that. Some of eagles can use irrational vision for orientation in flight. This provides more clear vision than eyes. However, eagles use this kind of vision quite rare because in that case will be appeared big load of skeleton.
Here can be added that eagle have perfect possession of teleportation.
If you observe birds flight you can see that sometimes they going down and then up with usage of air stream power. Perfect example of that fight has albatross. He speeded up when going down and then when he is close to surface he turns again wind and going up.
Eagle also has this ability. However, now we interested in another thing, which he use. Well known, that when eagle comes down with high speed and then seems he hit the earth and then immediately he comes up. The observer supposed that after landing he jumps from earth. However, here happens something different. When the scientists from Austral made the movie of that flight, then they saw that the eagle not touched earth at all. This case remains as enigma.
Indeed, the eagle be seeing the future and be known where he intend to fly when he jump from earth teleported himself in position where he will be after jump. Therefore, eagle has ability to teleportation.

Commentary 3
Let us come back to declaration of Svetlana when she talk about her son and grand son were seeing living Valentine near to photo of lion. Now after explanation abilities of this animal it is understand that photo helps the resurrection. Because ability to time scanning helps to extends information field of future and; therefore, resurrection. That explains why Dmitry when he again opens eyes can see again living Valentine.
Further, Svelana has written that she had listened to audiocassette with my explanation of World construction principles. When she takes in these principles audio cassette was dematerialized.
Let us offer some explanations. The resurrected having some unique experience want to help living people that the resurrection itself is normal natural event. Contacts between resurrected and living people are here very important. Indeed, contact with resurrected offers the information in whole information field. This information increases ability of society to accept resurrection as usual event. There is very important contact of resurrected with people which not known about resurrection.
After contact with first person, the resurrected is going to contact with second, the third etc. This is his mission extend knowledge and enrich his experience. Here accumulates statistics about reaction on resurrection and this useful for next resurrected.
Mission of Valentine was creation knowledge system in his family. That explained why the cassette dematerialized after understanding this information, partially that the consciousness is primary relatively to space.
Here we finish our consideration of this declaration.
Let us consider next declaration of Svetlana Kulikov.
Second declaration from Svetlana A Kulikov (April 26, 1999)
(Original of declaration in APPENDIX A)
I asked Grigory Grabovoi about resurrection of my murdered son Valentine. I am announcing that Grigory Grabovoi in fact can resurrect the people.
At December 24, 1998 I requested Grigory Grabovoi to resurrect my son, which born at 1967.
At January 16 1999, my son Dmitry (born at 1965) and grandson Michele (born at 1985) say that when Dmitry awaked at midnight he saw near to photo of lion, which was on wall, living Valentine. My son Dmitry closed his eyes and again opened it but Valentine still was there. Then son awaked my grandson Michele and confirmed that grandson also see Valentine. My daughter Katya tells me that at beginning of April 1999 Valentine visited her and says that for us will be happen good changes. With me Valentine talked by phone. Katya remembered his touching. Valentine asked her to make one phone call and ask somebody with her voice. She remembered that she sits on bed, take phone, called to number but nobody answered on this call. Valentine said that it is not urgent and leaved. At April 11, 1999 at Passover around 6pm I received call from granddaughter Masha (born 1990) Valentine’s daughter and says that living Valentine visited her mother Marina Glebova (born 1970). After this visit Marina with her friend and daughter Masha traveled at cemetery where was grave of Valentine. However, they not detected grave of Valentine and even not detected record in register book.

Commentary to second declaration
First part of this declaration we already considered. Let us consider following.
My daughter Katya tells me that at beginning of April 1999 Valentine visited her and says that for us will be happen good changes.
This is very important sentence. Here reflects that the resurrection is always sign of good changes in the future. This is principle. If happens the resurrection then events develops in good direction.
Katya remembered his touching. Valentine asked her to make one phone call and ask somebody with her voice
Here in Valentine’s actions we see one more principle. After first contact with somebody from living people (or resurrected person after fifth level of resurrection), the resurrected will contact with somebody indirectly. For example, from his name somebody of his relative or friend, or UNISEF representative will call to somebody. In this case, Valentine wants to do that from Katya.
Valentine asked her to make one phone call and ask somebody with her voice.
She remembered that she sits on bed, take phone, called to number but nobody answered on this call. Valentine said that it is not urgent and leaved.
The resurrected after resurrection must official registered. It is exists department in which created system of registration of resurrected.
These department offices with phones, waiting rooms work for registration. The resurrected can arrive here and register. The special nature of these offices is existence in different space. Resurrected people can see these offices but the other people mainly not. These offices can see with camera photos.
The people not created these offices. The people not involved in that at all. Buildings of these offices have the same architecture like the building created by people.
In these offices worked special human like beings. They have the same outlook like the people and inner organism function also simile to human organism. Nevertheless, this is different beings and they are invisible for people. The resurrected can see them.
Sometimes these offices and these beings are beginning to be visual from people. This happen when it needs to register how many people can see the resurrected and with how many people he has contact. Then such office appears. The around going people naturally not pays attention on it, but they meet the resurrected which stay here at sidewalk. They can ask somewhat, or just going around him or resurrected can ask somewhat. Person walking by not recognize that they see the resurrected and in this moment register how many people saw the resurrected and how many people contacted with him. Therefore, during some period this office is visible for people, but after registration it beginning to stay invisible again. Material nature of these offices changes very rare.
This system with working beings and sometimes human beings is opening for people right now. However, creation of this system was beginning long time ago.
In connection with such registration building, let us remember story of Herbert Walls “Magic shop.” Let us note how that story beginning.
Man and his son walk on street. Suddenly son pulled his father to some shop. The father saw at shop and amazed, he never saw on this street that shop with toys. That is understandable father crossed that street thousand times and never saw that shop. They step in that shop and saw really wondering toys.
This story included in volume with title “Fantasy story.”
Indeed, our living reality immeasurable surpasses any fantasy. Moreover, if keep in mind what people will be recognized soon.
Therefore, after resurrection a man need to register. Beings meet the man they know all and have full information about resurrected. They give that him numbers of office phone and provide his accommodation in case if he needs that.
The resurrected has free will opportunity and decides to live with relatives or separated. He makes his choice. This choice depends on relative behavior and their reactions on resurrection.
It is desirable to perform registration near to person was contacted first. Less important is distance to the place of first contact from registration office. However, it is better to perform registration near to place of first contact.
Fact of resurrection fully recognized after meeting with somebody of living people. For example photo of resurrected is only preliminary evidence of resurrection. Personnel contact with living people is important. After that can be accomplished registration.
If resurrected can confirm contact with two of living people he will be registered at place and after can remain in office or went back to relative. If the resurrected has only one contacted person, he must call at office and ask about further actions. Final step of registration is documents performing. With documents, the resurrected can continue his contacts on another level.
Here is needs to say that the resurrected at first period interacts with organizational offices. The program is that the resurrected involves in common process of resurrection.
Therefore, when Valentine asked Katya to call at phone, he performed his mission.
Further Svelana had written that at April 11, 1999 at the orthodox Passover she had talked with granddaughter Masha at phone. Masha informed that Valentine visited her home where she lived with mother Marina former wife of Valentine. Marina and her friend travel at cemetery where was grave of Valentine. However, they not detected the grave and in registration book; the record about Valentine funeral disappeared.
Let us count how many relative saw Valentine. Dmitry and Michele were first relative, next was Svetlana (conversation at home phone). Visit to former wife was the last where Valentine meted with daughter and former wife. Therefore, it is happens four contacts on level physical vision.
Let us consider for the moment numerology based on fact that any object has his reflection on information level. Subsequently in information control structure in control is exist principle of double information increasing. Four contacts multiply at two it will be eight.
Therefore, we have eight. If eight spins at horizontal axe then eight transforms in infinite sign 8. That means space-time dimension shifted.
Fourth contact with relative happens at Passover. Passover is celebration of Jesus Christ resurrection. At this time channel of resurrection simplifies for space-time regulation and in this time is opened natural knowledge about resurrection everybody who is gone.
One more thing is here. Passover at this year happens at April 11, 1999. 04/11/1999 we present as 4+11+1+9+9+9=34 then 3+4 = 7. Therefore, date of fourth contact has vibration structure of Jesus Christ birthday. This is very power support. Here is clearly seen immortality realized through birth and resurrection.
Once again, we can see that numerology confirms legitimacy of resurrection events from World Construction Laws.
Disappearance of grave and death record illustrated one of fundamental law: Events possible to remove from existence in some conditions. That means event possible to remove in past and then this event will not present in present. In that case, space-time shifts in area, when Valentine was alive. This is the reason of disappearance of grave and record in registration book. This is natural if space-time shifted in area where Valentine was alive.
Notice to, that disappearance of grave depends of wish of resurrected. Whole information of death is fully vanished in several cases of my practice. Therefore, the people even not remember about death.
Therefore, surrenders accept Valentine as the man who not died. That is the reason for additional registration.
First registration on physical level approved that Valentine resurrected. Second registration approved that Valentine not died.
Notice to, that after resurrection Valentine remembered his resurrection, his registration as resurrected, and what was happen before disappearance of his grave and record in book. He remembered also all events after grave disappearance.
Therefore, Valentine knows that he was going through resurrection structure and through structure non-existing fact of death.
Here we can see example of practical accomplishment of principle resurrection without reincarnation. Some of reincarnation theories explain that memory of previous life cleaned up for accumulation new experience. Nevertheless, considered example shows that come in new practice; the memory accumulates facts of one life, and another parallel life based on shift space-time dimensions. This is principal of new knowledge that it is possible to know about any number of life. That means now is possible eternal live. Moreover, it is possible to choose better variant of live.
With any changes must be steady principle of murder taboo. Apparently, any destruction is meaningless because we can restore everything.
In conclusion needs to say that at Valentine was everything fine. He started to work and normalized his personnel life. He lives like a man who not died.

Case3. Resurrection of N. Chigirinzeva
Declaration from Lubov S Kazakova (June 1, 1999)
In connection with my request to Grigory Grabovoi about resurrection of my mother Nina Chigirinzeva at May 6 1999, I affirm that Grigory Grabovoi had resurrected my mother Nina Chigirinzeva.
I am Lubov Kazakova asked Grigory Grabovoi about resurrection my mother Nina Chigirinzeva was born at December 23, 1923 and died at April 18, 1999 in Moscow.
When I traveled at cemetery and neared to grave, I was wondering that vase, which my son placed in ground at 7-9cm now, is lay out of grave and the flowers also. It is looking like somebody pushed vase out from inside of grave. I sit down at stool, and begin to hear lection of Grigory Grabovoi about resurrection of my mother. Some time later, the ground at grave started to move from side to side. I am starting to feel weakness. I am going by side and stopped at another grave. I keep hearing lection (I had listen lection three times). Then I saw Earth and big area from aside. I saw dark forest of spruces. After that, I went back at home.
Next time when I visited the grave, I feel that grave is empty.
Then I asked my mother let me know if I made all things correctly. Suddenly I saw at wall. Decorative fork and spoon (length each of them is 82 cm) hanged on that wall. Therefore, I saw that fork was shifted down at 61cm and closer to spoon at 15cm. Nobody was visited this room and shifted fork. I remembered that two hours earlier I intended to hang up these things in the kitchen. I confident that mother gives me sign. After meeting with Grigory Grabovoi (in May 7, 1999), I had contact with mother. She was not satisfied with my behavior. During the contact happened physical interferences, which my mother removed by touch. I accepted patiently meeting with physical resurrected mother.

Commentary to case 3
Let us consider in details what written by Lubov Kazakova.
When I traveled to cemetery and neared to grave, I was wondering that vase which placed from my son in ground at 7-9cm now is lay out of grave and the flowers also. It is looking like somebody pushed out the vase from inside of grave.
Here we meet the situation like in case with A.E.Rusanov, which explained above. It was sphere. Sphere pushed out through some crack. Usually, it used simplest way for that. We can notice that it is existed special technology of resurrection when the man covered in ground. If the man covered in ground and in special places will be implemented sticks, then the man will restore.
If will be used special technology of funeral then physical body not rots and periodically this body can stand up for eating vegetarian food. Holy people can eat much rarer for example ones in hundred years. Idea of such funeral is in further faster restoration for life. By the way, for provide the physical body more place in some of graves were made special opened spaces.
Therefore, the graves constructed in such manner for resurrection. If the body is in good state, then uses special resurrection procedure based on orientation of body parts.
Method of covering in ground can use after electricity stroke. In that case, it is important thickness of ground slice above the man. This is principal things for speed of resurrection. The ground has property of reflection and; therefore, depends on ground thickness can accomplished different processes.
We can give here practical advice how to help the man after electricity stroke. It is lot of things depends of stroke power, but in any case must be done following.
Firstly, take care about contact of right hand with ground or any connected with ground metal things.
Secondly, take care about contact of left hand with ground, better with place above the hand.
Then can be done standard procedure.
Most important thing after electricity stroke is help to regenerate brain cells. This help provides with two steps above.
Let us went to declaration of Lubov Kazakova.
I sit down at stool and begin to hear lection of Grigory Grabovoi about resurrection of my mother. Some time later, the ground at grave started to move from side to side.
One of the variant of resurrection can be following: resurrection accomplished near to grave and then here happens the meeting with resurrected. For consciousness of human being, it will be less upset but only if the man can accept that without cells damages. We were talking before that resurrection accomplished without distress of people and in conditions comfortable for everybody.
The fact of ground moving confirms that the resurrection begin in grave. Sometimes happen that the people visit the grave and after resurrection leave the cemetery with resurrected. In this case Lubov was not ready psychologically to that variant of resurrection. Later was clarified that she waiting resurrection at home.
I am starting to feel weakness. I am going by side and stopped at another grave. I keep hearing lection three times. Then I saw Earth and big area from aside. I saw dark forest of spruces.
Process of resurrection started. Lubov makes nervous. Therefore, we implemented additional element “dark forest of spruces” for the attention dispersion purpose.
Next time, when I visited the grave, I feel that grave is empty.
Here we can see that Lubov has good sensitive feeling she has direct vision. Therefore, she made diagnosis of grave and saw that in grave missing physical matter. She had understood that mother is not anymore in grave. Therefore, Lubov needed to receive confirmation about that.
Then I asked my mother let me know if I made all things correctly.
Lubov saw at wall with big spoon and fork and detected that for is shifted. It needed to notice that Lubov used relevant method for registration. Ix text we saw results of measurement. She also made the photo.
Shift of fork was mother sign that everything is going well. That was transition period. Mother had leaved grave and prepared to contact with daughter.
This case was preliminary step of contact. Contact happened at May 7.
After meeting with Grigory Grabovoi (at May 7, 1999), I had contact with mother. She was not satisfied with my behavior. During the contact happens physical interferences, which my mother removed by touch. I accepted patiently the meeting with physical resurrected mother.
Nina, mother of Lubov is enlightened woman. In of previous life she was yogine. She had partially reconstructed her body. About serious non-satisfaction from mother, we can say that was not in case. Later was clarified that mother was concerned about her daughter. Lubov has direct vision and; nevertheless, she was not ready to resurrection at grave. That delayed the resurrection. Mother had satisfied with actions of her daughter. Lubov acted correctly and effectively.
Let us talk about physical interferences. During the first contact with resurrected the relative can feel strong stress because emotional overload. Then in this state can be realized in specific feeling, when simple wave on curtains accepted as physical interferences. When mother touched with her hand at cheek of daughter (with physical hand), the stress was gone. Then interferences also disappeared.
It is important that Lubov accepted their meeting with inner patient.
Therefore, all was finished well.

Case4. Resurrection day when registered physical death
Declaration of Lev Bogomolov (January 28, 1998)
Accordingly, to my request to Grigory Grabovoi in January 7, 1998 in Moscow about death of O., I declare that Grigory Grabovoi in fact restored life function of O. That happens between 11:15pm at January 7, 1998 and 4:15pm at January 8, 1998. Evidence of O. death is declaration of her husband based on doctor certificate from January 7, 1998. After session of Grigory Grabovoi, which accomplished distantly during 17 hours, for O., in fact, was restored life function, and I personally talk with her at 4:15pm at January 1998. The other methods not used for this. The intensive extra-sensorial action fulfilled by Grigory Grabovoi.
Commentary to case 4
This is case of resurrection after 17 hours after biological death, which registered from doctors. When the resurrection executes during 24 hours, then the resurrected in practice not feel difference between illness and death. That proves consciousness has function of body restoration after any damages and consciousness stores information about body during a long time. If the knowledge about resurrection will transfer to somebody who is gone, then can be developed function of consciousness of body restoration. When that knowledge succeeded quite high level, then the body begins to restoration. Restoration is going faster when the soul has knowledge about resurrection and when the number of people involved in resurrection will be bigger. The resurrection accomplishes based on choice of man soul and choice of further development. The knowledge of principles and methods of resurrection disseminate at everywhere. In that case, everybody receives this knowledge about resurrection as unique way for development. The life will be developed at eternity way. Living people will be going in eternity. People who are gone will resurrect. The law of Lord about eternity life will realize.

From considered cases of resurrection, we get the following conclusions.
The resurrected is like any living man have a choice where and with who he can stay and how long. The possibility he has because the registration accomplished on international level and then at level of country. Here is talking about usual organizations, which created by people. First registration (see case 2) accomplishes in special organizations. Therefore, it is performed two registrations: first registration realizes in special organization and second registration realizes in our usual organization. The resurrected has the same rights like a living people. The only difference is that resurrected was gone through structure of resurrection.
For faster resurrection is important contact with special structures of resurrection and with special beings and their representative. It is desirable to have communication tools, for example phone number. That provides necessary information. It is possible connected without phone if you have a telepathic ability. In that case, resurrected can concentrated and sent request telepathically and the same way can received the answer. Speed of resurrection is growing when it is existed full understanding about the direct resurrection. In that case not needed intermediate structures, which provide compatibility structure of resurrected with structure of living people. Now appear lot of situations when the resurrected involved in direct contact with living people. When living people have knowledge of resurrection then process is going faster. Thus, it is not needed to contact with representative for consolidate living people with resurrected. Therefore, the resurrection accomplishes in different conditions and sometimes without transitional structures.
The resurrection always has positive action. This is basic principle. The resurrection is always useful for everybody because it proves that the destroying is impossible. This information by itself is very fruitful. The resurrection ever turns the situation on better side. We have many concrete facts of that. For example, if the resurrected contacts with relative, then illnesses of relative were disappeared (even the cancer). In another case, the problems figured out, and happened many positive changes in life. Life by itself started to be on different level where everything is going well. Therefore, the resurrection has unusual positive influence on living people because it confirmed different status of life. The people were involving in resurrection start to live at different level, which is much wealthy than level was before resurrection.

Section2. Basic principles of resurrection
In this section will be consider basic principles of resurrection. In order of importance principles separated in four groups. In first group presented most important principles in fourth group - less important. We will present all principles in italic format. Each principle has number performed with group number and it order in-group. For example, principle 3.5 is belong to third group and has order number 5. In conclusion, this section will present ordered list of principles.
2.1. First principle group
As we had remarked in introduction the main purpose of human life is extending of consciousness. Extending of consciousness is genuine method for changes itself and surrounding world.
Nowadays one of paradigm is that world not depends form us and exists by itself objectively. The man can only study it and it laws for practical use.
In fact, the matter is very different.
Let us think about why the people have that imagination. The man saw everyday how arise the sun and then how sun set down. He saw regular changes of seasons in the same sequence. Always at same place in sky, the man can found Polar star and other stars. Newton’s apple always falls down. All these processes working permanently and the man begin to consider these as independent of him processes which is not under his control and will. Thus, exactly this conclusion is big confusion of man.
To clear this situation it is necessary to implement term collective mind. Collective mind is joined consciousness of all people. Later we can see that in collective mind also included the consciousness of other beings, for example consciousness of animal and other creatures.
In collective mind, it is existed stable imagination. Stability provides with average level of consciousness across all people.
For better understanding Let us consider concrete example. Let us suppose that we flip coin. Can we predict the result of which side fall down coin: heads or tails? If coin is standard then it is impossible (without direct vision). Can we predict the result if we flip the coin seven times? Again, it is not. It is possible that seven times will fall heads or seven times will fall tails. Alternatively, several times heads and several times tails. If we calculate the ratio between heads number and tails number, we still cannot say which value it will be after seven times of flips.
Nevertheless, if we flip coin several thousand times then our ratio will be close to one. If we flip the coin million times then ratio will in practice equal to one. Therefore, we can see if number of coin flips will be very big, then we can predict the result. Thus, this is not sporadic. Well known, if number of coin flip is big enough, then begin to work statistical conformity to natural laws.
Therefore, after several unique experiences it is unable to detect any conformity to natural laws. Result is sporadic. Nevertheless, if number of experiences will be big enough, then appear statistical conformity to natural laws.
Such conformities are a lot around us. Let us consider for example keyboard of computer. We can see that the letter on keyboard not ordered alphabetically. They ordered different way. How defined the order?
In center of keyboard are placed most frequent used keys and along the edges less frequent of them. It is clear that with index fingers you can work easier than with little fingers.
How we can recognize which letters are most frequent used? For example we can use the computer for calculate that form number of books. Therefore, we can calculate probability of appearances of each letter and then place in center of keyboard letters according to probability value.
These data can use in printing-house. It is not necessary to create all letters in same number. Better to create number of letters according to probability of their appearances.
The same idea realized in a thesaurus. Computer can calculate list of most frequent used words. Such thesaurus is useful for learning foreign language. Therefore, for example 3000 most frequent words covered almost 90% of text in belles-lettres. By the way, Webster’s Thesaurus contains more than 3000 entries. We can see how usage of thesaurus can improve learning of foreign language. Just 3000 words and you can talk and discuss lot of topics.
Let us went to discussion. Everybody has his own imagination about everything, and this imagination differs from anybody. Nevertheless, for big number of people these imaginations will be averaging. As result in collective mind, it is existed stable average imagination about everything. Thus, this collective imagination accepts as objective reality. Illusion appears because stability of imagination, but this is only average of people imaginations.
When I make diagnostics of man, which call me to help, I see that state of organism is continuously changed. However, if this man will diagnose at X-Ray, then on screen will appear a stable picture. The matter is that devices shown only imagination of collective consciousness about this situation.
Therefore, we near to form one of the most important principle.
When you are thinking about some thing then for consciousness this thing is reality. This reality is like reality of your environment, which you see with regular vision.
This principle is fundamental while when you correspond your thinking with seems like reality environment on the level of action then you can materialize objects and you can resurrect.
It is existed two realities: one in thinking area of consciousness and one in consciousness reality in area of perception of physical environment (this accepts like objectively existing).
It is important to understand that all objects like Let us say chair, table, car all these things and all parts of these and any element of World is built on integrated consciousness of all living people. Then if one part of consciousness will change, then World will transform. Therefore, it is necessary to transform without destruction and transform on base creative knowledge. Therefore, when we watch at World, we see not existing reality. We watch only integrated imagination of all living people with all existing objects. We perceive collective reality in space-time. Thus, our Earth, for example, or physical bodies - these are all subjects of integrated consciousness of all people and other beings.
If we know this principle then we can say that resurrection is only correct technological supplement in general connections structure.
Once again, all objects: Earth, Sun, stars, space, and our World, in fact, created on consciousness structure, included consciousness of Lord. Thus, we know about space, spirit, and consciousness. We can resurrect, we can create space, we can create World, and finally we can accomplish any creative actions.
In practice changes of reality is possible because reality created as consciousness decision of each person and consciousness of any object of information.
Therefore, it needs to decide of each person to take this viewpoint for resurrection, for eternity life, for happy life. If the viewpoint this way of life will be accepted with more people, then faster will be transformed the reality in that direction.
Consequently, if we will implemented in collective mind paradigm that destruction is impossible and that all people who was gone must be resurrect and that life is eternal then exactly this paradigm will be realized. When this paradigm will accept in collective mind, then this paradigm will realize as stable objective reality.
Physical or objective reality is not existed at all. What we are accepted as reality is created by structure of consciousness and structure of spirit. Are you remember that consciousness accept as reality only what is existed in consciousness? Therefore, our Earth, for example, this is only projection of collective mind along one of parameters.
Based on collective mind it is possible to increase size of Earth. It is possible also to create new Earth, new Space. This possibilities considered in my books were dedicated World construction. Here we can formulate following principle:
Happy eternal life about what all people dreamed and all religions belief such life can be stay our reality. I provide religion, which can answer on any question, which can show how to organize life under full control and with full safety with full freedom in action in condition with natural creative development of every individual and all people together. These realizes based on consciousness. I provide concrete technology of consciousness usage based on its structure knowledge, solution methods, and reality control. Control accomplished of any reality not only reality of Earth or reality of separated processes. We must to understand that all processes, everything what we see around were created on base of collective mind. Why the ground components change this way? Why process of plant photosynthesis organized that way? Why clouds are moving that way? Why the man has now this material form? Why Sun placed on that place? Answer for any of that question is “All these appearances formed the collective mind.” Merely for everybody this happens implicitly and thus not everybody take care about that. Changes of collective mind caused changes of our reality.
Let us note one important thing. Collective mind existed not only for people groups, but also for any set of same type objects. For example, if will be created a lot number of computers, then their reality and their collective mind can reproduce main computer. If their concentration in volume of information succeeded high level, then can be changed form of life. Therefore, what we had read in fiction is indeed not a fiction. This will realize as reality. All these considerations need to be keep in mind and this is exactly why we need to study reality control methods.
By the way, some of animal family, for example lions, and some of birds were learned stages of control. Their instinct is well developed. People had instinct for life in society. Animals (lions and other) also have collective mind, and it influent on our planet, but not such strong as from people collective mind. The priority assigns to people, but all creatures created from Lord. However, the human beings only created in God image.
Consequently, we state next principle.
Let us summarize considerations. When we developed our consciousness, we change World structure. That is because our consciousness development changes collective mind. Therefore, we transform World according to our development in collective mind. That is mechanism of World transformation.
Let us form some principles.
For relevant understanding is necessary to know key words. Below we will talk about some terms.
Soul is substance created from Lord in correspondence with eternity of World. Soul is World element. Soul is inviolable, and exists as fundamental structure of World. Therefore, from soul is reproduced spirit and action of soul. We cab say that spirit is soul action. Thus, improvement of spirit basis in direction of creative World development changes the soul structure.
Principle 1.6 says that infinite life caused necessary of soul development. Indeed in infinite life according to development of people and society will be appeared new problems. Therefore, for ability to adequate solution of these problems the people must develop their soul.

Consciousness this is structure provides control from soul to body. Soul has the body as material part. Soul interacts with reality through structure of consciousness.
Interaction between body and cells of body also accomplished through consciousness, but this consciousness of cells.
In broaden sense consciousness is structure joined spiritual and physical matter.
Changes of consciousness can transform spirit and then reproduce actions or events. Soul is part of World and thus soul manifested in any event.

Genuine consciousness
Genuine consciousness reflected reality of World in infinite time and space. This consciousness makes possible eternal life and eternal development.
It is possible to mark three characteristics or three attributes of genuine consciousness.
Genuine consciousness reflected system of World development in adequate form because it is develop simultaneously with World development in all it appearances.
Genuine consciousness is possible to transfer, address, or delegate to other beings with all accumulated knowledge.
Genuine consciousness has ability to reflect whole reality on each his segment. That means each of segments reflected whole reality simultaneously with other segments.
Something simile we detected in holography. If holographic plate enlightened, in air appeared three-dimensional object, for example, flower. Perception about real existence of flower is wondering. If we split the plate in some parts and take one of them then after lighten it appeared again flower, but contrast will going down. If we take very small part then contrast significantly will going down.
On the contrary, every part of genuine consciousness is reflected whole reality ideally.
Genuine consciousness forms with spirit development. That means genuine consciousness develop, firstly, with soul and then with spirit structure and then with body. Body’s development is not direct body’s control. We are talking about harmonic interaction all cells one another and with consciousness via common links.
Let us note, that at smallest cell exists it development on micro level, which can transferred on macro level with common links. Smallest cell links to macro World aspects.
In previous chapter, we had used term “expanded consciousness.” It is time to say something about that.
Expanded consciousness
Expanded consciousness this is notion, which explains itself. In this state consciousness extends and overcomes level of consciousness. We consider its three levels: perception of dynamic World and Universe; active consciousness; self-controlled and situation controlled consciousness.

1. Level of perception of dynamic World and dynamic Universe
If the man sees at World in usual state of observed consciousness, then he distinct static forms. For example for him chair is chair, table is table, tree is tree and that it. He marked these objects as static forms.
If the man succeeded the expanded consciousness then all objects will accept as dynamic forms. That means chair or table existed in dynamic of their links. Therefore, in this state the man accepted World not as static forms rather he accepted the World as moving structure, which permanent transform. Then appeared understanding that this World can be infinite improved.
Let us notice that after meeting with resurrected the man can succeeded expanded consciousness in period of one month. In this state, the man perceived that time is missing and reality exists in different state.

2. Level of active consciousness
On this level consciousness is not restricted with perception of object it beginning to stay active and creative element. For example in time of resurrection creation of structure for resurrected accomplished exactly with consciousness of the man who executed this resurrection. This structure is element of structure of resurrected.

3. Level of self- and situation controlled consciousness
This is level of self-consciousness. Consciousness of this level recognizes a situation.
In expanded consciousness, the man can understand simultaneously several processes and can accept near and far events.
In time of resurrection in expanded consciousness the man can see how created physical body around the soul. That is not depended who make the resurrection.
Matter, for example, created around information volume. Consciousness plays a role of active creative element and simultaneously places in created object.
Consciousness controls creation of physical matter, but it can control also spiritual aspects of information, where term “physical matter” is not used.
Expanded consciousness is part of genuine consciousness. Nevertheless, expanded consciousness is in many senses self-controlled element, which realized action of genuine consciousness.
Space-time we will discuss later.
Very close to previous principles states principle of the divinity.
Let us consider this principle in details.
With resurrection connected many questions. For example, what is the difference between resurrections in short time after death and in long time after death? Are existed here some times, in which situation changes?
Ninth and fortieth days after biological death play an important role. Existed tradition marks these days. Let us consider this fact.
These days split out two different approaches to resurrection. Tradition to mark these days reflected information distribution around the body.
During first eight days consolidated whole information and at ninth day all spiritual, emotional, physical events of life project in the body of died man.
Next 31 days prepared information for fortieth day. At this day, whole information transferred as infinite ray in information field in some sphere segment, which related to this man’s soul.
If consider speed of resurrection, then can observe that until ninth day the resurrection is going faster, than between ninth and fortieth day. Until ninth day impulse can be less power and contains basic structure of resurrected person.
During the resurrection until ninth day, it is sufficient to restore information of biological field, which is usually located around body of man.
For resurrection between ninth and fortieth day it is necessary to operate with information about events were happen in life of resurrected. Only with this information is possible resurrection.
Resurrection after fortieth day required information, which characterized individual on level of God creation. That means required information on soul level.
Therefore, ninth and fortieth day define three different approaches.
Let us note one important detail. Speed of resurrection increases if until fortieth day talking about resurrected as about living person. It is desirable not remind about fact of death. Actions, which accomplished in fundamental creative religions after death improve possibility to resurrection.
If required to resurrect one at that moment, then the person, who accomplish resurrection, must have very high level of consciousness for entry in control information level.
It is important to consider the perception of people who have gone.

Perception of people who are gone
Let us say some things about reality perception of people who are gone. For people who are gone appears another reality. Perception of reality depends of body destruction.
After biological death beginning to destroy different structures, for example cell structure. Nevertheless, first three days after death the person who is gone perceives reality approximately like any of living people. Reality begins to disappear in next forty days. This is specific process, which we not consider here.
After fortieth day person who is gone perceives the reality as some ether projection and processes, which develop seems to be insignificant because he has new problems.
First problem, which need to solve is synchronization of physical bodies. These bodies come from previous incarnations (if he not developed usage same body in different incarnations). Soul is central element of that synchronization.
After synchronization person is going to second level. That level is level of enlightenment. Here appear light. That is not light which appears in transition phase from life to death. That is light of knowledge. That light presents an opened being, which is not differed from person itself, and knowledge can be accessible. It is possible to compare with rose (see introduction), which you can understand if you stay rose. In high consciousness level, you can join with rose and accept truth about core of rose.
At the second level person who is gone accepted information from living people. At present time, we have the situation when the people who are gone interesting in went to life. Humankind has created nuclear weapon and neared to danger of total demolition itself. In that case will be damaged reality of people who are gone. That created danger of demolition history of people who are gone, and sometimes dispersed their reality. This can be happen because the law of information development: TOTAL DEMOLITION OF INFORMATION BASIC ELEMENT CAN INDUCE DEMOLITION OF WHOLE INFORMATION AREA AND THEREFORE, CHANGE FURTHER REALITY RADICALLY.
Because the problem of total destruction appears among living people, the people who are gone begin to resurrect. They want to went to life and prove that physical matter of living people is outstanding important. They want to help living people for prevent catastrophe.
It is existed another reason why the people who are gone want to resurrect. In the past biological death used for transition on higher level of being, and receiving new knowledge (we are talking above about level of consciousness as enlightenment for people who are gone). Body decay has not logical basis now, as was before in past. Biological death as mechanism and action of understanding is in practice expired. That confirmed the resurrected people. They say that the knowledge on the higher level after biological death received in physical body.
Therefore, it is no reason to refuse from physical body for new knowledge and new experience. It is possible to stay in physical boy and after development sensitive level receive knowledge and work up level of information control.
Life is going forward and with changes in condition appears new understanding of development process.

New stage in development society and individual
Let us consider this important problem in details. Here we can talk about paradigm changes or principle changes of behavioral model. However, we consider only simple analysis and obviously comparisons.
In the past travel from Europe to America takes a lot time on ship under sails. Ship under sails is very beautiful picture! Nevertheless, how long is travel! By the way, so many dangers were possible to meet in that travel. What is now?
Nowadays is different. We have other ships. These ships were crossing ocean quite fast. You can use airplane and in several hours arrive in destination.
Pay your attention that from Europe to America you can travel through ocean faster and with better safety. You can travel with comfort because on ship placed all necessary services: restaurants, dance hall, pools etc.
Let us consider communications between people. How much time needed to transfer message between two people from America and Europe in 19 century. What we have today for that?
Today is usual event TV conferences between cities. On such conferences, you can talk with people from other region of Earth, which are sitting in studio directly in front of you. On the other hand, let us consider direct translation of football game from World Championship. Many people around World can see this game through satellite connection.
Life is changed. Conditions of life are changed. Rhythm of life is different.
Consequently, old slow mechanism of understanding highest truth and spiritual development based on refusing at physical body and temporary existence on fine level being with reincarnation in new physical body is not corresponded with modern rhythm of life. Therefore, not needed to spent time for reincarnation. It is possible to develop in same physical body with special methods ability to access at fine level of consciousness and provide with that spiritual progress of yourself.
It is necessary to resurrect people who are gone need.
Notice to, that always were people who living so long how they want. They belong to people category of who understand and come through fine level of consciousness. They understand that life itself is simplest accessible and natural reality. That reality achieves via consciousness development.
Life from usual viewpoint is not life from fine consciousness level. Genuine life is eternal life. Even the biology, which is “science of life,” not understands the life itself, even has lot of achievements. The reason of misunderstanding is spiritual basis of life and unclear imagination about role of consciousness.
Consciousness is key element. Consciousness, which corresponded with destruction of physical matter, can be disappeared as unnecessary for World development. Then death will be disappeared. Death will be not necessary. Furthermore, death is beginning to stay challenge in rhythm of spiritual development.
Therefore, schema of spiritual development, which used before (with refusing from physical body) is not relevant for modern rhythm of society development and development of science and technique. That is the reason why the man beginning to confuse in front from complexity of technique and problems of common character for example nuclear danger of total destruction or global ecological catastrophe.
Human beings feel that he is not able to succeed with growing problems of outer World. The reason of that is slow development of inner World than needed. Today problem is speed up the development and use whole potential of inner world. From solution of this problem is depended fortune of humankind, fortune of World.
By the way, let us consider potential. Science evaluates that human brain uses no more than 5% of it ability. Some of the organs functions are still unknown, for example pituitary gland. Therefore, brain not uses even at 5% of ability. Usage potential of human in practice not started yet. We can compare with situation when the man lives in lobby of multi floor building. This building belongs to him, but he did not know about other floor and rooms. Understanding whole building achieves only with consciousness development.
Therefore, needs to use new schema of development, new way without death and with resurrection. Then individual can finally succeeded in development harmony of inner and outer World. That provides moving to happy and joyful life.
In information it is exist principle: if somewhat was once created then in time of creation this thing forever be existent.
Therefore, if something created and then based on time of creation this action is possible to repeat in any other time moment. Therefore, if exist at least one fact of materialization some object materialization can be accomplished in any time and extend it on any other object. Analogically resurrection is possible to extend. We can say that if somewhat created once then that cannot destroy.
For person that means idea of World eternity always caused realization of Eternity in all realities. If person can resurrected and World restored then World never can be destroyed.
Confirmation fact of resurrection immediately embraces whole World structures without transferring of information from place to place. That means after resurrection information about it will be everywhere. That situation was discussed in Section 1 when considered lion abilities.
Resurrection is frequent presented in two stages. On first stage when accomplished resurrection resurrected individual is not fully corresponded with living people. On second stage when resurrection process is finished the resurrected individual is fully corresponded with living people. This notional separation process of resurrection in two stages is just reflection of pituitary gland function on information level of living individual and information level of resurrected. That means this conditional separation executes with pituitary gland. Therefore, correct adaptation of pituitary gland function is enough for resurrection. This principle says that for resurrection is enough to provide correct information some of organs, for example pituitary gland.
Therefore, important element of resurrection is knowledge of entries in consciousness through human organs.
This principle is associated with principle (1.4). In principle 1.4, we talked about consciousness development. In principle (1.11), we talked about whole person.
When human being developed, then he/she developed existing World. Human being can develop World and create Worlds with his intellect, consciousness, and spirit (with his different level of progress). If human being can resurrect other people, that means World beginning to stay stable. Resurrection proves that destroying is not existed and life is eternal. World stability and eternity is sign of complexity.
Next principle corresponded with previous two.
Very important for regular life is principle:
If life is eternal, if not exists destruction and demolition, if the human being is free and can develop, if everything is beautiful then joy, love and light rule reality. Sorrow, depression, and nostalgia not exist in this reality; and not exists negative emotions because whole reality filled with love and light.
Because in future will be not existed negative emotions progress of human being will accelerated. It needed to keep in mind that negative emotions are challenge of human development.
Sorrow, depression, jealousy, rancor, and other negative emotions are World elements, which will disappear. If develop more spirituality then decreased negative emotions.
Let us remember sentence from introduction: “…that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is width and length, depth and height…” We can see that from ancient time love plays key role in development high levels of consciousness. Not only love manages that development, but also other positive emotions. Consequently, high levels of consciousness help to create positive emotions and fill all body cells. That process provides spiritual progress and has infinite nature. Transitions to higher levels of consciousness are path to God.
Here we are talking that changes of physical body is not principal. Does not matter how was changed the physical body, how it was destroyed. That all are secondary things because based on soul can be restored same physical body. That principle says about full restoration based on soul and spirit.
It is relevant to remember legend about Phoenix, which was reborn from ash. We can see now that this legend is not only poetry metaphor but also reality.
2.2. Second principle group
Let us consider second group of principles. First principle is obvious.
Next principle validated importance of spirit development.
It is possible to develop spirit, then physical structure, and then physical body. Then the human being can live eternal. If he lives eternally, then he can resurrect other people.
In previous section, we had considered soul, spirit, and consciousness definitions. Let us continue.
Space is construction of consciousness, like time. Space is structure for actions realization. Spirit, soul, and body accomplish these actions. It is exists space of soul, space of spirit, space of body.
Space of body is space of body moving that is usual physical space.
Space of soul is structure of World organization. Physical space is not relevant here. That space of soul is highest priority. Space of soul is secondary object related to soul itself. Soul is basis.
Soul exists in some absolute space, where God has created soul. Spirit exists in space of actions and this space connected with consciousness.
When the human being are thinking that accomplished in space of thought.
Space can be individual and collective. Every human has individual space of thought. If people for example saw movie, then appear collective space of thought.
Important is how reacts consciousness on situation. Consciousness can transform space in particular physical space. It is enough to send impulse of consciousness and space changed.
For the people who under resurrection space in some sense is growing. For resurrected space is growing for inside of each cell, of each microelement, of each information link. Information structure of resurrected will be fill with that space. Therefore, in that case space is also action element.
We developed and partially realized technological devices for restoration of human organs and for human resurrection. In these devices space compressed from macro-level to micro-level and consciousness accepted micro and macro level simultaneously. These technological devices provided full restoration of organism, resurrect human being. Resurrection accomplished according to spiritual structure of individual. Main function of these devices is development consciousness of human being for ability to full restoration of matter. Space is a work tool for creation technological cycles of resurrection.
Frequently can be hearing conversation about parallel Worlds and parallel spaces. In fact, it is nothing in parallel. Even in one point of space possible to consolidate everything, expressed in collective mind.
One of well-known guest visited our space is Yeti – man of snow. He is one of human being has been receiving another form after transmutation. That means with help of trance state they received mutation parameter and transferred in another space. They development are going another way. They have flat infinite Earth and cold weather. Sometimes they failed in our space, but in principle, they are human being from different World.
Other well-known visitors of Earth are team from UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects). UFO’s are mainly artificial created objects. These objects are belongs to other spaces or arriving from other planets. If they belong to other spaces then they just visualized in our space.
Pilots of UFO’s are beings from other civilizations. They look similar to human beings and can be biological or other types.
UFO’s realized as sphere objects, but they can have arbitrary form. Because structure of our space they accepted as sphere objects.
Interesting question is about dimensions in other spaces. For better understanding, this problem let us consider structure of human being.
Consciousness forms many bodies: physical, ethereal, astral, mental etc. Well-known Russian Matreshka (inside of which placed another Matreshka) is, in fact, symbol of human structure. Human bodies manifested in different spaces.
Physical space, which we see with usual vision, in simplest manifestation, is three-dimensional space. For human being with regular consciousness that is right. However, for human being with expanded consciousness this space can be four-dimensional (just remember sentence of St. Paul from Introduction).
Ethereal space can be seven-dimensional space. Astral space is nine-dimensional space. Structure of mental space is dual space and can be exist as four-dimensional and six-dimensional space.
We need to warn you that these dimensions are not forever. These are today dimensions of spaces. Tomorrow that will change. Genuine life is not stays on point this life is continuous spiritual changes and development. That we need to pointed here. Spiritual perfection, spiritual progress given the possibility to see dynamic of this process. Thus, this vision helps to development of spiritual structure.
Because spiritual structure included all known processes then can transform one dimension to another. Consequently, conception of space dimensions is not so important. Spiritual structure defines all space dimensions and when this structure changes then changes all.
What is time? Answer can be different. One approach defines that time is not existed. This is expanded consciousness point of view. Expanded consciousness makes perception of World different. Here we restricted with only first step understanding of time.
Let us consider some approaches of time definition.
One discussed in principle 1.15. Time is transformation of space. We can imagine power lines of space along which going transformation and shifting. If understand that structure of time, then can be realized in proper time and proper place required space and in particular required event.
Therefore, changes of time caused transformation of space. Thus, vise verse changes of space caused changes of time. That is obviously, because both of these structures space and time are construction of consciousness!
We can take into account how accepted time form people who are gone or resurrected people. Here also can be focused attention on different points. In next section, we provide information that time of resurrected is discrete. For living people time is continuous.
Most important thing in that question is statement that time always moving to living people and, therefore, only one path existed for everybody – path to life. We can say that people who are gone accepted time as stream of information, which pushed they to life. Nowadays place for people who are gone is going to decrease. People who are gone feel tighter and for new died people in fact not enough place.
When resurrection happens then resurrected feels moving of reality structure to life direction. In fact state of resurrected according to their feelings is very unstable. That has serious cause.
Earlier of nuclear epoch, many people choose reincarnation path of further self -development. That provides possibility to stay aside of time stream and build up events of return. When they were ready then they entry in formed body in newborn fetus.
Because danger of nuclear total destruction today reality of people who are gone beginning to stay unstable. Therefore, more and more people oriented on resurrection now. They stay close to time stream. Consequently we ca say that time is in fact structure of existence of resurrected and died people at least many of them. Most enlightened people can drive the situation and resurrect by himself. People who did not know structure involved in quite power time streams. Let us remember that these streams directed on life side.
We need to mark here additional important point. After resurrection, information about that creates possibility to beginning new life for many other people who are gone. It is does not matter about place because if number of resurrected people is growing then the space is growing to. That process has avalanche character. Even the only one resurrected can reproduce in space many new people based on information exchange. Not needed to create information it is enough just transfer it.
Soul of resurrected knows about possibility of resurrection and provides that possibility to other people. That realizes following way. Soul of resurrected creates in space form of contour of human. This contour is mainly as contour of resurrected. One soul after one week after resurrection can create two contours. After one month, this soul can create much more contours. In contour limits existed complete way to resurrection, all necessary life conditions, and all required events. When human who is gone included in that contour then accomplished resurrection. Human being included in contour not accidentally. He scans the space and if he detects such prepared contour or we can say prepared cell of space-time then he steps inside and resurrection accomplished.
Let us notice too, that contour is belonged to status of human who accomplished resurrection. If you for example resurrected individual then process of resurrection extends space. Indeed this is your status your information but this information beginning to develop because the resurrected gives new impulse to World. This impulse created new space and helps to resurrect new people. As we say, many times resurrection is useful for everybody: for resurrected and for living people. They received additional space and additional positive events.
It is existed important law: IF IT IS EXISTED WELL KNOWN TECHNOLOGY OF RESURRECTION THEN TIME OF LIFE PROLONGED UNLIMITED IN INFINITY. Therefore, resurrection induces space extension and lifetime will be infinite.
Let us consider how build up in practice contour. Let us suppose that we resurrected individual. When we are going along the street, suddenly, we see contour, which is very simile to resurrected individual. If into that contour got somebody of people then happened resurrection. If somebody of living individuals for which happened interruption of events hit in that contour then he continue to live in that space-time cell. We will discuss that in principle 4.3.
Let us go further.
Natural progress of human being harmonized with whole World. World is eternal and it existence is fact of Eternity.
Methodology of resurrection based on interconnections of consciousness of individual who accomplished resurrection with consciousness of resurrected individual and all events linked to resurrected individual. If accomplished resurrection impulse directed not only on creation physical matter, but also prolonged on whole events sequence for resurrected individual. Impulse directed sequence of events to. In common sense, any impulse directed to events sequence. However, for resurrection it has special nature: it always directed to infinite progress of resurrected individual.
For realization of events which are not connected to resurrection impulse directed to form some root event which caused these events as outcome.
Resurrection is different. Impulse of resurrection has common character and directed for infinite progress of resurrected individual in every event.
Resurrection is always necessary and enjoyable process because it directed to life and provided optimal way of progress for resurrected people.
That process always is fully understandable and controlled of resurrected individual. Bay the way, notice to, that all people, to which were offered resurrection, agreed with that. It is not existed cases of resurrection refuse. People who are gone always accepted resurrection proposal gratefully. Many of them not have knowledge about physical body restoration based on consciousness. Then if they received resurrection proposal they always accepted it gratefully.
We talk about that for make clear resurrection can be accomplish in harmony with morality. Resurrection can be embraced many people. It is very important to provide maximum convenient conditions for their normal life.
We can clarify that resurrected individual always knows that after resurrection he will be live as usual individual in his usual biological body.
Note that resurrected individual during resurrection concentrates on main things of resurrection and not observes technical details of that. Resurrected individual attempts to understand resurrection as technological process. That gives him possibility to resurrect other people. We were talk above that sometimes for salvage reason requires immediately resurrection. In that case, it is not enough time for technical details. Thus, common principle understanding will have the priority.
Difference between resurrected and living people exists on information level. That difference is that: living individual has transparent information matrix, which has access to any form of matter and consciousness and the resurrected individual in that matrix has elements linked to destruction structures. This difference is temporary. Element of destruction is more adherent and more motionless. As result of that consciousness of resurrected has some delay in for example information processing. In any case resurrection is much preferable than reincarnation. Because after resurrection individual received tool for continuous life and then he will not die. After reincarnation for most of people appeared another individual with different physical parameters.
Nowadays practice is not reincarnation process. Natural process is resurrection of people.
Non-died person always will understand resurrection process faster than resurrected. Because process of destruction is some sort of disintegration process of intellectual form. That caused changes of person information matrix. Additionally will be spent time. Living person can use that time for increasing his potential and improved concentration of his consciousness.
Process of slow down the consciousness development we can compare with school missing lesson during illness. If student spent time in hospital then it is clear he will be in inconvenient position in comparison with other students.
We need to highlight that after some time (sometimes, quite long) resurrected individual will fully equated in common status of life with living person. While the life is eternal and non-destructive for the person after some period it is not significant was or was not destructive for his body. In common sense, is nobody interested in that. The only World structure stability depends on that. Non-died people stabilized it. That is the reason why problem of non-died life is so important. Eternal life will appear when realized technology of resurrection.
As we remarked above, resurrected understand their state after death and destruction their physical body. They perceive that stage of their life as events linked with body. After resurrection, they clear recognized non-destructive nature of body. That knowledge existed in everybody’s soul but not everyone understands that. Resurrected accepted non-destructive nature of physical body as one times action. Living people accepted this knowledge as continuous stream of life. Knowledge of non-destructive nature of human being is tool for life reproduction for his physical body.
After materialization physical body resurrected individual needs to adapt to life conditions. It is necessary methodical work with resurrected for adaptation to social life.
In common sense, they understand that because they are reasonable thinking people. In any case needs to be saying all necessary things. Because word of living individual extraordinary influent on their consciousness adaptation to environment. “At the beginning was WORD” and that means living person must formulate all in words.
If methodical work with resurrected is correct then transition for state of died to state of life will be accelerate. Usually adaptation takes a month, sometimes it happen immediately. That depends of mind of resurrected individual.
Mind level of resurrected defined with how much work was done with him and around him.
Certainly resurrected has his own mind. During the resurrection process accomplished mind organization and transferred special technology from individual who realized that process. Therefore, mind of resurrected depends from resurrection process. Mind of resurrected during that work in fact not changes but it depends from quality and volume of this work. That work defines ability to adaptation to social life.
In our system we were implemented level of mind for appeared object. Resurrected individual is in many things appeared object. That level of mind can be base of classification. According to level of consciousness, resurrected individual can be associated with category of people. Usual that category is the same to which he was belong earlier. Level of mind defines primary level of created physical body for life.
If level of mind after resurrection is quite high then ability to resurrection provides faster adaptation. That can take second, hour or day. If level is not high then resurrection takes period in months but no more than three months.
Therefore, in fact individual who accomplish resurrection creates way for life of resurrected.
Content of this sentence is firm proved fact.
Spiritual aspect provides ability for control of everything particularly the resurrection. Structure of knowledge is true if we understand spiritual aspect. It is primary aspect of resurrection. Secondary aspect is concentration on resurrection process in physical body. It is principal important that physical body created in correspondence with the same soul. In fact, during resurrection transferred spiritual knowledge to resurrected person. That knowledge is basis for soul to creation physical part (body). If synchronized spiritual and physical structure then structure of knowledge will be true.
Creative consciousness is an attribute of human being from birth moment. When organism is growing, he creates World around him until he not involved in system of artificial ideological canons, non-natural form of thought, non-correct psychological affirmations. This system blocked development of organism connections with World. This system creates deformation of natural development and causes shadowed consciousness of human being. Therefore, exceptional importance has problem of restoration creative consciousness of living people. One of method, which solved that problem, is meditation (see Introduction). Universal method is practice of resurrection, which realized eternal life.
After restoration creative consciousness of individual, he beginning to understand how he is organized and then he can resurrect other people.
Life of resurrected person based on that principle. When according to biological law appeared fetus from man and woman for fetus reserved place for his further life and development. Obviously, that supposed juristic documents for him. Analogically needs to consider resurrection process. Organizational details created a priori. As we considered in section 1, World structures controlled the key moments of resurrection.
Individual has from the beginning soul, which God created. Physical body is part of soul. Earlier physical body not considered as necessary element. Consequently, biological death denoted only special status of soul. In status progress of soul accomplished without body.
We know about connection between physical and spiritual structures. That expresses in principle 2.2. Physical body existence accelerated soul progress. In nowadays, danger of global World destruction problem of soul progress acceleration is beginning to stay more important.
Today practice for problem solution between people and states is not excluded power usage. Biological death of enemy is a manner to solve a problem. That means run off the real problem solution and principal problem consideration.
Now the first priority is physical body. We need to make our bodies non-destructive. Consequently, destruction development is non-logistic and senseless instrument.
According to God plan, human being has eternal life. Therefore, the problem is to represent knowledge about God and to restore understanding of genuine level of Eternity. Therefore, resurrection is way to understand World Eternity.
Resurrection recognizes as World harmony manifestation.
All people have soul knowledge about resurrection. Soul is reflection of World and connected with whole World. When God created the eternal soul, he had created eternal body as part of soul.
2.3. Third principle group
These principles placed in hierarchy under principles of second level. Sometimes they can place above of them.
Why so many principles we have? Why they overlapped? Let us we discuss these important problems in details.
Let us imagine some sky scrapper. For create some imagination of it we need to go around of this building. Even more, we need to go inside and observe restoration, libraries, rooms etc. However, if individual has expanded consciousness then (see introduction) he can see whole building inside and outside simultaneously in one moment. Whole building with all rooms he can see in one moment. No matter how many rooms are in building, he can see all of them. For individual with regular consciousness that study takes long time.
It is possible to make photos. In that case, in different photos some parts of building will be overlapped. The same things happen with principles. In fact is existed only one Principle. However, that principle presents as set of principles for regular consciousness. Situation is simile to many photos for one building. Therefore, the matter is only in state of consciousness.
Let us consider another example. We remember time when was very popular HATHA-yoga. Many people with enthusiasm accomplished yoga exercises. However, after some period this enthusiasm was going down because the people not succeeded the desirable results. By the way, results are relevant. Thus, situation is simile to previous example.
The matter is that. It is exists only one YOGA which was created from people with expanded consciousness. For regular consciousness, YOGA is multi-dimensional object and accepted from part to part. These separated parts are HATHA-, RADJA-, BHAKTY-, KARMA-, JNANA- YOGA etc.
Purpose of yoga is increasing consciousness level and; therefore, moving to God. Yoga means union. Therefore, that is union with God.
If developed only one part of yoga without key elements of other parts then yoga exercises will be usual gymnastics. These key elements of other aspects of yoga are following correct spiritual intension (BHAKTY-yoga), correct knowledge (JNANA-yoga), principle of consciousness development (RADJA-yoga), correct action, and correct execution of action (KARMA-yoga).
Simile situation exists almost in all human activities. Let us consider one of the most important problems – World understanding. We see multi-dimensional object. However, we consider only separated parts of World. Therefore, we have different ways for understanding: religion, science, arts etc. Let us consider more closely way of science an example of physics one of the fundamental sciences.
Achievements of this science are undoubtedly and that institutes science as truth in last instance. How that happens?
The matter is that people trusted in science results because science proves these results. However, that problem of evidence is more complex. Main threats hide in postulates of science. These postulates impossible to prove and they accepted as true a priori. Non-proved postulate is not basic and not fundamental. Fundamental postulates in any science are basis for creation building of science. All scientific results become or calculate from basis. However, basic postulates cannot be prove or calculate. They declared only.
Let us consider Second Newton law well known from school lessons. That law one of basis of classic mechanics. That is equation with three parameters: mass of object, force acted on object and acceleration of object as result of force action.
Let us think about these more closely. Let us start from mass. Mass problem is one of unsolved problem of modern physics. That problem is non-solved, if not consider, that any object is product of collective mind. We already know that. All objects created on basis of collective mind. The laws, for example, are the objects, which possible to change as collective mind product.
Let us talk about force. Force characterized object interaction. Modern physics knows four types of fundamental interaction: gravitational, electro-magnetic and two other connected with nuclear forces. Modern science knows only that type of forces. Indeed it is existed many other interactions.
As an example, let us consider from our nearest history. Creation of ASUAN dam in Egypt is required to move statues of pharaoh on another place. These were statues created from monolith stone quite big. Therefore, it was discovered that modern technique not able to move these statues. Therefore, these statues sawed in parts. Here is the question: how figured out that problem ancient people? Priests of Egypt know how to do that. They picked a lot number of people and managed appropriate collective mind of people. As results statue was moving in assigned place.
In Newton equation is remain acceleration. Everybody knows that notion. For example, acceleration shows how fast can car succeeded desired speed. Acceleration and speed measured some relation between time and space.
We know that space and time are constructions of consciousness. Therefore, all what is happen measure with consciousness.
We need to say that for understanding space and time need to develop expanded consciousness.
Therefore, in classical equation of Newton are quite enough unclear things. Analogical unclear things are in other physics disciplines. Therefore, not need to wait correct issues of basic equations. With additional safety need to consider scientific results about Universe.
As we were talking above, physical reality as objective reality is not existed. Indeed, the objective reality, as people accepted it, is just the manifestation of collective mind.
Scientist’s position with trust of objective reality we explain following way.
Let us imagine the man in theater. He followed with attention what happens in show. He beginning to worried about personage. It is possible that he changes his breathing. He can forgot everything and begin to accept that show as reality. However, reality is different. Actors can change his dress start another show.
Scientist’s from childhood had seen big show on scene of being. Many of them so deep involved in that and; therefore, automatic accepted World around as objective reality. Particular from that they have many problems. They not understand that if necessary just need to change scenario of show or change show itself. Key of happiness indeed has everyone in his hands. Just need to understand correct the situation and say correct words: Sesame opens the door!
It is quite frequent that story which we accepted as fable is in real story about truth, which covered the reality.
When we as an example say: Sesame opens the door! We intend to say that in that sentence transferred knowledge about reality control. That practice is now on the plate. That practice provides control of reality and control of events for everyone.
About science we can say following. The problem of World understanding is the matter of consciousness and; therefore, for scientist even outstanding scientist with regular consciousness reality presents different way in comparison with reality of expanded consciousness. Regular consciousness considered World as three dimensional space and time. That model of world used modern orthodox science. We can see from previous considerations how that model is restricted and approach is problematic. That approach provides basis for creation mass destruction weapon.
Consequently, it is not amazing that physics is now under crisis. That science is looking for exit from that crisis, but not in correct way and place.
For explanation reason, let us use well-known comparison. Imagine that you see big tree with lot of branches and leaves. If happens drought then leaves beginning to droop. If you will see green leaves, full of life then not needed to start processing leaves special way. Problem solution is different. You need to water root of tree and then leaves beginning to stay green and full of life.
Therefore, it is with science. Let consider the roots of science. It is necessary to water root of your organism, change state of organism, and state of consciousness. Your consciousness must manage reality and that is basis for any science. If science will base on consciousness control of individual, then science will protect the human beings from destructive technology.
Let us repeat again. Consciousness level of individual provides World perception. The more level of consciousness grants the more deep level of World perception, more deep level of understanding and more deep knowledge. We know the sentence, “Small knowledge separated from God, great knowledge went to God back.”
Note to acceptation the reality (principle 1.3)
Here is that principle: OUR CONSCIOUSNESS ACCEPTS AS REALITY WHAT IS EXISTS IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. We already know: collective mind built the environment around individual. In connection with that, let us consider question: What happens if consciousness level of individual is significant higher than collective mind? How can influent for example nuclear explosion on that individual?
We can make following comparison. Imagine that you are going through field. Suddenly is beginning thunderstorm. Sky covers with gray clouds and in earth strikes lightning. If lightning hits individual then can happens bad things. That state beginning to stay danger.
If you for example in that moment travel on airplane above the clouds, then you can observe that storm with interest.
More safety is observing that storm from satellite. You can see also how destructive is tornado.
Same way like storm from satellite you can observe collective mind from expanded consciousness level. It is safe.
Therefore, nuclear explosion cannot destroy individual with expanded consciousness. That individual is out of destruction because he is on stream of Eternity. Such people existed, and we can say, “After some time, number of such people will increase.”
We can explain that a little different. As was saying, existed scientist, which belief that World managed according to, so-called, objective laws. These objective laws created with collective mind. Thus, if we increase consciousness level of individual, then we decrease the number of the “objective” laws of collective mind.
One of relatively simple example is levitation. Levitation means overwhelm of gravitation with consciousness and free flight of body. Note that many of people even not think about. That happens because influence of orthodox science in modern society created imagination about laws like non-changed and something predetermined thing.
However, everybody can during the short period of time change for himself law of gravitation and Therefore, from own experience understand what is levitation.
If will be changed collective mind in that thing, then will be changed that law.
In our practice, it is very important not only observations, situations and laws but also ability to change laws, situations, and events in necessary direction based on consciousness control.
We intend to discuss principal defect of orthodox science: just to observe nature and fasten detected laws. That approach based on trust in existence “objective” laws and their independence from human beings. Therefore, the purpose of science is detection “objective” laws and their description.
Let us consider an example. Traditionally, at the end of year, the experts of the top scientific journals choose 10 the most significant achievements. What is number one in the list of 1998? That is “Universe extends eternally, and with growing speed.” Scientists based on accurate experiments just had formulated a detected fact, nothing more. Is that most important achievement? Scientific approach must be different totally.
No matter, is the Universe extends or collapses. What is a goal of science? Danger of the global world destruction is our today’s reality. Properly, the science must develop a way of the world salvation.
We had built up our new science on the principles of concrete results achievement. Results will achieve by the stepwise, creative, full controlled actions. Our new science is the science of salvation. Our science develops the WORLD SALVATION. Our science changes the REALITY.
Genuine science has worked according to the following schema. Based on the situation knowledge, science, firstly, will change a reality for achievement the world salvation. When salvation succeeded, then a safety system would create. Safety system provides further event progress, which will develop in direction for wealth of the human beings. That schema applies to an achievement any prosperous result.
Base criterion of our science is “Achievement a Goal with the Constructive Realization.” Truth criterion of our science is the positive results. For example, these can be salvation or resurrection of individual or society. Our science will develop for these positive results achievement.
For better understanding, we consider a music creation example.
We all heard about the music theory. In contrary to the science, the masterpieces of music had created without the theory. We can say that music theory has created based on the masterpieces of geniuses. Therefore, base of theory is a practice. Best practice results are base for the theory, which can help the beginners in first steps of composition.
Consequently, a core element of our science is a practice. That means the necessary result is possible to achieve. Because an ultimate characteristic of our life is a permanent progress, we need to develop a flexible dynamic system to achieve the necessary results. That is non-static system. That is not like well-known existed permanent system of laws.
If we consider the laws of a permanent extension of Universe, then one simple question will appear “What we can do with that?” If we would accept that law as a scientist then obviously the process of Universe extension would be uncontrolled.
Well, let ask differently. Is this discovery clarified world salvation problem? How reconstruct our consciousness (our perceptions, our development) for total world transformation control?
Answering on these questions, let define some form of total processes control. We can reveal a following principle: VIA ANY SELECTED WORLD ELEMENT IS POSSIBLE TO CONTROL ANY OTHER ELEMENT. MOREOVER, THE SELECTED ELEMENT HAS CREATED IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS INTENTIONALLY FOR THAT PURPOSE. Based on that principle is realized control of Universe processes. It does not matter extends Universe or collapses. We can consider Universe as a system in some stage, which transforms it form and outcomes. We can alter any law without an exception.
That discovery is possible to interpret and accept in different manner. All Universe objects link one another, and link, simultaneously, to the information objects. We are able to detect some concrete link (as the orthodox science does). World control has not monitor the world from inside. Enough to connect your consciousness to world macro-structure and then manage the information objects. Just transfer the information in a control zone. That is always possible.
Thus, our science will solve exactly these questions. That science is not registered the processes. That science manages any world processes.
Convincing examples of such management are the facts of people’s resurrection (see section 1). In section 4, we will consider the cases of people’s healing by the serious illnesses. These examples will clearly illustrate a genuine science in the action. That science is not restricted with simple fact registration, for example, fact of individual death, or fact of ASID in last stage. That genuine science based on true knowledge about world will succeed to resurrect individual or to heal him/her.
Let us consider another example from our practice. How forecast an earthquake? How decrease it power? Based on direct vision we discovered a formula of the general reality and theory of the wave synthesis. Then we constructed a special device for the forecast and decreasing power of the earthquakes. I personally not need to use such device. I can do that without the devices. However, a purpose of science is creation such devices for everybody’s use.
Below we will talk about device testing. We will explain a core of the device functions and experimental evidence.
Firstly, the device has provided a forecast of the earthquakes. Then the device predicts place and power of further earthquake and decreases power of further earthquake according to it technical resources. Power of the further earthquake will stabilize on the level succeeded by decreasing. Consequently, a device with more resources provides more effects that are significant.
This method realized on direct vision of the further and past events. It based on the information of the thousand earthquakes happened in the past and confirmed by information of the forecasted phase.
We present some citations from letter of Mr. M.A. Shahmanian (the head of the Extreme Situation Monitoring and Forecast Agency of Russia) to Mr. O.L. Kuznezov (president of the Natural Sciences Russian Academy).
“Academician of the Natural Sciences Russian Academy - Mr. G.P. Grabovoi based on formula of the common reality and theory of wave synthesis for the prophylactic forecast of earthquakes and catastrophes transferred a crystal module in the digital form. For the evidence purpose was being used a statistical data about the earthquakes from geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We had tested a device on the earthquakes of the past and future. The past earthquake tested with transferring parameters of device to the beginning the earthquake. Further earthquakes tested on Earth map processing and satellite data of Earth surface extrapolation. …. As the earthquakes, in fact happened in the past was being used data about 1000 registered earthquakes in period from January 7, 1901, until July 4, 1918. …. Further earthquakes confirmed on July 1999, for all regions processed on the map. The prognosis phase had confirmed in all cases. Presently, we need to transfer the characteristics of a laser irradiation from the physical source in a digital form. It is required to transform a digital form of the parameters of crystal module in a form of the micro-processor, which will work a long period without additional calculations.”
How to prove, that the device really decreases the power of earthquake? We have just registered a power of the earthquake.
An answer received earlier for the underground nuclear explosions. Explosion series realize in the same conditions. Part of explosions accomplished with working device and part with turned off device. A power measurement performed in the distance of 20 km. The results are flabbergasted. Even one working device decreased the earthquake power to one-half. Thus, the earthquake will fully prevent by some number of devices.
We had tested the device very seriously and the results confirmed exceptional efficiency of the device.
Additionally, when I by myself control the earthquake power, then the destructions practically not happened.
We perform a tuning of the device according to the form and size of the crystal. That data formed experimental basis of the computations for the earthquakes.
How use the device in the conditions of real earthquakes? The well-known waves of the earth surface deformations extend from the earthquake epicenter. Apparently, the power and distance of the wave extensions depends on the power in epicenter. Normal device detects an earthquake. If earthquake happens somewhere, then any deformation on some place will being predicted based on power and distance from the epicenter. If we turn on the device after earthquake, then a deformation on device area decreased in many times, not on several percents but in many times.
Applying to real earthquakes, our device proved an exceptional efficiency. Important to remark, we had created this device on base new science and that is the exact reason of it efficiency.
What is a basis of the forecast? Basis is the theory of wave synthesis (was created by me). Any event defined as interaction result between static and dynamic phases of the reality. Any event exactly appears by the interaction. The wave synthesis theory rooted in our discovery of the Information Productive Area. International Registration Office registered the discovery in 1997. A core of the discovery is following. IN ANY INFORMATION OBJECT CAN BE RECOGNIZED A CREATION AREA OF THIS OBJECT - STATIC PHASE OF THE REALITY. RECOGNIZING THIS OBJECT YOU FORM THE DYNAMIC PHASE OF THE REALITY, WHICH CREATES INFORMATION. Hence, all objects in the world created by collective mind, which included the Creator consciousness. Learning the God laws of consciousness creates any worlds and an eternal life. A usage of that discovery offers a concrete criterion of the future. That is basis of the forecast.
Our common reality formula refers to connections between individual and all information objects. When the individual based on this formula had understood earthquake prognosis and he/she has intended to decrease the potential enquiries, then the power of the earthquake will attenuate. The same solution realizes in the devices based on the common connection laws of everything and human consciousness actions. Such devices in any conditions will work non-destructively.
Well, any objects had connected one another in our science. Moreover, we can describe all connections – based on consciousness - exactly in accurate symbols. Every object or element (an individual, a bio-system, a common system, even a simple formula) has worked for one goal: construction a safe, creative future. Realizing a goal, scientific formal mechanism is simultaneously a tool, which influents on result.
All, above considered things, are applicable for solution of any problem and not only for the problems of the nature catastrophes.
Controlled world transformation, based on scientific elements and formal apparatus, is core of our science.
Thus, when we discover the Universe extension, then - in my opinion - must be developed the recommendations how to control that extension by human beings, and how to use it for everybody’s wealth.
For the Universe extension control, we have proposed a control of static world reality. It seems as control on information level only. However, the letters, considered above, have proved that we are able to transform the information objects in the reality.
Again, drawing an analogy of orthodox science and genuine science, we will better understand the science criterion. It is not just about the facts establishment, but also about practical technology (with control on all steps of progress) of facts usage for everybody’s wealth.
If our genuine science would be existed in time of radiation discovery, then a nuclear weapon would not created. Unfortunately, many of the discoveries we can compare with a genie released from the bottle, when a control is problematic.
This is not surprising. Illustrating a basic reason of that situation, Let us consider an example of Second Newton’s law (see topic above). We define mass, acceleration, force, and an equation between them. Why we created this equation? What is a goal of that creation? It is out of question! That is a sign of the full uncertainty for the fundamental characteristics (goal and everybody’s wealth). That is an emblematic situation in the orthodox science.
Any science presumes research and realization. Genuine science is not destroyed anything on the research stage (see an example with a flower in Introduction section), and improved all aspects of the world on the realization stage.
Hence, the genuine science core we can formulate as following: research, control, and realization of the object without any interference in object state and sometimes without contact with the object.
Certainly, the difference between two sciences expressed in different mathematical methods. We can reveal a principal distinction of our science.
Any discovery creates an event. A situation changes after the discovery. These changes reflect in the formulas. Thus, the formulas will change too.
Our mathematics will change simultaneously with reality changes, and in the same time, it changes the reality. That is exactly the reason of the all stages changes control.
Normal mathematics presumes the knowledge about the boundary values, start conditions, object properties. Our mathematics works and produces the results even in the conditions, when any information about the objects is unknown. This science provides a possibility to salvation in any situation, partially, when the properties of aggressive environment are unknown.
Efficacy of our mathematics bases on operator action, which is similar to action of the soul. We know that the soul salvages, prevents, and regulates the world. The principle of genuine mathematics is similar to soul principle.
That is fully different mathematics. This mathematics developed as part of the world structure. A base element of the mathematics is a non-destructive, creative action.
Astounding distinction of genuine science from the orthodox science has an explanation. Maybe you presume about what we are talking. The cause is distinctive consciousness levels.
Science quality depends from scientist’s consciousness level. Therefore, the word “science,” by itself, has a little sense (because science depends from the consciousness of individual, who makes that science). Science, which corresponded to the normal level of consciousness, is an orthodox science. Consequently, a completely different science exists for higher level of consciousness. We can say the different sciences exist for each level of consciousness.
Thus, the existed orthodox science cannot be another. Orthodox science is exactly corresponded to the normal consciousness. Properly, development people’s consciousness, particularly scientist’s consciousness, is a key for exit from the current crisis of science.
Similar gradations, as in the science, existed in any other human’s activities. Analogically, we can specify “art” or “religion” in the correspondence with the consciousness development.
2.5. Third principle group (continuation)
Orthodox and genuine science analysis, executed above, will help us to understand the important details about this principle group, because the resurrection principles are an example of genuine science.
Usually, we define as principle consistent, permanent rule or postulate. It is not accidentally. Everybody knows the achievements of orthodox science, which operates with invariable laws, unchanging mathematic apparatus, and formulas. These permanent principles have imprinted to the people from their childhood. This world perception based on normal consciousness level.
However, we know that genuine science is not a simple reality registration. We know: the reality is volatile (see section 1).
I am able, for example, to materialize and to de-materialize the objects. Therefore, the genuine science utilizes an adaptive mathematic apparatus. The fundamental laws are able to change too.
Analogically, each resurrection principle changes in time. That corresponded to fundamental life characteristic: the permanent transformation.
We are able to detect the other properties of genuine science. The active principles lead to desirable result achievement. Important to notice, the achievement is non-destructive for anything, and conveyed under full control of the intermediate stages.
Be warned, that four group principle separation and order inside of group are not permanent. Any consideration has to be dynamic and flexible. In some situation, a principle from the fourth group provides a better result, than a principle from the first group. It seems that must be vise verse. Indeed, a situation can be more complex than our understanding.
For example, a person has read the principles from fourth group only. All principles have located in the information field. Thus, a person can accept the principles indirectly, and can realize the first group principles even if he/she not read it.
The first group principles are most important. Nevertheless, a principle action connected to the concrete conditions, situation, and their collective influence on a person. Keep in mind, that all principles together are a living organism. Sometimes for you (as for living organism) is an arm is more important than head. However, you would not negate a role of the head.
The most important thing is a principle hierarchy and their interaction with a person. The principles realize an action system directed to our life problems solution.
First principle is here.
We had told above that a new stage of human development has begun now. A previous development method, which based on a physical body refusal, has expired now. This method is not relevant anymore. The human beings have stepped in a new path: the path of immortality, path of eternal life. A spiritual nature of the man begins to illuminate more clearly, and a truth that the man created in the God image is beginning to understand more deeply.
A resurrection of the people, who have gone, and people’s intention to join with God have reflected a genuine nature of human beings.
The resurrection proves by itself: a life has a spiritual basis.
This principle has tightly connected to the principle 1.4. We need to remark that the word “concentration” has used here in two different senses.
Person, who has yoga practice, knows about one sacred aspect of this word. As this discipline explain, an organ of the organism healed by consciousness concentration.
Another aspect of this word is a consciousness accumulation. Consciousness has physical body’s control. In broad sense, consciousness is a structure, which consolidated spiritual and physical matter. Thus, “concentration” has the aspect of the accumulation.
Let us consider an idea of “concentration” more closely. First computer was a big complex of the devices, which placed in several rooms. A modern computer has placed on a palm. Here we can talk about “concentration.”
Analogically, a consciousness concentration has accomplished. Intensive self-development and spiritual effort have provided consciousness concentration. That is precise meaning of second aspect of the word “concentration.”
This second aspect is very important. The consciousness concentration means an information density increasing (information mass concentration in unit of the consciousness volume). That consciousness concentration can have extensive after-actions. If a human being accumulates a certain information density in some consciousness area, then he or she succeeds to control this area. That situation transforms the world structure. World will not control the structure of human being; in contrary, human being by himself or herself will control the world.
When the person’s consciousness concentration will overwhelm a material concentration, then person will stay nondestructive and unreachable. Then the thoughts, words, and actions will be the primary elements; and cars, buildings, planets, and the other material objects will be the secondary elements. Another level of the existence will begin here. Transferring new knowledge to the people, we grant the people new system of the knowledge for world control.
Different life will begin on that knowledge: a life without death, a life without decay of physical body. Other processes will initiate in that existence. Renewing the world, these processes will maintain the status of eternal object, and status of Eternity.
If a super-concentration of the consciousness has realized, then speed of the information interchange would grow incredibly. The consciousness structures will develop next consciousness level of the life. On that level, any thought is an action and any action induces by thought. Physical and spiritual aspects of the object and action not distinct, they are the same for both.
That cardinal transformation expresses in a principle about the world structure. A human being is able to achieve that world by consciousness concentration.
That principle considered above in the case of resurrection of A. Rusanov (section 1). What feel a person during the death? Is perceive a person our world after the death? That information we can get from the resurrected people.
The most important secret of biological death is not a secret anymore. We reveal the truth, which amazes with it simplicity, the truth about utmost secrecy. Death is not mandatory anymore, and the death (as we had seen above) is a challenge for human development. Today’s goal is the immortality.
From A. Rusanov experience, we have a detailed description of the consciousness stages after his death. In first month, the consciousness would compress and accumulate in one point in head area. He had clearly perceived that his consciousness placed in that point.
In the first three weeks, A. Rusanov attempted to restore his organism for normal life. However, his consciousness would realize his new state of decomposed body. The consciousness would clearly recognize a soul is going in the structure of divine Light. In this structure will join the soul and consciousness.
Notice to, that the stages of consciousness after death are different for people. That process is an individual depending. We know: the physical body refusal is expired now. The death process is not relevant for human development now. Nobody will move on a carriage when a car or airplane is there. It is another time.
Two principles, considered above, have a relation to practice of the ancient magicians. Principles content covers in the fair stories.
Well, physical body builds up around the soul. Even more, can be built up not only a human’s body, but also an animal body. That is the practice of the ancient magicians. They were able to build an animal body, then transfer itself in that body, and come back when they need. We had read about that in our childhood. This conversion in the animal has required a fast processing of the information in spirit structure.
Genuine understanding of that principle required knowledge of the world aspects on information level. Information aspects will consider later in another book. Below we will offer just some explanations.
Being in normal consciousness, a human is able to resurrect based on the joining states of consciousness: initial, and state, which will appear in future in the moment of his resurrection. For human in normal consciousness any object not intercept with another. Only expanded consciousness intercepts objects for people’s resurrection, and objects’ restoration.
In the example with the flower, (see Introduction), a human in the normal consciousness is not able to understand the flower. He can contemplate the flower many hours, but he cannot understand it. When a human has expanded consciousness, he is able to stay a flower, in our principle accomplish “the interception.” Accomplishing the interception, human will understand the flower soul.
Genuine path to the world understanding is an increasing the consciousness level. Expanded consciousness is a gold key to the door of the World.
The expanded consciousness will remove the destructions. Any world element is eternal for the expanded consciousness. Therefore, when a main part of the collective mind extends the consciousness, then nothing will destruct.
Principle 2.1 declares that a resurrection brings out the eternity from human being. A person, who accomplishes a resurrection, has worked toward the eternity. Thus, the society on next stages of the development will build up on the Eternity principles. That corresponded with the goal and plan of the Creator. Person, who accomplishes the resurrection, realizes that plan.
Firstly, we explain that principle, and, secondly, we will give another form of it.
In this principle, the objects will consider from the two viewpoints from living people, and from resurrected people. When we remote some object from a living person, then the object will stay smaller. The most remote object is a person who has gone. After a death, the distance gradations are not existed for the living person, but for person who has gone its still there. That distance for resurrected person is short as pointed in the principle.
Let give an example as a comparison of the resurrected and living people. In first month after a resurrection, a cytological analysis has detected the different distribution of the cell microelements around the cell nucleus. The microelements placed remotely in the cells of resurrected person, and in another structure.
Now, form this principle in another way. The resurrected person acquires as control element, which has a structure intercepted with information when person has gone. That structure is a non-effective element of the control. Nevertheless, the resurrected person must accomplish many work toward restoration for stay one of the living people.
We can consider that principle from another side. The resurrected has perceived the reality, mainly in first time, as changeable Eternity. In contrary, the Eternity is an absolute structure for the living people.
The resurrected person perceives the Eternity as dynamic structure due to transition through the structure of death and resurrection. Correspondently, that person must adapt to the world of living people. He/she needs to percept the Eternity properly as static and absolute structure.
Above we had formulated another form of principle 3.7. Because an importance of this principle let us repeat that form shortly.
The resurrected person perceives in the first time of the resurrection the Eternity as a dynamic structure. He must return to the perception of the living people. This perception reflects an absolute reality as Eternity with the static structure.
Resurrection process explains the distorted perception of reality for the resurrected person. During the resurrection, a person perceives one element of the reality – a phase of the resurrection. Thus, that person perceives the only one aspect of the Eternity static, which is an absolute reality for the living people and reflects the absolute character of the Eternity.
This principle has pointed that a resurrected person heeds a help from living people, because in the first time he is different. An adaptation process of the resurrected has initialized not only a social aspect but also has involved the cells reorganization (the cell structure, new cell groups, atoms regrouping, etc). The difference between living and resurrected people will slowly remove as result of adaptation process. The resurrected person needs to know some special methods of the concentration, which provides an acceleration of that process.
Now we are ready to provide a new form of the considered principle. The resurrected person has a structure of consciousness, which formed partially during the process of the death. Therefore, this structure needs to adapt to the structure of living people, and; thereafter, the structures will not distinct.
What is the space for resurrected person? The resurrected person perceives the space as basic structure, which provides decay and restoration processes of physical body, and the other changes. This space area is for resurrected person a structure of Eternity.
By the way, we know: that is not true, because space can be change with thoughts or collective mind.
Space has fundamental character for resurrected person, because restricted space area around a grave (which we had already considered above). In contrary, space not restricts a living person. That is the reason why the living person cannot extend space to eternal structure.
The resurrected person temporarily linked to a place near to the grave, a space recognized by person as an Eternity structure, though it is no such thing. In fact, as we have seen, thought impulses and the collective mind have transformed the space to make it what it is.
Generally, the resurrected person recognizes that this space is transformable, as this person transformed. Nevertheless, in the first stages of resurrection the resurrected person (or person who is gone) feels an absolute preference for this space. The individual assigns properties to the space, which helps the person now, in the new perception process. Note that it is possible to resurrect any person, in any space, in any time. Though the space perception remains in the consciousness of the resurrected person, after a while the person accepts it as a non-significant detail.
Let us talk about time. What is the resurrected person’s perception of time? In the beginning, each world element is located in a different time. We can understand this better, when we consider the process for reassembling the body. In resurrection, every body cell restores at a different time. The time difference may be only a fraction of a second, but every cell will restore differently.
Here is a principal distinction for the normal-born human. At the time of normal birth, an organism is creating synchronically. During resurrection however, some cells created right away while other cells created more slowly. The resurrected person feels an independent time for each cell or object. If a resurrected person observes a plant, for example, then that person feels a special time flow for that plant.
For a resurrected person, granular time localizes in each object, and each object’s time has a different flow. Thus, the resurrected person perceives time as discrete. Though the time flow may be fast for one object, for another the time flow may be slow. Time discretion is an aspect of time granulation.
This discretion (or granulation) is part of the resurrected person’s new perception. The world considered very differently. The resurrected person’s consciousness passes through stages, in which varying viewpoints presented. Either time is continual, or discrete. Thus, when the resurrected person observes different time flows, the person is observing a discrete world appearance.
The complete restoration of a resurrected person takes, at most, two weeks. During this time of reassembly of the body from its ashes, we can clearly watch the time granulation. The human body dispersed into a big area from the small particles of ash. Some of particles kept in very special conditions. These particles disperse again in microelements. The collective mind of dispersed particles controls every element of the ash. Every element has own time flow.
The human being dispersed. All of the particles likewise dispersed. Even in this state, the human being understands that he/she is the same soul, the same consciousness, the same individual. Resurrection comes now. The soul needs to resurrect the body.
Let us compare, if an individual is sick, then he/she feels bad, -- the state of illness is not normal, -- so it is with the person who is gone. This person returns to a normal state because in a dispersed state, he/she would be out of the norm.
In comparison with the resurrected person, a living individual has a more favorable state: he/she need not reassemble everything; the person can devote to necessary things all the time, and he/she needs the power to. Living individuals have additional possibilities -- for example, he/she can make telephone calls. The person who is gone does not have that possibility. After death, you will not get such goods. You just do the work of reassembling your body.
As we said above, reincarnation is not relevant to the process at this point. The basic path for development is resurrection. In any case, resurrection accomplishes for everyone. Everybody will resurrect. The resurrection process is going on now.
Remember that the perception of space and time depends on a person’s consciousness and spirit level. If an individual is not enlightened, then he/she perceives space and time in the current moment only. If an individual reaches the higher consciousness level, then he/she can perceive the world through direct vision. In this case, he/she is able to observe many spaces in a different time -- in another kind of space and in another kind of time (partially without any time at all). The individuals perceive space and time in accordance with their particular consciousness level.
First, autonomy means independence. Information in the past is independent from information in the present and information in the future -- and independent from the consciousness of individuals who accomplish resurrection (or of resurrected individuals).
Consider the details of this principle. When somebody will resurrect a person and give a consciousness impulse for the resurrection, he/she must clearly implement, in the impulse, the separated elements in relation to the past, the present, and the future. The past must observe. The future must form. The present must direct to the technology: how does resurrection occur under current conditions? What needs to do?
The volumes of the information of the past, the present, and the future exist independently. They have different structures and different directions. While there are definitely connections between the volumes, nevertheless, they do exist independently in their varying times.
Another perspective -- another side of this principle -- is that, during resurrection, every element has an autonomic [autonomous] preference. What does this mean? Consider an example: a person exists in the past until he/she has gone. Here is a phase -- when he/she has gone -- an autonomic [autonomous] area, independent of the other areas. This phase can patiently extract. Recall that we applied that principle in the case of Valentine’s resurrection (see section 1). Remember our having mentioned, in section 1, “events dispersion” -- which means exactly the same thing as “phase extraction.”
Thus, we see, every information element works independently, based on self-defined laws for each time. This is the autonomic [autonomous] information principle. Note that time is one of many information structure elements. Time is just a structural form of that information.
By the way, through a deeper approach we can show that a resurrected person is as alive in the past as in the future. This is not just a proposition; it is a fact.
Eternity follows from joining all time in this, the moment that is happening right now. Correspondently, all of the past and future (eternal life) can extract from this, the current moment.
First, consider an extraction at the exact point of death that resurrects a person who has gone. Secondly, if the consciousness impulse has completed, it forms in the past, the present, and the future (the consciousness impulse beyond its characteristic autonomic parts), then a person who has gone will resurrect. Let us again look at these autonomic characteristics. For the past, there are the concrete obstacles of the resurrected person. For the present, there are the means of resurrection, and the resurrected person’s reaction to these means. For the future, there is a tendency of direction for development arising from concrete obstacles. This is an application of the principle 3.9.
Let us consider religion. As we have already discussed, for a person with normal consciousness, understanding the world is problematic at best. The cause of the difficulty, for that person, is trying to imagine the world multi-dimensionally. We recognize the world partially, because the person is not able to perceive the whole world (as we have seen in the examples above regarding yoga or the Moscow University building). These partial imaginings are, for example, what we call religion, science, and art.
Clearly, this partitioning of reality into separate conceptions is not natural. These are forced conceptions, deriving from the absence of a high consciousness level among people now. In the higher consciousness level, partitioning does not exist; everything perceives as whole. As consciousness increases, the distinction between science and religion, for example, decreases.
Assorted scientists and the advocates of various religions try to understand each other. At countless conferences, they try to work together; then they publish the proceedings of these conferences. Still the contradiction between them not lessened; all hangs on the state of their consciousness. Would they ascend to a higher level of consciousness, they could remove the contradictions between science and religion. We can say that science is becoming more religious and that religion is becoming more scientific, but at the highest level of consciousness, these distinctions simply disappear.
Below we will discuss the relation between religion and science on the next plane of consciousness, referencing the current plane. Some distinctions will remain.
The word “religion” has an ancient core, with similar roots to a word associated with the word “reality.” Thus, religion can call the science of reality. Here, the word science appears near to the word religion. We can see how close they are to one another. Actually, we can define science as the management of reality – note that we are considering genuine science here.
Well, what is religion if not the science of reality?
We will now discuss, firstly, the wrong reflections and conceptions of reality that have developed in the course of history via religion.
My religion does not accept an inert relation to life. A fortiori, an orthodox religion proclaims that during our life on earth we need only to prepare for genuine life. This conception is wrong. This conception harms people: it denudes the best attributes of life; it disguises the actual, authentic meaning and significance of life.
This conception does not correspond with the learning taught by Jesus Christ. As Jesus spoke in parables, not everyone could understand him. He called on people to refuse “normal” consciousness of life, because the life in “normal” consciousness is not real life – does not arise from the genuine divine light. Jesus Christ compared the life perceived through “normal” consciousness with sleep. He called on people to wake up, to enter God’s Realm in the realm of Heaven -- in Eternity. Through his resurrection, obviously, Jesus Christ entered eternal life in his physical body.
Jesus called on people to rise to the higher level of consciousness, to enter God’s Realm -- “God’s Realm is inside us.” When Jesus called on people to refuse things in order to enter God’s Realm, he called on people to achieve the higher level of consciousness -- and the realization of divine human essence. If a human being develops this high level of consciousness, then he/she will live a genuine life, a life in this world, in the physical body, here and now.
There is harm in the conception, that life after death, which realizes though a human being does not now appreciate life, the current moment, genuine life. Live here and now – this is a great truth! You can feel real life only if you perceive every moment consciously. This is the only way to achieve an authentic, genuine real human life.
My religion is oriented to the practice and concrete result arising from the development of the human soul, body, and society. Thus, the followers of my religion build their life practically, based on the genuine constructive foundation of world laws. They realize God’s intention in the best possible way. Interaction between individuals through the development of constructive technology is an important factor in that realization.
Every society has certain people who direct the constructive progress of the society and improve the necessary technology for that progress. The union of these people we call the leading group.
One main point of major significance in my religion is this interaction, in society, between people in general and the leading group. If someone discovers a new technology, then this technology must transfer to the leading group. Such interaction stimulates the successful development of the society.
Genuine religion reflects concepts common to every group – both for individuals and in the society. Any action in the world simultaneously transforms everybody, and everyone shared concepts. Moreover, that action reflects the technology of the creation.
Religion as a science of reality must adequately reflect the existing world, and must solve essential actual problems of life in the time we live in -- now. The most serious problem facing us today is the danger of global world destruction. Thus, the main goal of religion should be the development of technology, which will protect us from global disaster.
That development would reflect reality, as all creatures created by God for life and progress. People -- created in God’s image – would not only then enjoy a right view of life, but also the privileges that come with liberated progress. Under the threat of global destruction, the first impulse of every creature directed to the Creator. It is that impulse, which must now spawn the duty and privilege of life and progress. In practice, all creatures must accomplish all possible actions for everyone’s salvation.
My religion provides a practice, activities, and faith. Faith includes communication with the Creator through concrete technological principles and actions directed to the support and development of life. Simultaneously, my religion provides activities for improving the soul of the individual. A meaningful accumulation of experiences gives one a direct indication of God’s presence. It is only through such knowledge that one can achieve insight into right action in concrete situations.
Genuine religion unites actions in both the outside and the inside of a person. This inspires infinite creative development. One’s understanding of the world founds at the very foundation of one’s consciousness, having both spiritual and physical aspects. When an action starts on the inside, from the central source of the soul, then that action is in fact a divine act.
Let us look at it in another way. Any outside action of a person occurs simultaneously through the person, the person’s action, and the context for that action – the whole situation.
We discussed this earlier from yet a different perspective. In the Introduction, mention was made of how the development of a human being depends on his/her level of consciousness. Genuine religion requires that the human being increase his/her level of consciousness. Genuine religion says that the effective development of consciousness succeeds only through the practice of self-recognizing with the simultaneous recognition of self-performed actions.
Let us explain self-recognizing and self-performed actions.
Imagine somebody is sitting at home, writing something. Suddenly, someone calls him/her on the phone and invites him/her somewhere, but the person at home wants to continue writing. Now he/she cannot find their pen -- the person cannot remember where he/she put it. This is unrecognizing action and self-unrecognizing concerning the time when he/she had put the pen somewhere.
Such a situation is familiar to all of us; this kind of thing happens all the time. Analysis of such a situation points to the necessary development our consciousness. On developing this self-recognizing, we reach a higher level of consciousness -- which is to say, the path to God.
The world is a structure of manifested consciousness - the consciousness of the Supreme Being, The Creator.
God created the world in a self-image. As God is eternal, so is any element in the world eternal. God is ever realizing God’s ideas; God’s life in Eternity is continually realizing through the Eternity in which God’s created creatures exist. Thus, my follower must aim for eternal life in his/her physical body; in this way, he/she reflects God’s substance.
It is wrong to think that a person has to work only for himself/herself. The development of consciousness can share with other creatures, too -- to the lions, for example. In this way, they too will be able to have eternal development. The goal of any follower of my religion must be the pursuit of creative progress for every constructive element of the world. “Constructive elements” are not only animals, birds, insects, and ocean habitants, but also trees, flowers, grass, and plants – all world objects. We are talking about infinite progress and the eternal life of all elements of this world. Remember, all of these elements created by the collective mind.
The Creator builds the world on a foundation of eternal life and progress. Anyone or anything that lends itself to world destruction is not part of what God wants. Humankind must develop a different way: a society not needs nuclear arms or any other weapons of mass destruction. Genuine religion, the science of reality, can base only on the transformation of people’s lives through spiritual development.
The most important thing for human life is the development of consciousness, which daily practice maintains. It is desirable and important that people focus on that practice (the exercises in Appendix G are important to the correct understanding of this).
At the heart of my religion is the will to have a correct relation to all of God’s creations. A correct relation transforms all processes to being constructive and useful, even if these processes may sometimes appear dangerous.
Another important aspect of my religion is its emphasis on personal technologies: the experience of eternal life; knowledge of eternal life shared with and transferred to other people; the transformation of any process into a constructive process; and, finally, technology of another kind – a technology, which supports and develops the eternal life for every element of the world.
My religion, in fact, has a technical foundation provided by levels of progress that exist in the world now. In section 4, we will talk about technical devices for people’s resurrection and for the restoration of their amputated organs. That is the technical foundation of my religion.
This is quite obviously. We will now explain a single role of resurrection, in terms of thought process. We will talk about intellect, mind, knowledge, thought, and emotion.
The interactions of consciousness, body, spirit, and soul wove together, informatively and factually, in a single perceptual system. Intellect is the structure through which these interactions are organized.
When is the intellect most in harmony with the world? The intellect is in harmony only when soul, spirit, body, consciousness, and reality synchronized. Genuine intellect (the intellect of progress or the intellect of the individual) can exist only in harmonious conditions.
Here is one short definition of intellect: intellect is the structure within an individual that recognizes the interconnection of events both connected to the world’s elements and events outside these connections to the world’s elements.
The mind is the means through which one reacts to information or an external action. All objects have minds. Let us talk now about the human mind -- especially about the progress of the human mind.
The mind based on soul, begins to form at the cellular level during resurrection. Information about every cell, microelement, and nucleus created in the mind.
The mind notices actions and interactions, for example, when a cell occurs and there is a reaction in the occurrence, then we can say the cell has a mind. Reactions define how smart is a cell - the more reactions, the smarter the cell.
The mind can consider as an object, which consolidates soul, spirit, consciousness, and body. The mind recognizes and unites objects according to actions and interactions.
Note that the main difficulty in resurrection is this: the mind. If the minds of humans developed sufficiently, then resurrection perceived as a normal, usual event. It is the same with immortality. If a human perceives immortality as a normal event, then he or she has a well-developed mind. We can say that his/her mind is the reflection of Eternity, and of the Creator.
Mind is a structure that unites different elements according to the technology of reactions. In addition, the mind is structure – the structure, which organizes a goal’s achievement. Thus, mind can consider as a mechanism for achieving resurrection, eternity, or any other goal.
Knowledge is a transfer of consciousness to the soul and, thereafter, from the soul to consciousness. Knowledge includes an inquiry concerning this transition, too. Here is a simple example to help give you a better idea of this: imagine an element in consciousness periodically visiting the storage area of the soul. The element fetches some information from storage; Let us say, and so becomes better informed. Knowledge accumulates in consciousness and, in fact, consciousness transforms its own structure based on its contact with the soul. Thus, knowledge is the contact between soul and consciousness. Knowledge created, for example, during reading. Notice too that this knowledge (according to the system of common connections) has already been in existence in the soul. Any time the soul connects with consciousness, knowledge happens. Direct vision (visional thinking) perceives directly the knowledge of the soul. The soul controls the knowledge.
Once knowledge accepted, it can realize. The mind realizes the knowledge.
Consider an analogy: imagine a big tank of water. Here, the tank is a metaphor for the mind. The water represents knowledge. The mind regulates the stream of knowledge going out.
Knowledge of a resurrected person is always particular, occurring only in the process of the events unfolding in a specific resurrection. Shortly after resurrection, a person perceives the world in terms of this knowledge – knowledge that a living person does not have.
Immediately after birth, a living person connects with the world – the whole reality. Resurrection occurs in a different state, as the resurrected person has lived for a time without a physical body. Thus, in the process of reassembling a body, his/her knowledge about the world will occur in the course of registering events. This knowledge is an intermediate element between his/her restoration and outer reality. Consequently, for the resurrected person in the early stages in a resurrected life, knowledge is the criterion for his/her development in the world.
As we have seen above, in the resurrection process knowledge also arises from a very special mechanism. Technical devices (which were developed by me) for people’s resurrection – and for the restoration of organs – have put that mechanism to good use. Think of it: the device generates necessary information and the resurrected person perceives this as reality! Interface between the device and the resurrected person would occur through this intermediate mechanism – the mechanism of knowledge.
In most cases, direct vision accelerates the resurrection process. Sometimes complete resurrection occurs immediately.
Certain technical devices developed to enhance the collective mind, which helps any individual to resurrect people, depending on his/her spiritual foundation.
There are certain technicalities: information should be transferred only in portions (especially in the initial hours), restoring the individual step-by-step. It is a key to remember that a resurrected person interacts with reality through the apportionment of information (knowledge).
After only two months from the time of resurrection, the person will perceive reality much as living people do. After that period, the resurrected person adjusts his/her reality criterion; knowledge of the world’s genuine, authentic nature becomes his/her criterion for reality.
Thought is the soul’s organization of information, connecting soul, spirit, and body. We can illustrate these connections with an example. Imagine a waterfall. The water, which we associate with consciousness, falls down under the force of weight, which represents spirit. The riverbed is an image of the physical body, which transport the water. The soul is like an object, which creates everything (the water, the river, the waterfall, the force of the weight, etc).
The soul creates everything in only two ways: directly or through consciousness.
We can say that thought joins with all world structures, in and through which human actions represented.
Emotion is a soul’s expression when it connected with consciousness, body, and the spirit is current state. Moreover, the soul builds a body based on the emotions, which are the ground for the body. People wrongly think emotions move from the body, not to the body.
An emotion perceives reality more quickly than thought does. This is the reason why a person can sometimes quite absently make something, then afterwards recognize what he/she has done.
Another connection between the emotion and thought is a person’s exchangeable reality management function. While he/she is thinking, an emotion develops and fulfills the reality management, and vice verse – when he/she fills with emotion, then the thoughts do the reality management.
Thoughts and emotions can exist in the same space, but only one of these can manage reality. The exceptions to this happen only in the following situations: fetus development, the healing process for cells or organisms, and in the resurrection process. In these situations, thought and emotion cooperate in the same phase of reality management.
Another connection between the emotion and thought appears when a person experiences a new event. A person then produces many thoughts and emotions, but they form differently.
Consciousness develops all of the information concerning the event, the thoughts, and the emotions. However, when consciousness forms emotions, it perceives the body, then goes through it, and uses the body’s information. In this full interaction with the body, thought forms the emotion.
In ordering the actions of a person, the thoughts and emotions manage an understanding process.
For example, Let us consider the work of an architect. The architect’s thoughts define the building project, and his/her emotions express the building’s aesthetic. Now Let us imagine the architect wishes simply to drink a cup of tea. Certainly, the thoughts and emotions now have quite a different action order in the consciousness structure.
Another example of the commonality of thoughts and emotions is how some stones and plants act on human beings. We need to explain how the stone and plant interact with the thoughts and emotions of the human being. Their reactions are different, but the stone is alive, and; therefore, and so it too puts some knowledge into the collective mind – this is important to understand.
Therefore, what is the nature of a stone’s thoughts and emotions?
We could say that the thought and emotion of the stone is its reaction to the environment but the emotion expressed is, rather, another kind of reaction – a deformation. Even very small stone deformations – those appearing under the influence of water drops, the wind, and temperature – are changes that should consider feelings the stone has.
The thought and emotion of a stone join with the world outside it. For example, when a person gazes on a stone then that stone’s reaction is in alignment with the person; the viewer’s reaction joins the thought and emotion of the stone.
Similarly, when one gazes on a plant, he/she joins with the thought and emotion of that plant. The reaction of the plant is oriented in a perpendicular direction to the line between the observer and plant. You can perceive the thoughts and emotions of any plant that grows in your home. If you are really in tune with the plant, you will find that the plant will let you know, for example, when it needs water.
Our considerations here about stone and plant reactions may, at first, seem like abstractions. However, the reactions are real. When we consider the case of the thoughts and emotions of a stone joining ours, we comprehend a single kind of thought transfer from one object to another. Even more, because the generalization of the transfer has discovered the “connection law” we can recognize the Reality. We can transfer the technologies of the eternal progress to any world object.
Imagine transferring your thoughts and emotions to a stone or plant. Why is not? The stone, plant, and you are all in one world. Why should you not be able to understand the needs and functions of plants and stones?
Using my mathematics (considered above), I can gather information about all of the functions of any object. Such is my new mathematics. Its operators reflect the world’s structure, recognizing that the world is based on, and includes, all of the information that is in all objects. This consideration is essential for preventing world disaster. Controlled visional thinking recognizes this structural management; it must apply at the outset of any potential disaster. Attenuate negative events and effectively form positive events – this is the target of my new management. Using this management, I have already prevented several global disasters.
After long practice of doing the right work, we will able to see thought in emotion, and emotion in thought. Were we to create a common environment for structures, we would be able to transfer one structure to another and, more, one reality to another.
We know from experience that a thought causes emotion, and an emotion causes thought. In normal consciousness, an individual frequently confuses thought and emotion. For example, when he/she loves a person; in reality, he/she does not recognize true love. This sort of confusion leads to misunderstandings -- and often to big trouble.
Such conversation about thoughts and emotions leads to still another consideration. In the sentence, “Recognize you, yourself!” one aspect of it involves the relation between thought and emotion. If you have truly understood the relations, then you are able to build up your own system of true development.
The role of resurrection in the thought process
The resurrection, always a positive event, ultimately will transform the collective mind. For example, children will have another type of intellect, mind, and consciousness. Their thoughts, emotions, and entire organism will harmonize, and they will get information in a much easier way (see the Introduction). As result, a child will be able, e.g., to write the tractates – to grasp all of mathematics. A child need not apply extraordinary effort for the study of a science; he/she could have another kind of intellect and mind. Resurrection leads not to knowledge only, but to a worldwide transformation of knowledge.
Coming generations will receive information from material objects’ consciousness and spirit. Problems concerning the planet’s restricted resources will disappear. I have already achieved object materialization, one example of my technology, which both demonstrates and helps expand the technology.
Resurrection leads to the perfection of intellect, mind, thoughts, emotions, and to harmony between human beings and the Universe.
Let us talk about minimal time.
First, according to principles 2.7and 2.8, a living person has several advantages over the resurrected person. Second, the ongoing construction of the world always starts from a matrix structure; everyone has his own information matrix, especially the living person, who has a fully transparent matrix accessible from any form of consciousness and matter. Thus, the living person is able to restore an individual who is gone in minimal time.
Let us consider what “BETTER” means.
When we say “better,” we mean better for the constructive plan. We need to emphasize that the restored person is exactly the person who is gone, independent of who accomplishes the resurrection. The living person restores the individual who is gone in the following order: first, a life priority, and then a priority of human progress. This order of resurrection is most effective. Note that after resurrection, a person is able to correct his/her behavior and habits through personal development.
This last principle should be obvious, as resurrection is the main event for well being, providing a basis for everyone’s salvation.
Are you remembering principle 1.1?
The authentic nature of the world is eternal life. World stability maintained through eternal life. Conversely, the constant tendency of life toward world stability creates eternal life.
The world is genuinely eternal; therefore, any existing object has existed forever. From the reality of this fact, we developed a technical device for the restoration of missing organs. Let us consider another idea.
Consider Time as a system of parallel panels. Thus, when an object appears on one panel, for the object that panel now exists. From a technological point of view, proper panel extraction restores the object. In one device, I installed around 100 panels. A light impulse with information about a missing organ will send through the panels. The impulse succeeded in the panel with the existence of the organ, transporting information about a healthy organ in the proper place within the person’s body. Organ restored based on that information.
Considering the world in this way, we can say nothing here ever disappears. Therefore, we can accomplish transposition: taking something from one place and moving it to another.
Space-time is not the basis of reality; transposition is. If we take space-time as the basis of reality, then we have to calculate coordinates. That is just not necessary if we see transposition as the basis of reality. In this case, we will not need to calculate when an object appears; a transposition shows it at once.
We can go to the proper time, take an object, and transport it into our time. I experienced that at age 12. However, I discovered that when I moved into the past, I detected myself living in the past. Apparently, we can move into any place and time through spiritual structure; but now I am talking about moving in the physical body. A mechanism for traveling through the Universe in the physical body exists; we can go any place in the Universe at any time.
One important thing we need to emphasize is that the physical and spiritual structures are dependent on one another (see principle 2.2). The well-known sentence “In a healthy body is a healthy spirit” can be read also as “In a healthy spirit is a healthy body. The second sentence accepted as a reflection of the first one (in ancient Greece people reflected on the texts they read, but modern people do not read that way).
The sentence, “In a healthy spirit is a healthy body” says that the body is placed in the spirit and so is in the soul -- is a part of it.
We have considered the device for organ restoration. However, technical devices are temporary tools used at the normal consciousness level. When there is expanded consciousness, then there will be not need for any such device; resurrection achieved through spirit power only. Then it will be obvious that resurrection means a harmony of soul, spirit, consciousness, body, and everything that belongs to a person. This harmony fully reflects the world, and; therefore, creates it. Resurrection presents this truth. Human resurrection, in reality, creates the possibility to restore any object. Any destroyed object having always existed in eternity, and can be restored -- sometimes in a flash.
For example, let us consider a case from my practice. During an airline flight, an electronic plate failed and the plane began to fall. I restored the plate in the falling airplane. This action normalized the situation and flight would continue. This fact confirmed in the official records of the on-board flight-tracking device.
2.4. Consciousness principles -- the fourth level
During resurrection, we operate in the environment, which creates some kind of pressure. We can compare this with atmospheric pressure. Air has a low density; the atmosphere expands many miles in height; the air presses with approximately twelve pounds on every square inch of a human’s body.
Actions arising from physical and biological principles observed during resurrection. The compressed information and the biological and physical systems restore every element. Every cell, molecule, and restored element of the resurrected person is under pressure.
Notice that the materialization of any element requires the expansion of space and time, especially outer space, because the resurrection impulse operates from the inside -- from the soul.
Consequently, the right impulse from the soul brings the resurrection mechanism. We can also see that when the soul’s pulses are truthful, a body will remain eternal. We can formulate this differently: when the management of outer space occurs, human beings will live eternally.
The procedural steps for accomplishing an object restoration are as follows. Firstly, a cell is result of the consciousness impulse; now we have one cell -- and the outer space; we need to store this cell and add the next one. Secondly, a second cell added to the first one. Therefore, we have two cells -- and the outer space. We continue to create cells and, finally, we have an entire organ -- and the outer space. We continue to create the organs. Finally, we create the entire human being -- in the outer space. Two other details mentioned regarding this procedure: the particular characteristics of the event and the location where it occurs.
Consideration of the procedural steps for the resurrection process may seem to take some time. However, this procedure can actually accomplish in only a moment.
Let us try to explain the core of this principle another way. We have considered the outer space as a precise system, the restored or resurrected object appearing as the result of a concrete reaction in that system.
Notice that the resurrection is accomplishes in two ways: from the inside and from the outside. When a person accomplishing a resurrection has seen an outer space through the resurrected person, and has “pushed” on a necessary space point, then he/she realizes initial progress -- from the inside. Secondary progress characterized by a consideration of the resurrected person in terms of the outer space. Obviously, the result is the same.
When we accomplish a resurrection, we find that all world connections have been involved; these begin to transform. Under these conditions, we manage the outer space toward the accomplishment of one goal: resurrection.
A human being has a special place in the world, because he/she created in the image of God. I have spoken at length about this above.
Please recall our having considered, in the introduction, the amazing eagle’s abilities teleportation, antigravity, etc. Were we to consider both the outer and the inner space of the eagle, we would discern that his inner world less developed than his outer world. We could say that the information for the inner and outer world of the eagle is different, but for human beings such information is the same. We need to add that all information objects have developed in the direction of the human being progress.
Signs of this progress can be seen everywhere. For example, consider the astronomers’ work. Astronomers have studied the stars, galaxies, nebulas, and black holes -- everything observed in space. Let us look on the astronomer’s work from the outside.
Imagine you are inside in a human’s body, e.g., in the lungs; you start to register everything you see. You are able to register many different objects -- for example, the cell agglomerations. The picture will open for you by way of your viewing from the inside. Similarly, scientists have not recognized that they are observing a big organism from the inside. If they were able to observe the organism from the outside, they would then detect an information image of the human being.
With revelation would come a new understanding of the well-known sentence “Human beings are created in the image of God.” Like any other great truth, this great truth has many facets.
Were we to consider all Universal objects from that viewpoint, we will predict the development of the Universe and its objects – but we only need to seek to understand the progress of humanity. If we know about humanity’s progress, then we will know the Universal dynamic, and its future. In this future, the images will transform from static to dynamic; space disappears -- dissolves in the soul structure and the structure of the spirit impulse. This future will base on the soul and spirit; spirit will form everything.
From their usual way of perceiving, human beings say the world formed on the level of molecules, atoms, and cells. Scientists say the density of these is increasing. However, there is more: organs appear -- their creation is going on right now. Thereafter, the brain appears, and their interconnections with the organs form. Every organism is living proof that organisms created “in the image of God.”
Therefore, we should declare that world salvation can occur in one place. This principle -- “created in God’s image” – ought to be clear and very easy understand.
Similarly, when any organ within a human being is sick, then the entire person is correspondingly sick. When we will heal that organ, make it well, the entire person is likewise will stay healthy. Same law is about the whole world. Never forget that everything created similarly; all based on the following principles: interaction, interconnection, and interdependence.
The next level of Universal formation (after creation of the organs) is transition to the pulsation level – for example, heart pulses. The expansion of the universe as discovered by scientists is only part of the pulse phase of the “Heart of the Universe,” which is connected to the expansion of the “Lungs.”
Through this knowledge, we are able to create a special system of telescopes, which provide space observation from another side -- from the inside as well as from the outside. Moreover, knowledge of the expansion of the universe will create, after the development of a proper system, new possibilities for observing the future of object structure. In ancient times, people used crystal balls; the images that appeared inside a crystal ball showed the desired information. However, an easier way exists for getting that information: through direct vision.
Consider the journey of the cosmos. If we are familiar with ongoing construction in the universe (so similar to that of the human being), then we know that the circulation system in space is similar to blood circulation in the human body. Thus, we can know space-shifts via space movement.
Let us repeat: our rising developmental levels provide us with new possibilities for accepting the universe at the molecular level. Astronomers’ observations only lend themselves to this interpretation. If we accept this analogy, then we can explain the technology of space-shift construction.
Imagine a blood cell in a vessel somewhere in the foot. After a while, because of the blood circulation in the living organism, that cell will eventually appear in the heart area. This happens without any effort on our part. Our universe is also just such a living organism. This analogy explains (though the space-shift does not require any engine) all what is in need: sink the space-shift in the right channel and the space-shift will accordingly deliver. Moreover, the space-shift can immediately deliver to a place – any place -- in another galaxy. Any individual having an expanded consciousness level is able to transport himself/herself anywhere in any universe without any space-shift.
In light of this consideration, Let us give another example of my science: my development of a technology for space-shift construction. Management of this space-shift accomplishes via optical system, and crystal implementation. A mental signal initiates the space-shift movement. An initial impulse will send to the destination coordinates only. The crystal calculates the channel and places the space-shift in it. This cosmic flight bases on the similarity of the human body and Universe.
We have mentioned above our prediction of universal progress. That prognosis bases on knowledge of development laws. We need to learn more about the human organism, psychology, and society; based on similar principles, we finally will be able to manage world region.
This principle expands according to the other technologies and new technical devices. It is important to note that this principle provides harmonic progress.
Let us consider some of the above-mentioned technologies in terms of actual practice. The transformation of one object to another accomplishes according to the similarity principle. When, for example, I transform one material into another, one form of this transformation could be that of the human body. While I am gazing on some material and perceiving its information, I see in each of its elements the human image (expressed independently of any knowledge, whether symbolic, analytic, associative, etc.).
For example, when we see a lion, we can recognize that the lion is a structure of our human thought. When we consider an eagle, we can see how the eagle is a structure of desired human events. And so on. When we look into the core of a matter, we recognize how the outer environment for a human being manifested mainly via his/her own visual representations. Consequently, we need to consider the human being and his/her actions to answer such questions as how animals exist in their particular forms; why objects shaped as they are, in their particular forms; what matter itself is. Everything around the human being is the result of his/her current actions, or actions in the past. When, by the way, humankind brings about the extinction of any animal, then in fact humankind destroys itself. Genuine ecology recognizes this.
Through such knowledge, provided by me, we can forecast the following consequences for humans: the destruction of any species will result in a new evolutionary species – a new form or next generation for the existing species. We can also predict the consequences of technological development. Based on this knowledge, we can maintain a balance in nature and create new forms of species.
Further, intermixing of species will not be a problem. If we decide to create any new species, we will need to use this technology, rooted in the way the human body is constructed.
The principle, “Recognize myself” has many ramifications. Understanding this principle provides one with genuine world perception – an authentic and effective recognition of the nature of life.
Time is a construction of consciousness (see the second item in this section). People’s thoughts create time. For people with normal consciousness, time is useful and even necessary – time uses in a practical way in all aspects of our daily living.
Creating the concept “Time” means also creating relative information and the space in which that time exists. This principle also relates to the spaces in which time conception exists; time connected not to space only, but also to tension, eradication, and progress.
The space in which the concept of time exists is, for a resurrected person, life. Remember, the concept of time created through human thought, and so it is manageable. Death occurs in time. Even people with only normal consciousness (based on such time manipulations as tension, eradication, and progress), can accomplish resurrection.
Looking at it another way, time manipulations in fact implement the conception of resurrection, which transforms reality.
Let me explain the term “conception.” Conception is the structure of the information volume of thought perceived via consciousness. Conception is a geometric form, which consisting the human thoughts.
In the space of thought, we have different configurations of information -- for example, a table is one configuration; a chair, another; a human being, a third. Conception is the form, which corresponded with the volume of information.
A conception can recognize through consciousness. We can consider any object from different perspectives. For example, we can observe an airplane from the pilot’s cabin, wing, or tail. So is with conception. When consciousness interacts with the different kinds of conception, then the perceptions will be different.
Consider a concrete example, a man buying a bottle of mineral water. A proper conception contains the idea of buying the water, but not only this. The conception contains also several thoughts: where to buy it, the way to the store, how to carry the bottle around after purchasing it. These and more are all part of the conception.
Using scientific language, we can say conception has many parameters. Scanning and processing of the parameters accomplishes at different speeds, depending on the consciousness level of the particular person. A person having normal consciousness perceives the parameters only partly. If a person has an expanded consciousness level, then he/she perceives all of the parameters -- usually immediately.
Our consideration of Conception is important for the practical management of the technical systems. Let us consider this management more closely.
Conception connects to the soul’s manifestations -- at least to one of these. This is life -- the real situation. A thought links hierarchically to the soul, whether directly or indirectly, through accumulated experience. Thus, a conception manages directly via the soul. Because the soul reacts on fundamental reality, the interaction process between conception and the outer world decreases its speed or, in some cases, stops it completely.
The soul manages the conception; an impulse from the outer world has no access to it, and does not change it. Therefore, such management, through thought, is a well-protected management system.
It seems technical devices offer the most stable systems, even more stable than thought but, in fact, that is not true -- thoughts provide the most stable system. Thus, management of devices based on the thought provides the most reliable kind of control.
Let us consider an example of this. An airplane is flying under autopilot control. Contact between the autopilot system and the outer environment maintains constantly -- this is dangerous. An outer action could damage the autopilot system. Contrarily, if a control system bases on thought, then the system can be completely independent of the outer environment. For example, if a controlled thought makes immediate contact with the airplane, the outer space will not be able to change the thought. In this case, the airplane continues its flight safely, arriving at its destination successfully, no matter what the circumstances.
I want to emphasize that, in thought you can implement the element of safety. Thought does not depend on the environment; an obstacle creates an opportunity.
Note that I hold the patent on this device for information transfer and management through thought.
Let us get back now to the problem of resurrection based on conception management. In creating the proper conception, you can restore your body in any place, even in a place lacking air – lacking a regular life-supporting environment. When the conception is correct, the environment in which the restoration occurs will include air and all that is required to support life.
Once, my friends asked me to restore a plant, which had died a long time before. I created the conception, and the plant restored – blooming even in the absence of water. The correct conception creates the correct environment.
How we can explain such events? The fundamental basis of these events consists in the following principle:
This explains a reaction of reality to conception. Our goal is to get particular responses from reality via our conception, which accomplishes the resurrection. In fact, this process is like learning reality. We can practice that. We need training in reality, just as in learning and in controlling the environment, for resurrection to occur.
Let us consider another perspective on this procedure. For a human being, the conception of “life” exists in space-time dimensions. We implement a conception “resurrection”; it then begins to live and move in life. An area where the conception of “life” coincides with the eternity element, providing an instantaneous resurrection, occurs when the conception “resurrection” is located in that area.
In the second part in this section, we discussed the resurrection of a human being achieved through a special cell of space-time dimension, which continued to live. That happened after an interruption of events. Let us consider an example of such event interruption.
Cases, where human beings have disappeared but people see them are well known. Cases, when in one moment, a person is talking with somebody and then, in the next, the individual disappears are also well known. Then, some time later, the individual reappears again – still in the same age, still wearing the same clothes. For him/her, nothing has happened – he/she accepts this event as instantaneous, even if he/she has been missing for 100 or 200 years. It appears the human being goes into a hole of space-time dimension; everyone feels that.
At the core of such events is that a human being goes into a space where time does not exist. This is what I call event interruption.
In considering principle 1.8, we ascertained that if something created once, then it exists eternally.
A thought is also an action; any thought exists eternally, registered in the information field forever. In the Cosmic Network, all objects exist eternally.
Speech is also a kind of action. Principle 4.4 makes an inquiry into the principle, “Created in God’s image.” God exists eternally; therefore, a human being exists eternally – and all human activity is eternal. This principle is evident enough.
The Eternity Principle confirms the restoration of people who are gone -- more important than that principle is its spiritual component.
Life is eternal in terms of the structure of the world. The conception of spirit contains Eternity; therefore, a living person always knows, from this level of soul, that he/she will live eternally. Based on his/her consciousness development, he/she may resurrect people. Consequently, the consciousness and soul of people who are gone fully understand (based on contact with living people) further restoration.
Thus, the principle of the Eternity is source of Light, which develops humanity.
People who are gone recognize the principle of the soul and consciousness level in the first few minutes after death.
People restored after clinical death remember having amazing patience in that state, and remember the Light source. The patience and the Light appear connected with Eternity. The Creator gives people understanding of Eternity. God transfers knowledge about Eternity into this Light source. Those who have developed their consciousness accept this knowledge and go back immediately.
Staying in the physical body, we are able to go beyond the patience and the Light source, to recognize the Eternity principle. For this reason, we need to develop our consciousness – from the viewpoint of a higher level of consciousness, the Eternity principle is true.
Who we can understand this principle? An aspect of this principle is that consciousness of a person who is gone knows he/she will restore (even if the person did not know about resurrection during his/her life); in the consciousness of living people is knowledge of resurrection, transferred through contact to people who are gone.
Another aspect is this: while a conception about death exists in our consciousness, the people who are gone move through our consciousness structure. Our conception about death gives the possibility to realize death, and because our consciousness includes concepts about the existence of people who are gone, they indeed exist. When the genuine realities of life remain a part of the collective mind, people recognize the eternity of life, recognizing death as a challenge to the progress of humanity. The conception of death then disappears, and everyone lives eternally. Genuine understanding will transform the world.
Important in the formulation of this principle is the verb “move.” We are not talking about the kind of movement that happens with cars in a tunnel, for example, to describe people who come back from clinical death. We are talking about a different kind of movement.
We are talking about reassembling the micro-elementary and event information foundations. In the state of death, in fact, cessations do not exist. After physical death, an immediately assembling begins, in accordance with the structure of Eternity. A movement appears. The life postulates and microelements assemble; the assembling process occurs within the person.
Thus, soon as the decay of a body begins, so begins the reassembling process -- a process confirming the absolute absence of death (only life exists)!
Let us again make mention of the movement, through the structure of our consciousness, of people who are gone. When living people remember a person who has gone on Christmas (or, according to orthodox Christianity, on the ninth and fortieth days after the death), they significantly help the person in their restoration and resurrection. Because our consciousness contains the principle of restoration/resurrection, a powerful interaction occurs at the time of remembering between the consciousness of the living people and the person who is gone. That is the main goal of these ceremonies -- accomplishing the resurrection process, accelerating the assembly process of the person.
Knowing the principle of human organism construction, one is not only able to resurrect, but to stop biological death immediately. In modern medicine, a high voltage stroke uses to release a person from clinical death. That stresses the organism harshly, but the impact is on the physical body only -- therefore, this method sometimes has no effect whatsoever.
In ancient China, there was a technology for restoring people even after the decay of the body, which involved acupuncture. Depending on the degree of decay to the body, different points found to which needles applied; after three days, for example, points on the legs and arms used. Resurrection accomplished through the stimulation of energetic channels, which had an impact on the physical body.
Another interesting aspect of resurrection is the secret of people’s “archives,” which have been known about since ancient times. This technology used mainly to deliver soldiers to a distant territory. Soldiers were stored together, all in a non-consciousness state, in one place. Once their bodies had dried, they delivered to the territory. A resurrection procedure achieved with needles and a special solution, or through the consciousness impulse. Such technology provided the resurrection of an entire army. Mummies could similarly resurrect.
Let us go back to principle 4.6. This principle concerns the travels of people who have gone across their country, which we accept as a fabulous country. We can talk about the travel across the life area, but we intentionally use the fragment “fairy country,” where the word fabulous has a special mining.
Let us explain that meaning. The worlds of living people and people who have gone interact with one another. Not only are we speaking, the people who are gone are speaking, too; fairy tales are intermediate between both. Fairy tales contain information from whole societies of people. Here is a scientific language for an information system transferred into knowledge from the world of people who have gone.
Children instinctively understand the elements of fairy tales. A child’s development is significantly faster if the child knows some of those stories.
If children knew a concrete technology, they would definitely live eternally, from the beginning, and would develop in the right direction. Of course, the outer world would influence them, but if children had a special program of development, then not only the children, but also the whole society transformed very quickly.
A child would start his/her dynamic development with just two to three fairy tales; with special technology, they would be able to regenerate themselves into eternal life. Everyone would then become Eternal.
Firstly, let us remember principle 4.2: A human being is the outer and inner world, simultaneously. Therefore, the geographic landscape, earthquakes, and the world are -- everything is -- a manifestation of human beings.
Why mention the geographic landscape, earthquakes, avalanches, and melting boulders? Because these significantly influent on the nature of human beings. The rocky landscape formed only over long time, and then more closely connected with general human genetic structure.
Why is the role of time so important for existence? Consider the example of a building. If a building built more than a thousand years ago, it has caused genetic changes in human beings. A thousand years -- this number is conditional, but it reflects a real situation: such buildings change human perception; such buildings are well adapted to the collective mind. More, such buildings gain a considerable status, expressed in some kind of gravitation. (Remember the phrase, “Building magnetism?”) Not occasionally, such buildings are very attractive for many people; and often visited by tourists.
A similar situation exists with art masterpieces. Their value grows over time. Increasing auction prices confirm this tendency.
Thus, the progress of Eternity bases not only on the status of time, but also on the status of space. Provide better-cultivated grounds and more familiar spaces, then will come still more stability in the Eternity structure. Such stabilization will serve to inspire humanity to familiarize still further spaces.
Recall principle 4.2: A human being is the outer and inner world, simultaneously. This principle shows us the way to correct behavior in all we do. If we construct a building, it will be oriented to the human image. If we observe London, we will recognize the image of a head; in Moscow, we will see a heart image.
Two different approaches exist for such construction: one base on the outer areas of an image, the other, on inner areas. The outer areas are outside the physical body, presenting collective mind appearances. The inner areas are within the physical body, presenting individual mind appearances.
Why were there once religious prohibitions against dissecting human bodies? The formulation “in God image” involved both the inner and outer aspects of human beings. Human consciousness was progressing.
If you carefully read the Appendix, with its description of everyday concentrations, then you probably will detect that we are suggesting the focus be mainly concentrated on outer objects, with reference to the constant transformation of a human’s inner objects; outer objects are more stable in a human’s perception.
We need to clarify the following aspect: when we say that a building constructed in a human’s image, we do not mean the building should look like a human being. The meaning is far deeper; we are talking about connections and interactions between forms. We need to understand, for example, how a plane connected to the human image, and how a sphere is likewise connected. With this knowledge, we can construct perfect, eternal constructions that harmonize with human beings and, therefore, harmonize with the Creator.
We will talk further about problems of form connections and interactions in a further book in this series.

2.5. List of the resurrection principles
2.5.1. First principle group
2.5.2. Second principle group
2.5.3. Third principle group
2.5.4. Fourth principle group

Section3. Methods for human resurrection
The methods for human resurrection base on fundamental laws of reality. They reflect the role of consciousness in our life, and our ability to achieve personal resurrection. The principal rule of existence is knowledge of its eternal character.
These methods root in a deep understanding of transferring the knowledge of resurrection to a resurrected person. This knowledge transferred through an infinite number of methods. I have chosen only fifty of these (by the way, this number corresponds with the given number of principles).
While the knowledge is transferring, it is important that the resurrected person’s soul understands the principles and methods of resurrection. This knowledge puts everyone on the soul level; the knowledge implements in his/her consciousness. However, not everyone is awake enough to recognizing this knowledge. This is a problem of spiritual development. According to the level of growth in one’s spiritual consciousness, the truth about resurrection will or will not become clearer.
Because different people have different levels of development, the practice of these methods calls for the correct understanding of their content, and an orientation to the specificity of the individual person who accomplishes the resurrection.
More resurrections are coming. Some will not feel sure -- will not feel ready to resurrect. Therefore, you just need to work on it.
Read section 2 of this book -- “Basic principles of resurrection” -- carefully. Think hard about the principles.
Read section 1 again -- “Concrete facts of human resurrection.” Here are living examples. Detailed analyses and descriptions of cases will help you to understand the most important aspects of resurrection. Fundamental knowledge concerning resurrection presents there.
Again, read section 4, “Resurrection principles, and everyday life.” Problems discussed in that section, which will further complement your understanding of resurrection.
Also important is the commentary to principle 3.10, which presents practical advice for self-development. It is important to follow the instructions with maximum conscious attention.
You will succeed in resurrection. This book has written for that purpose. You have had the ability since birth. You need only to succeed now in realizing it in a practical way.
A resurrected person activates his/her work of restoration while you transfer the information about resurrection to the soul of the resurrected person. Remember this -- always consider the potential obstacle.
Why the methods of resurrection give so much consideration? Everyone has a unique character, unique life experience, and unique preferences. It is an essential decision choosing preferable method, which works most effectively under person’s management. However, remember, after a while you will be able to use any of the methods with the same efficiency.
Another reason for the large variety of methods is this: methods all look different at first glance only; you will recognize this after a while. The diversity of methods helps you to understand the genuine core of resurrection.
A genuine understanding of this material is essential. The exercises in Appendix 1 also lead to resurrection and eternal life, and help you to harmonize your life with the world’s development. Increasing our understanding and harmony with the world’s development brings accelerated resurrection.
The first part of the explanation of methods done in a very wordy style; in the end - it is explained as an idea only.
Every method enumerates, and names. The methods described in special manner, in order to accomplish a transfer of knowledge to the soul of a resurrected person through simply concentrating on the method name. Nevertheless, it is better to follow up on all of the recommended methods.
Let us consider the methods.
3.1. Resurrection through remote consciousness sites
Remote consciousness sites -- what are these? Imagine you are considering some sort of problem. The nature of the problem will be very clear, only a little clear, quite unclear, or completely unclear. We know that understanding is in a consciousness space. The level of understanding -- the degree to which we understand the difficulty of the problem – we can define as a distance in space of consciousness. We can say that, in the case of clear understanding, the problem is located close to the center of consciousness; in the case of unclear understanding, the problem is located in a remote consciousness site.
These sites of your consciousness, connected to unclear problems for various reasons (not recognized, not considered, not important), are in the remote sites of consciousness. Resurrection will accomplish from these remote sites of consciousness. It is a global process; it works when you have embraced all activated processes.
While a resurrection accomplishes, changes in micro- and macro-structure will be activate in the inner cell processes, forming the organs. There are many of these processes, through which the physical body of the person will accomplish. This method uses your non-understanding of the processes. This method works from the remote sites of consciousness; you not need to consider all of the connections, to keep them in mind.
How can we use these remote sites for resurrection?
Let us consider two variants of this method:
The first uses a visual thinking object – the sphere. Imagine a sphere to be a remote site of consciousness. Put the sphere, having a radius of two inches, in the foreground of your thoughts, ten inches from your body. Now concentrate on the sphere’s center. Concentrate on the image of a resurrected person. You have now created a transferring channel, and so can send the information to the soul of the person.
In the second variant, you will be applying the law, “INFORMATION IS DISTRIBUTED IN CONSCIOUSNESS SITES ACCORDING TO INDIVIDUAL REACTIONS.” If a reaction is weak, the information locates in a remote site of consciousness. Individual has not recognized information in the remote sites, and not considered it. You will need to concentrate on the image of the resurrected person. Consider the image as part of your consciousness (as a result, you will move in your consciousness space). The resurrected person’s image exists somewhere in your consciousness. Create a reflection of the image of the resurrected person in another part of your consciousness. Then create the next reflection, and the next – and so on, as with many mirrors reflecting one image. The large number of reflections creates a stable information channel for the resurrected person. The goal is an accumulation of a large volume of information (in remote sites of consciousness), which enables the resurrection.
Let us comment further on this second variant. Every reflection of a resurrected person’s image we can compare to a radio antenna. A radio signal is stronger and more stable if antennas used together as a network. Thus, we have the second variant: consider the consciousness site an antenna, and the set of reflections as a network. When the number of reflections grows, the quality of transferred information improves. The resurrection will realize.
Another relevant comparison had given in the Introduction -- the example of the laser device.
Relative to the problem of information transferring, Let us remember the famous book, the Bhagavad-Gita, from India. In the beginning of the book, a king asks a sovereign who has direct vision, what is going on in a battle that is happening far from the palace. The entire content of the book is a description of the battle. The process of information transfer can explain similarly: a sovereign transfers the information from a remote site to sites nearer our consciousness.
3.2. Resurrection through plants
In this method, information transfers to the soul of a resurrected person through a plant (tree, bush, or grass) or part of a plant -- for example, one leaf only.
You can consider that leaf as a world structure and, then, based on connections between all of the world elements, adjust the connection to the soul of the resurrected person. Obviously, these connections have a special nature.
The connection of the plant leaf observes in its contour. You can observe a concrete leaf, or just imagine it. You should detect the connections, which needed to transfer the information to the resurrected person.
Let us provide some technical details of this process.
First, the orientation of your body must correspond with that of the plant’s orientation. If you are working with a tree, then the orientation of the tree – its axis from root to crown – must be in the same direction as the virtual line going from your feet to your head. If, for example, you lie down on the earth, then you must imagine the tree being likewise perpendicular, parallel to the axis from your feet to your head.
The tree transfers information. You imagine the tree growing, its juices moving from its roots to its crown. If you bring the information about resurrection into that flow, the resurrected person will accept it as an invitation to resurrection. We already know about the behavior of resurrected people in such a case: they immediately start to work on their resurrection.
Not only plants can use in this method of resurrection; a stone structure can similarly be used for this transfer of information -- crystal, a mountain structure, etc. You can use a mountain, whether near to you or far away – the distance does not matter. Concentrate on the mountaintop, and then begin to transfer the necessary information to the resurrected person.
3.3. Method of development for the soul of the resurrected person
This method sends the knowledge of resurrection (in the world of living people) to the person, who will be resurrecting. The goal is to transfer the information about resurrection.
The practice of this method presents in four stages:
1. Concentrate on the soul of the resurrected person, and deliver to soul the enlightenment of the knowledge.
2. Inform the resurrected person of the current global danger, world destruction, and, on the successful restoration of the physical body, make a request for world salvation. Give the resurrected person a comprehensively explanation of the resurrection process. Remember that he/she remains the same individual; use an individual, specific approach to speaking of these things.
3. Be patient, so that the resurrected person can better take in the information. Your patience is the source of knowledge for the resurrected person; this state we can compare to a beacon, which light is the way to the resurrection.
4. You must define the location of the resurrection, showing the place to the resurrected person in terms of visional thinking. Certainly, the resurrected person can have his/her own opinion about the place; he/she can provide another variant. You just need to point him/her to the place, where you will meet with him/her after resurrection. You must clearly imagine that place; you have to visualize how the person will get near that place, and from what direction you will be moving. It is important how you imagine this meeting: you have to imagine, how the resurrected person will come step-by-step to you.

Let us explain the term “enlightenment.” An enlightened human being is a person with visional soul light. This means, the soul of such a person has a light for knowledge, a light for the future, and a light for the creation. When talk about enlightenment, we mean the creative abilities of the soul, and the soul’s orientation toward the light.
An enlightened person carries knowledge of creation, development, and harmony.
Enlightenment is the process encompassing the spiritual progress of human development.
3.4. The apparent infinity of the water’s surface
Imagine the ocean is in front of you. What seems on the infinity of water surface expands in all directions -- borderless, endless surface. As infinite as the ocean is -- so infinite is your soul’s knowledge of the world.
Are you going to resurrect somebody? Fine, knowledge about resurrection has already long existed in your soul.
How do you extract the proper information concerning resurrection in this place, and in this time, from that ocean of knowledge? We cannot find the knowledge through mere enumeration. By the way, I need to remark that we are able to consider even the one infinite system in finite time. How long the consideration takes is depended on the consciousness level of the person who is doing that consideration.
An important characteristic of this method is an immediately effect -- the resurrection will accomplish in a moment.
There are many examples of situations when a resurrection must be executing immediately: the death of an airplane pilot during a flight, the operator of a nuclear reactor, etc.
First, you have to concentrate on the one point in the ocean of knowledge where the resurrection of the concrete person accomplishes.
How can you find that point? Assume, for a moment, that you know the location of that point. Thus, the resurrection will be accomplishing in a moment, because world construction is such -- the necessary knowledge for resurrection is the resurrection itself (in the proper time and place).
Thus, we need to understand the technology of resurrection only. Since we are talking about resurrections that occur in only a moment, you have to recognize that you simply will not have time to bring complete knowledge to resurrected person.
Occasionally, not needs at all to find that knowledge; you have to do something else. You have to create a spiritual status, which transforms reality in the required direction.
Then you (your spirit, soul, mind, intellect, consciousness, etc.) will stay at the center of the ocean of knowledge, and all knowledge will belong to you. From this knowledge, you must form the information in such a manner that reality will act on it during the resurrection.
How do you arrive at this important stage of reacting to reality?
Here is a method: consider yourself as world element, which ready to accomplish a resurrection. Manifested as just such a world element, you will see exactly how your spirit develops in order to perform the resurrection.
The state of your spirit reflects in your inner state; more spirituality causes more brightness of your light. The growing power of your brightness and spirituality will help you to create the necessary event.
Nothing needs to find. Just needs to know the point of location. You only need to recognize that you are the source of light. Then you will understand exactly where the point is.
How do you resurrect a person? You must transform yourself by rising to a higher impulse toward the highest spirit and consciousness state; then the resurrection can be fulfilling. Even if a high level of spirit and consciousness is not your regular state, you will still able to succeed through concentrating on the ocean’s surface and through the impulse toward the higher state. In this state, you will be a light source (for the moment); thus will the necessary knowledge come to you, and reality respond to your light, in the resurrection.
This method resurrects through a concentration on the ocean’s surface, and through the spirit, which rises to a high level.
3.5. Thought control for people resurrection
This method calls for your long concentration, thinking on human resurrection. Your thoughts about resurrection must be fully concrete and clear; the thought should be connected with some object -- the best is the little finger on your right hand (next best is some flat object; next, some non-flat object).
You must concentrate on the little finger of your right hand, and see the thought. The thought is a concrete element of resurrection information. You must see the people who will resurrect as clear, living, and colored manifestation (in short: “watch the thought”).
If the image is not present clearly, then try simply to concentrate on the little finger of your right hand for just five seconds (gazing on the finger via direct, physical vision). As result of your concentration, you will achieve connecting the resurrected person with the physical object – the little finger of your right hand. In short: objectify the thought.
Here is the next question, “How to control that objectifying thought?” You must use your consciousness, which, in fact, is the management system. Your consciousness must surround the thought from the all sides. The thought will stay a part of your consciousness in the concrete area -- for example, in the area of your concentration.
Consider an egg: the yolk presents the thought, and the egg white - your consciousness. Like the yolk within the egg white, so a thought resides within consciousness.
Thought and surrounding consciousness are invisible when using normal vision. Therefore, it is with the essential yolk and egg white, too. We can see the shell only. The shell we can associate with the physical body of a resurrected person; only the body is visible when seen via physical vision.
We can observe the inner part of the egg with a special device. Similarly, we can observe the inner structure of a human being, his/her thoughts, and the whole resurrection process through direct vision.
Let us go back to our discussion of the management of objectifying thought. According to the analogy we have considered, we can split the resurrection process into two parts: the outer part, which can be observing through physical vision, and the inner part, which is invisible to physical vision. Management of an objectifying thought accomplishes in a manner that enables physical observation of that thought.
Pay attention: here are important, concrete laws of resurrection; thought management must correspond with these. The laws say that you should have your thought about resurrection be in the concrete physical area, and hold that thought in this area.
This situation is similar to the following: you take a book from a table, then take it into a neighboring room and put it on a bookshelf, where the book will stay put. Therefore, it is with thought. Remember, a thought is a real object.
Thus, if you are planning to resurrect somebody in a known area, then that area has to be located clearly in your thought concerning the resurrection. If the resurrected person intends to restore in another area, then you must place the thought about resurrection in that specific area where you will meet with that particular person.
How do you locate the thought in the specific area? This problem can be solving only through the practice of objectifying thought. Here are two distinct cases:
1) In your thought about resurrection, you objectify on some foreign object, for example a sheet of paper. On this sheet, you imagine the image of the resurrected person. You concentrate on that person by closely holding onto the thought about the resurrection. Then you move in thought to that sheet in the area where the resurrection accomplishes.
2) One objectifying object you can use is the little finger of your right hand (or any part of your body). In this case, the object cannot move in the area of the resurrection. We suggest moving some other object nearer to you. Trust your feeling when choosing that object. You fine-tuned to the transfer of information having your individual attributes; the obstacle accelerates the resurrection.
3.6. Thought formed by consciousness
We live in a world of relationships -- everything links to everything else. If, for example, you walk across a street and think about some problem or other, various links inevitably will be forming. During the walking, you have seen some buildings, cars, events. You perceive the environment and, possibly, analyze it. Even if you perceive only vaguely, still that will affect your consciousness. If you perform an action, that then works on another consciousness level -- the level of consciousness development.
When you observe your surroundings, different thoughts engage you. The core of this resurrection method is the conversion of an action into development. You must form a thought that has the necessary form and content – the form and content that causes resurrection.
How this be achieved in practice? Consider your surroundings and the nearest object: you will this principle illustrated simply. Let us consider this further.
When you have considered your surroundings, you can observe existing connections, independent of where you are. For example, the connections may express the subject layout -- some are near to you, others quite far away. The distance between objects can be measuring not only in feet, but also as perception or image. When you transform the distance in image, you will get the resurrected person. Such is the nature of this principle.
You should find the location where you can create the resurrected person as an image. Once the person’s image creates, you should move it to the nearest location – to the consciousness level with the most comfortable conditions for the resurrected person. That level of consciousness creates your thought.
When you form such consciousness, the form of thought will be created a few seconds later (occasionally, days later). Notice that when we are talking about thought formation through consciousness, we mean that the consciousness develops the thought having the necessary quality. Contrarily, in concentrating on consciousness, the consciousness itself forms the thought, and locates it in the proper structure. When your consciousness works in such a manner, you can see the process indirectly.
3.7. Consciousness development for self-understanding
As your consciousness has developed by itself, it is up to you to set the necessary attributes of that development. Based on infinite consciousness, you will be able to process the information at very high speed; then any action can be realized (resurrection is one of these). Note that a resurrection can accomplish in the time, which you assign. You control the time of a resurrection.
Consider consciousness as a self-developed system. It is important, that the development accomplish in harmony with one’s individuality. This means that though you are in your regular, familiar social situation and surroundings, operating from your regular, normal social behavior, still your consciousness must be expanded to include the information about the particular person to be resurrected; this information has to be infinitely small and totally in focus in comparison with your larger consciousness.
Infinity is relative here, denoting only that the volume of consciousness information is many times bigger than the volume needed for resurrection (even when the volume of resurrection information is infinitely large). We know already that even an infinite volume of information can be processing by consciousness in a finite time. The speed of processing is independent of the volume of information.
The most important thing for you to consider is, “What is management by itself?” When we say that consciousness develops in an infinite manner, we mean that your soul knows this and is able to do it, and control it, and be in alignment with it. In fact, your target here is to achieve inner harmony, agreement -- agreement within yourself. Your consciousness will then develop infinitely fast.
At the base of this agreement is a simple principle. You must recognize that, for normal development, you need to have an infinite, safe, and systematic future. When you set such a goal, you make problems concrete. You can show that the world and people will not be destroying, that the body is fully restorable through soul knowledge in any space-time location. All these things provide the basis for the infinite development of your consciousness.
While any process is under consciousness control (including a process of your consciousness development), the management accomplishes in only several seconds, or even milliseconds. The process has finite form volume; therefore, the infinite consciousness development has finite form.
It will become clear that the transferring of your consciousness in the process of infinite development accomplishes via your understanding and acceptation of this postulate, of this method. When you will recognize this, your knowledge will begin to expand infinitely. If you implement the time of resurrection as an image in the consciousness development process, then consciousness will achieve control of the resurrection time. This control is not mandatory for resurrection, but such additional control of the resurrection process is important, because you will be able to change the time of resurrection.
3.8. Resurrection on the consciousness border
Again, imagine consciousness divided into two parts: the inner and the outer. You can succeed in that if you disperse your consciousness.
Consider your surroundings (what you are able to feel, see, and perceive via your physical organs) as an inner part of your consciousness. Any physical reality -- for example, shopping in the supermarket, visiting a café, or any such connection between physical objects -- can be understood as an inner part of your consciousness. All objects, which are not in your physical surroundings -- thoughts and emotions, for example -- can be considering as being in an outer part of your consciousness.
This division into two parts is conditional. You can re-assign the parts: the inner part can be assigning to the thoughts and emotions, the outer, to the surroundings. Principally important is the division itself.
You should seek to find the connections between these two parts of consciousness. In the course of searching for these connections, you will be able to resurrect people.
In considering the outer part of consciousness, you will discern the fundamental structure of the world, which grounds on the collective consciousness -- on the consciousness of all subjects and objects, and on the Creator’s consciousness. Your goal is to act in a way corresponding to the way in which the Creator’s consciousness was developed. Only in this way can your consciousness have the correct characteristics. That is why you must always locate the proper place -- not the inner or outer part of your consciousness, but the part with the correct characteristics.
There is an area between the inner and outer parts -- the area, where you create a subject. When, for example, I materialize an object, I create the matter in a different part of this area, and then join all these in one contour. As result, I achieve object materialization, organ restoration, or person resurrection. You can do the same.
To recap, in this method consciousness divided in two parts: inner and outer. When you discern the connections between them, you see that it is in the border area between the parts that you resurrected a person.
3.9. Body control by the resurrection
This method bases on body control, which creates a space around the body for human resurrection. Your body will present something of the resurrected person; then that person, though at some distance, will see your body and its parameters. That person should see how you move, work, solve problems -- all that the things that will provide him/her with an example -- a guide for creation. Remember, you are for him/her a representative from all living people.
The body of the resurrected person uses some part of the body of a living individual as a template. That template derives from the body of the individual who accomplishes the resurrection. The idea behind this method is the recognition, by the individual who accomplishes the resurrection, that his/her body in fact provides the template for the resurrected person.
If you are to accomplish the resurrection, you must take care of your health, because the resurrected person will use it as an example. When you are feeling in harmony with the surrounding world, you transfer the information about the construction of the healthy body to the resurrected person. One common rule about health is this: the more people you resurrect, the better your own health will be. Even the events of your life, your friends, and your family will improve significantly.
The control of your body in the resurrection process mainly accomplishes through the body’s development – improvements to the body’s health. This control accelerates the resurrection process.
3.10. Little fingers method
We will consider how to use the little finger of your hands for resurrecting people through implementing some special functions of the body’s elements.
Consider both little fingers as world elements. Consider the little finger of your right hand as the world element with infinite manifestation; consider the little finger of your left hand as a finite point of the world’s information. If, via visional thinking, you join these fingers then, in the area of their connection, you will able to resurrect a human being. That connection must imagine near to your body; then the thought about the resurrection will send to the location of the resurrection.
3.11. Digital concentration
This method requires concentrating on the digits, the sequence of the digits, or the sequence of the digits, one by one. Concentrating, you keep resurrection foremost in your thought. This thought is concentrated on some object -- for example, on a plant. Usage of the plant is only one of its possibilities; we will talk about others, too.
While you are reading the digit, you must transfer it onto the plant --together with the thought about resurrection. You must imagine that the thought about resurrection is located on the digit, and the digit on the plant.
There are concrete digits for concentration.
The digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 1, 4 are the sequence for concentrating on a plant.
The digits 8, 2, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2 are the sequence for concentrating on stones and crystals.
The digits 2, 1, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2 are the sequence for concentrating on the image of a resurrected person.
When you are using the method of concentrating on a plant, you must read the digits provided in the order given, while gazing on the plant.
Instead of reading sequentially, you can also act in the following way: you can concentrate on the first and last digits in the sequence, then on the second and the second from the end, then on the third and the third from the end; finally, you can concentrate on the central digit. Each sequence contains seven digits. This practice will help you to achieve a resurrection.
Concentrating digitally on stones and crystals accomplishes in the same way.
Let us talk about concentrating on a resurrected person’s image.
Imagine the resurrected person is near to you. Place the digital sequence between you and the resurrected person. You can even write the digits on a piece of paper and put the paper between you. Through concentrating on the digits, we contact with the resurrected person. During the concentration, you must hold constantly the thought of resurrecting the person.
The concentration accomplishes through the sequential scanning of digits, or through scanning from the first, second, or third digits to the beginning and end of the sequences.
3.12. Visualization the feelings of resurrected person
This method requires that you perceive the feelings of the resurrected person and create the resurrected person’s image based on those feelings.
The feelings must form as an information image placed away from you at an infinite distance. When you can see that image in the infinite distance, then you will really perceive the image as the feelings.
If you are able to visualize the feelings of a resurrected person, then you will accomplish the resurrection.
3.13. Alternative manner of perception
This method requires that you consider reality as a system having contradictory knowledge. For example, if the process of the resurrection accomplishes in a place near you, then you simultaneously transfer the resurrection to a place distant from you. Another alternative is the resurrection accomplishes in the day: you transfer it to the night, and vice-versa. Your inner changes in perceiving accelerate the resurrection.
This method uses for decreasing the time needed for a resurrection.
3.14. Visualization joining elements of reality
We have seen many examples of joined elements in reality. For example, consider a tree. We see how, from one branch, another grows, and how branches connect with one another in any area. The specificity of that area is at the core of this method.
You can watch the process of a branch growing. Similarly, the resurrection is a process of growing the physical body from the existing world. Growing one branch from another is an example of the resurrection process. One branch represents the world of living people: another, - the resurrected person.
Concentrating on the area, where the branches join, realizes the resurrection.
3.15. Transferring the reality event in the information event
Imagine you are walking on a bridge. The sky is above you, and river or highway are below. Consider that the event “you are walking on the bridge” we transfer in information. There are at least three or four elements of reality in this: the sky, you, the bridge, and the river or highway. Generally, any event can be transferring in this manner.
Another example of event: “you are standing near to some tree.” The first element is the tree; the second is you; the third aspect is your surroundings.
It is important to transfer information as simple as possible.
For example, a physical action can transfer into information in the following way: concentrate on the little finger of your right hand. Then concentrate on the thumb of your right hand. Then, from the thumb on your right hand, transfer information to the little finger on your left hand. Finally, transfer the information to the thumb on your left hand. This procedure transfers physical reality into an information reality.
By the way, practicing this procedure is excellent training for transferring reality!
In real life, we perceive information when we admire a landscape, or watch some movie. However, we not need only to perceive the information; we should also optimize it, and transfer it. You must be able to transfer your perceptions.
This training develops your ability to create the physical reality for your desires. You must clearly imagine the resurrection when you accumulate information via this training. The information must be transforming according to the goal, and then transfer.
In alignment with the goal of resurrection, you must accumulate the information, transform it, and then transfer it to the resurrected person. This accomplishes the resurrection.
3.16. Setting the links of the world elements
In this method, we consider the links between different elements of the world. The single basis for all of the links is your world understanding.
Imagine you are buying something in the supermarket. This thing has many links: where it developed, when it created, its price, and how it connected to you (if you buy it). Let us look at just three elements: where the thing created, its price, and who is buying it (in chronological order). The links appear stepwise in time. Now your goal is to set the links without any dependence on the time. In your perception, you must present only the links, without any consideration of the time. When you succeed in this, you will achieve resurrection.
3.17. Form the resurrected person image
In your consciousness is an image of the resurrected person. This image can have different forms: you may imagine only the face of the resurrected person, or the physical body.
Consider photography. A person can be presenting fully in a photo, or only partially. If you intend to use the photo in a resurrection procedure, then the shape of the resurrected person can be considering an image. You would select the image according to your own preferences.
Therefore, in your consciousness you form an image of a resurrected person in detail (the location of the person, the surroundings, the garments the person is wearing, etc.). This is important because the resurrected person will not care about the location, surroundings, garments, etc. You free him/her from distracting considerations.
You must set the contact with the resurrected person in order to transfer the information. This contact succeeds through concentrating on the image of the resurrected person in his/her proper form.
3.18. Usage the environment as event analyzer
Usually, when we watch the environment, we consider it from our personal viewpoint. However, you could consider yourself and the environment from the perspective of the consciousness of a stone, a tree, or the air. This method bases on just such a consideration.
You can choose most of your actions or motions. From the tree’s point of view, you have an infinite structure in a restricted form. From the stone’s point of view, your motions are fast and fleeting. From the air’s point of view, you localize at the center of infinite surroundings and have infinite links. You can only perceive and understand the environment of any other object through direct vision.
We can see there is a vast diversity of perceptions in the world. Because everything bases on collective consciousness, it is not hard to construct, from our perception, the perception of the resurrected person. This accelerates the resurrection. We need to have telepathic contact with the resurrected person, and invite him/her into our world.
3.19. Digit substance transformation
In our lives, we deal regularly with digits -- from the date of our birth to our addresses, passport numbers, and license plates. All of the days in any month are numbered. Numbers are everywhere.
What happens in our consciousness when we see a number, a digit? According to the substance of the digit, it defines the localization of one of our consciousness elements. We know that each digit corresponds with some element of the consciousness. Thus, the digits define our perception. When we see these in our consciousness, they appear in their proper place. We perceive a digit through a consciousness element that is a part of the digit.
One idea inherent in this method is to use this mechanism of digit substance to move in a backward direction, not from the perception to the consciousness but from the consciousness element to the perception. Let a date, number, or an address of a house or apartment appear in your consciousness and then, on the proper date and in the proper place, the resurrection will be accomplishing.
Such transformation calls the digit substance transformation.
3.20. Usage the links of surrounding objects
We always surround by objects. Any of these can be considering from different perspectives. Diversity of perspectives can be explained based on object links (we have discussed these above).
This method requires that, during consideration of different objects from several perspectives, you find the logic of the links between the objects. You must permanently remember that a resurrection is the appearance of the links of development. Acting in such a manner, you will be able to get at the methodology of resurrection, and accomplish the resurrection itself.
3.21. Transformation of information objects into consciousness elements
When we consider some element of reality, for example a house, tree, stars, or some process, we receive these elements through our consciousness. However, your goal, receiving these objects as controllable, is not so perceivable. You must learn to control processes. We are talking here about accessing the consciousness level of any information object.
For getting that access, and management, first, you must move in the thought, consciousness, spirit, and, on a fundamental level, in the soul of the object. You already know that soul is an infinite structure. Therefore, your soul presents in place of your physical body location, and simultaneously placed in the location of the management. Object and process of management create your environment. The soul locates in the environment in your consciousness area; this then accomplishes the management.
We recommend practicing the simple things. For example, take an apple and project it into your consciousness. Projection means to transform the apple into an element of your consciousness. After projecting the apple onto your consciousness, try to eat it -- consider the reactions of the environment!
Consideration of these reactions provides you with the possibility of finding the necessary level of management. You will recognize that resurrection management is quite simple, because that process is also a projection -- the projection is onto the physical reality, from your consciousness.
3.22. Discrete elements in continual progress
Consider a set of integer positive numbers, one, two, three, etc. -- unto infinity. Here we observe a continuous transition from one number to another.
If we take three only numbers -- for example 1, 10, 20 -- we will get a discrete set of numbers. Here we have between 1 and 10 eight missing numbers; between 10 and 20, nine numbers; and all of the numbers that follow are missing.
If we use the numbers several times, then we can get, from simple addition, all the missing numbers. For example, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 10+1=11. We get the numbers 2, 3, 11. Thus, by addition, we can get from a discrete set of numbers a continuous series of numbers.
Another example is a bridge. Piles are installed at the bottom of a river (discrete set); the bridge is constructed on these (a continuing set).
The example shows the connection of discrete world elements to the way of creation, and continuous progress. When the discrete numbers or discrete elements join in continuous construction, we will achieve resurrection.
For resurrection, you have to have at least three discrete elements: a salvation system, yourself, and the environment.
In the example with numbers, we have seen how to get the completely continuous series from a discrete set of numbers. Something similar is going on in resurrection. For this process, you must join all of the elements in a continuous set.
3.23. Technology of thinking as resurrected person
A resurrected person has, on the deep level of the soul, knowledge of his/her physical body. On that level, he/she has also thoughts about the physical body. Your goal is to direct the resurrected person to a recognition of those thoughts.
You, as the living person, already have the connection between your thoughts and your physical body. These connections can be using by a resurrected person as an example, because he/she must develop the analogical connections. Then your goal is to transfer thought about those connections to the resurrected person. This thought gives the form for resurrection and accelerates the resurrection process.
You accomplish resurrection through transferring your thoughts about the physical body. It is common sense that such thoughts should be the same as the thoughts of a resurrected person, but for you these thoughts will be yours only.
3.24. Thought registration in remote world area
Consider the thoughts of resurrected person, then transfer those to an infinitely remote area (in the past or in the future), and watch how those thoughts will create the physical, spiritual image of the resurrected person; these will maintain the infinite development of the person.
The correct orientation to an infinitely remote area provides fast resurrection.
3.25. Symmetric transformation of the world image
When you consider the world, try to imagine it on some plane or in some sphere. You can create the imagination of the world via a picture. The most important thing here is to define some of its symmetry (not necessarily in terms of math). You can define symmetry relative to the point, line, flatness, or even thought. When you select the element of symmetry, you transfer the world through that element. In the moment of transferring through the symmetry element, you send knowledge about resurrection to a resurrected person.
Let us consider an example. There is a piece of paper on a table. You consider that part of the world, which is above the sheet of paper. In just one second, you can turn that sheet over. Imagine that, exactly in that second, you must send the knowledge to a resurrected person.
Through the conditional symmetry of the world, you can transform world imagination; in the moment of transformation, you send the knowledge to a resurrected person. The resurrection is the result of your world transformation. Symmetry is basis of this mechanism and method of resurrection.
3.26. World management in the area of its self-organization
The world created in God’s image.
How organized the Creator? The Creator is self-organized. What was before the Creator’s self-organization? Here is the answer: only normal consciousness has time as the basis for recognition of the world. With expanded consciousness, the situation looks very different. Remember the sentence from the Introduction: “…And swear… that time will not exist.” In Divine Reality, time does not exist!
During the process of self-organization, the Creator created all of the world elements, and human being. Every animal, plant, microstructure, macro-Universe, and every world element has an association with the exact information about its connection with human beings. Transferring this information to the resurrected through thoughts, you will send him/her the method of self-organization used by the Creator.
3.27. World transformation in one area of its development
When you consider the world and its connections, you are able to recognize some of the connections; some you will recognize in the future. Your goal is world transformation in the future -- that area of world development. World development is the resurrection, eternal life. You must expand that image into the future.
In practice, this means you must have the desire to achieve world development from your inner spiritual impulse. This impulse develops to the infinite level. When you accomplish this, you will gain a deep understanding of the resurrection process; that will help you to resurrect.
3.28. Transforming the environment via a thinking area
From the information aspect, the transformation of the environment accomplishes through only two or three impulses of recognition of the environment. When you study the environment, you simultaneously transform it in the thinking area.
In practice, this transformation realizes in the following way. In accomplishing your professional work, or homework, or some similar process, you must consider all of the processes of your thinking. It is possible to accomplish all of your work automatically, without any sort of thought control. However, your goal is to accomplish all actions consciously -- you want to see what is going on in your thinking area, and in yourself (from the sidelines, as it were). At such time as you can accomplish those actions in just such a manner, transforming the environment in the thinking area (with thoughts about the resurrection in the background), you will accomplish the resurrection itself.
3.29. Materialization in the physical reality
Physical materialization management bases on matter -- space, air, water, and food.
Consider the area of resurrection; by your thoughts, you create the space, air, water, foods -- all of the necessary components. The resurrected person will appear in that created area. That person will adapt to the collective consciousness -- to the whole world structure – and; thereafter, he/she will not separate from the world of living people, even in the time directly after resurrection.
3.30. Conversion to system knowledge
How convert the system of knowledge for the resurrected person to the knowledge of living people? First, the person can simply request the information. However, he/she requires converted knowledge. We are talking about a knowledge system, which maintains the ability to be alive eternally, never to die: he/she must develop his/her methods for that.
How you can help him/her to convert the knowledge? Concentrate on an image of the person above his/her head, and then transfer your knowledge of life, resurrection, and eternal development. This concentration leads to resurrection.
You can use the same method for health restoration. You can execute that procedure with any person. This helps restore health and, even more, helps the person understand the resurrection. It also contributes to the development of the ideology of immortality and eternal life.
3.31. Living reality management
Everything, pertaining to your views of conception, the origin, and maintenance of life, must expand and include all of reality’s elements -- the resurrection will accomplish in one of these elements. This expansion accomplishes in the following way. You must recognize that life is growing and expanding in all systems in all locations. You are one of life’s representatives, a life developer who provides for resurrection in some element of reality.
Consider the life of an individual human, a butterfly, or a plant. The plant, for example, is growing from the ground. Ground contains the necessary elements for the plant, which help grow the plant. That is the way of things. How could the plant grow if, for example, it was inside a stone? This consideration requires an effort at thinking. You must imagine the situation of the plant growing inside of the stone. When you can imagine that possibility in a concrete way -- when you can picture a plant growing inside a stone -- then you can accomplish a resurrection.
3.32. Harmony with the resurrected person
Now we will talk about the management of physical reality to succeed in harmonizing with the person resurrecting and, after, with the resurrected person. What is this harmony?
The matter is this: the resurrected person perceives you as a person who initiates and helps him/her to resurrect; and as an individual having the same level of development as the resurrected person has. Harmony in your relations comes from your recognition of the level of development of the resurrected person during the resurrection (even if the resurrected person feels dependent on you). Though when you finish the resurrection of the person, he/she will gain full independence and freedom, you will still feel the connection with him/her; nevertheless, the resurrected person will be in a stable and self-controlled state. This method of resurrection gives the resurrected person the possibility of transferring the knowledge to other people.
3.33. Thought’s existence in every reality element
We will talk now about thought management directed toward thoughts in existence in every reality element, in every world, in all parts of the universe. If you develops your thought in such a way, then your thought locates in all world elements, this will help you accomplish the resurrection in a defined point of space-time. Imagine that the thought is in every world element; then the thought is also in the point, where the resurrection already realized. This method explains how to think about management of reality.
3.34. Transferring an image of a resurrected person
Reality elements are not only present elements, but also elements, which can appear in the future. The resurrecting person exists already as a living individual in the future. That is an element of reality in the future. When you transfer that element from the future as an image in the present, you accomplish the resurrection.
3.35. Expanding the human image into all world elements
In this method, you will realize a reality similar to the reality of every human life everywhere. During the management, you will understand that human beings create in God’s image. You will consider the human image in all world locations; that consideration and image of the resurrected person will move you into an infinite distance. You will thus succeed in reaching a point in space-time, where resurrection will realize.
3.36. Rejuvenating a resurrected person’s health
We will talk about the health of the resurrected person and of living people -- health based on connections between the soul and the body. You must monitor the body’s functions through a realization of soul knowledge. This knowledge increases through conscious actions. Health maintenance for both resurrected and living people possible to develop in this manner; and, in this manner, infinite progress will achieve.
3.37. Getting information via a direct channel of vision
You can get information about resurrection through physical vision; then, based on that information, you can accomplish the proper action.
3.38. Achieving a connection between event elements
You will be able to get information from both distant and close event elements and, based on this, accomplish resurrection.
3.39. Line of connection between events
You will concentrate on events until the appearance of connecting lines. Along these lines, resurrection will achieve. You will recognize the way of resurrection.
3.40. Information transformation toward resurrection
Information having all the details about a person who is gone must transform to provide the possibility for the resurrection.
3.41. Realization of plan of resurrected person
Nowadays, each person resurrected is inclined toward eternal life. You have to consider his/her plan about life after resurrection, and help in its realization. You will see the plan of the resurrected person through direct vision. If you start to help that person in his/her plan realization, the resurrection will accelerate.
3.42. Gaining the habits of resurrection
The practice of resurrection bases on the principle of infinite development. On that basis, the first resurrection will accelerate.
During resurrection, you will gain new habits. However, you must attain to habits that will always work, under any circumstances, in any location.
3.43. Recognition of signs of the resurrected person
In different elements of reality, you must recognize feelings about the presence of the living person. Based on the perception of those feelings, you will see the resurrection stages: execution, completion, and assigning the meeting. This control of the resurrection stages must maintain perpetually.
3.44. Perpetual thought about a resurrection
The core of this method is the presence of thought about resurrection in any situation, simultaneously with other thoughts. When you are thinking about resurrection, always be present in your consideration. Be here now -- this must be the main attribute of your thought.
3.45. Recognition of the resurrected person in images
When you are watching some object, for example a tree, you must recognize your impressions as an image of a resurrected person. In that image, you will see the face, or the full image, of a resurrected person.
At some point or other in our childhoods, most of us put together picture puzzles. On the picture was perhaps a tree and bushes; your goal was, perhaps, to find a hare. Perhaps you studied the picture, but still could not see a rabbit. At the first glance, the rabbit simply is not there. Even when you turned the picture around, still you could not see the hare. Nevertheless, when, at some moment, you suddenly detected the hare, thereafter you had to wonder, “Why could I not see the hare before?”
You should act similarly with the image of a resurrected person when you have observed the reality elements. The image of the resurrected person must be clear to get to the concrete location of the resurrected person.
3.46. Outer information in the resurrection
For a resurrection, you have to search out, and use, every kind of information. It is always best to use this information, which you have now – knowledge based first on resurrection principles.
3.47. Creator presence in resurrection
The core of this method is to pray to God about resurrection.
3.48. Appeal to Grigory Grabovoi
You can appeal to me, as the person who created the theory of resurrection, and who practices resurrection. You can make a request to me in thought, or set the telepathic connection with me for getting the necessary information. You can also ask other people who practice resurrection.
3.49. Consciousness expansion toward your future
You must expand your consciousness toward your future, to understand your eternal future in the eternal world.
3.50. Information expansion on the past, present, and future
You must expand your consciousness of information from the past, present, and future in such a way that your consciousness will perceive it in real time. You must understand that consciousness can be expanded anywhere in space-time. The resurrection accomplishes in correspondence with your imagination.
In conclusion
When you have read all of these methods, and have connected them with the principle of resurrection at the heart of this book; when you practice these methods; then you will gain the tools for human resurrection. You can use this knowledge for healing, restoration, and events management. Nevertheless, the main purpose of the tool is salvation of people from the danger of global annihilation. Therefore, you must perpetually think about all your actions, through which you will save all people from destruction.

Section4. The principles of resurrection and everyday life
We have shown that the principles of resurrection are the laws of eternal development. To use these principles in everyday life guides to it a wholesome transformation. Your life will stay creative and positively oriented when you base it on these principles.
Let us talk about a new medicine – a medicine of the new millennium, which has already begun to implement. This new medicine aims to provide eternal life to living people -- immortality. Immortality is a reality now. An important goal of this new medicine is also to assure human resurrection.
The basis for this new medicine is the theory and practice of resurrection. The theory and practice of resurrection defines the principles of the new medicine -- first, matter restoration.
The world can consider as a set of cause-effect events. The Creator has created the world in such a manner as He has created Himself. Thus, any developmental process considers in accordance with this law, which realized by the Creator during His self-creation. In light of that consideration, we can say that the sentence “in the image of God” means that any creative elements of the world can be self-recreated.
When we use the sentence “in God’s image” we are first talking about inner connections and form interactions, not outer copying.
When we talk about the principle of similarity, we mean that the Creator, in the form of a human being, created the all-surrounding World. The World recreation accomplishes through the human being’s image, which is the guide to the re-creation of every world element. Every world element has the attributes needed for all re-creation. Based on the form of the physical body and our conceptions, we can always get any information we need about any event. The devices, which register the conception, exist already, today.
Any event can transform into a wholesome event through management of the conception. Goal oriented management of the conception can be accomplished through structured consciousness.
How do we best structure consciousness for management of the conception toward a defined goal? My theory, “Salvation, and harmonic development,” dedicates to this problem and confirmed by UNESCO certificate. My many years of practice confirm the theory. The results of that practice described in a three-volume edition, “The practice of management – the path to salvation.”
Regardless of age, any individual can understand the main positions of the theory. Thus, only shortly after any of my followers start to practice, they can attain results in salvation and harmonic development.
What is the real salvation of people? The real salvation is in transferring the Creator’s knowledge. Anyone who has this knowledge must spread it. That is the basis of the theory, “Salvation, and harmonic development,” which contains the technology, practical use, and means of disseminating the knowledge. If everybody develops in this way, the safety of the world system will realize.
The world has fully concrete forms in a fully clear system; any activity in the world has its place, structure, and exact coordinates. These coordinates for world development considered from the Creator’s form. Any events in the past, present, and future have these coordinates.
Applying the principle of the form, image, and similarity (to be expanded by the Creator onto all world elements), you will discover that these methods and principles of resurrection will work for any information object restoration. These principles and methods are tools for the management of reality. Any process of reality will be controlling with this tool.
Considering the world manifestation to be “in the image of God,” you can recognize the events management process and, as a harmonic part of this, the human health restoration process.
Resurrection principles are the fundamental laws of the world. You can use these laws – for example, the law of gravity -- in your everyday life.
How do you use the fundamental principles for healing, world study, and events management? We will talk about this below.
Applying resurrection principles in everyday life is proof of the normal nature of the resurrection process.
4.1. New medicine as an corollary of resurrection
Correct understanding of the principles of resurrection brings about the understanding of new medical principles. For this purpose, we will again consider the principles of resurrection -- now briefly.
4.1.1. First principle -- group commentary
The first part of this principle addresses tendencies. The tendency to a stable world creates eternal life; the tendency to eternal life stabilizes the world. Here is the principle of mutual tendencies and mutual development. All dynamic world elements contain at least two components.
The second part of the principle addresses God as the basis, on which all of the elements created.
Any event can be considering in that context. Keep in mind that the creation of an object in conception provides creation in physical reality.
For example, the restoration of any organ on the conception level provides the organ restoration in physical reality. This reality is controllable (see also principle 4.3).
World development bases on this principle. Every world element created in such a manner that the moment of creation becomes its eternal status of development. Thus, we can restore any element.
The management of events accomplishes similarly. The basis for consideration here is the eternity of an event at some point, partially its health status in the moment.
The restoration of an organism accomplishes via the conception of the eternity of every element of development. It is important to consider the status of the Divine Reality, because that reality always develops toward eternity.
Concentrating on that principle restores first the blood circulation system and, after, the whole organism.

From this principle, it follows that any element of reality can be producing in our consciousness. Understanding of that manages any reality, and correspondently manages our health and the health of other people. Concentration on that principle will restore the cell system and exchange processes of an organism.

The intensive world development reflects in your consciousness, and gives birth to your organism. Through the new birth of every element, you will recognize as a fact of the next life that you will understand the medicine of the future, considering every element as birth of new organism. Joining these discrete elements of birth, your consciousness will successfully manage the element of development.

Restoration of an object helps assure eternity, but the eternal object has maximum information, and a maximum number of exchange processes and connections. From another perspective, the truth characterizes by maximum object understanding. Therefore, when we say that the resurrection is an understanding of genuine consciousness, you must realize that an ability to restore any object is characteristic of genuine consciousness.
Thus, the ability to manage is a spiritual characteristic.

Eternal life brings soul development. From another perspective, the soul is an initial status, which forms eternal life. We here again see the principle of mutual tendency and mutual development. Based on that principle we can manage infinite number of the events.

Recognizing this principle, consider the non-destructive aspects of the physical body. That aspect is the genuine status of any event.
Constructing the events around the eternal physical body, you will attain to event management and full health restoration.

This principle declares that the world can be creating from an individual’s perception. The soul of the individual is an infinite structure of the world, which presented through events and organized the world, and; therefore, it can create the world.
This principle helps implement time control in event management; the event will be managing in the proper time.

You must consider yourself a representative of the world status; the world is a manifestation of your soul in a common perception. The resurrection and its confirmation is one event for whole world. Any world element manifests as you are. Therefore, it is manageable. You will understand the mechanism of world manifestation, and will manage the whole reality.

Here is an explanation of that principle.
As an example, consider the following experiment. If we put a puppet into a vacuum camera, then, after a while, oxygen will appear in the camera. That happens because the puppet has a human form. That principle closely connects to principle 4.2: “THE HUMAN BEING IS WHOLE IN THE OUTER AND THE INNER WORLD SIMULTANEOUSLY.” When you watch the organs of a resurrected person, you understand that the restoration of organs accomplishes with a dependence on the human’s consciousness; recognition of the human’s form creates the organs. Concentrating on different forms, you accomplish the body’s full restoration.
Form has formed the events. When you have viewed such an event, you can manage it based on recognizing the forms of the event participants -- even on one of the forms of the object, which was involved in the event.

Complex development means the participation of all world elements in that development. All the world elements synchronic coverage plays important role, because only the synchronic coverage provides the stability of the world development.
Applying this principle to event management, you will understand that the management will realize via complexity, which reflects in human development.

When we speak of human organization, we consider not only the physical body, but also the organization of the human’s thought processes, and actions. If you consider eternal world development, then you consider also the human’s organization and, therefore, every world event. This fundamental principle provides management based on genuine understanding.

All creative events attain through positive emotions. Joy, Light, and Love present as structural elements in all such events. Only Joy, Light, and Love lead to an understanding of the world.

Every part of any world element to be involved in an event contains everything concerning the whole event. Therefore, any event is possible to restore from information, participant in the event, or through a direct vision of it.
Following the fundamental law, we summarize that principle as “IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO REALIZE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT, BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS RESTORABLE.” Consider, too: “BY ANY WORLD DEVELOPMENT THE WROLD CAN BE SALVAGED.” Thus, any creative event always produces the positive, desirable result.

We can consider time as a co-existing element with space. Any time can be considering as object in space. Moving objects can be describing in a coordinate system. The same description can be accomplishing for several objects. For stationary objects, we can implement time coordinates per our feeling about that object. Then time will appear as a construction connected with space, based on our consciousness. We can add time to our consciousness, or we can remove it from our consciousness.
If an object is in motion, then we will implement time -- if the object is not moving, we assign time in our consciousness. In real life, both of these realize in consciousness simultaneously. The interception of times for several objects can cause space transformation. Space volume increases according to the information volume. By the way, event management accomplishes by increasing the volume of information.
Let us look further at this principle. Consider a moving object. Even if you are just watching the object, still you can get an impulse in your consciousness, which will initiate the moving of another object. Thus, based on the principle of information transfer, we can say that the motion of the object causes the motion of another object. Therefore, the motion accomplishes by your desire. Therefore, your spiritual status can increase the space volume.
We formerly used some examples with moving objects for our main explanation. Nevertheless, we can consider it without those objects. The core of the principle is this: you are always able to increase any information in such a manner, which provides your management of the event.

4.1.2. Second principle group commentary
Manifestation of eternity in any information object creates the imagining of the object structure in all its appearances. That manifestation provides the possibility to manage the object.

Let us consider another situation. Consider an object present at an event. Changing the information in the object area, we are able to create an influence from that object on the event. Management of the event accomplishes via changing the information for an object. However, changing the object’s information transforms the object. Therefore, the management accomplishes through another object, in which you have changed the information structure in the proper way.

Any object is eternal. When you are watching some object, it is eternal – it has existed forever. Transferring this spiritual state onto an element in a controlled event, you will manage the whole event.
Thus, your mood toward eternity creates the possibility to be healthy eternally.

The restoration principle of an object (after its destruction) is rooted in the object basis. The event is in some sense the object management. You can implement in the object many different elements concerning the event (for example, the non-destructive nature of the world) in the following way. The method of development implement through the principle of restoration by spiritual effort. Then, any element of the object cannot destroy. Harmonic structure provides self-development of the object in the optimal direction.

Any resurrection impulse is always directing toward the infinite progress of the resurrected person. If the impulse is set for the full restoration of the person, then you will get total restoration, on all information levels (according to the law of “everything is connected”).

Any object reacts on the processes in our consciousness. Restoring an information object is always oriented to harmonic development, when the restoration action achieves. This realizes in correspondence with the “image of God” principle. The “image of God” is simultaneously the “Creation of God.” While the harmony is an attribute of any element of the reality, the element will interact with you in a harmonic way. Thus, during the management, it can be using with any number of elements.

In the beginning, information of object contains in that object. Thus, when you for example, are going to restore some organ of a person, the template of that organ has already existed in the restoration process, as the organ has that information. After restoration, the organ will be the same as it was in the beginning.
If you accomplish spiritual materialization, some new object will arise, having no prototype in the past; in any case, that object will be harmonic and have maximum development in the image of God, or through God’s will.
New systems and technologies are creating in the same way. Every world element creates through God’s will. The principle expresses that conception exactly.
Your management will always be in harmony if you manage God’s created elements.

According to the principle of the equability of the all information objects we know, “ANY INFORMATION OBJECT HAS CO-EXISTED WITH EVERY ANOTHER OBJECT AS AN EQUAL.” Knowing that world law, you will be able to manage any event by creating its freedom status.
Thus, when you implement the freedom status in the object, event, or organism, you will have the possibility to manage the reality.
From this principle arises the following: the freedom of every person is a natural spiritual principle of development.

The resurrected person needs your explanation concerning his/her new physical body. In this principle is realizing the management of reality based on the action of the event. The principle we discussed above bases on the current situation transformation. Contrarily, through this principle we begin to transform the corollary of the event.
With direct vision, we are able to analyze the enquiries of the event in the future. Based on this knowledge, we can choose some moment in event development. Transforming the selected moment in the area of the control information, we will change the original situation or event. That new situation leads to a development, which realizes the necessary changes.
Applying this approach to managing your health provides absolute health for your organism.

We already know: ANY REALITY ELEMENT STORES THE INFORMATION ABOUT EVERYTHING. Therefore, any restored object has to have the information in which is partially contained all of the information about the object. The resurrected person has the same professional and other abilities, which developed during his/her life.
We can manage any object from the any space-time point based on this principle. By the way, it is does not matter that the object in the moment of management has shifted to another place and functions in other conditions.

Spirit is a soul action. The truth of the knowledge structure for any information object -- first for a human being -- is a characteristic of the object status. Earlier, in the Introduction, we considered this when we discussed the Space Net.
Management based on this principle accomplishes simply and quickly -- if you have the proper spiritual state. The proper spiritual state realizes the maximum of world harmony for consciousness on all levels. Management is here the understanding of the implementation of your spiritual element in any considered event. That element must increase the harmony of the event development.
Management via understanding and the spiritual state base on this principle.

Restoration of the creative consciousness in living people is a very important problem. You can use the following process to solve it.
You can transfer an idea of creation to an object through an impulse while you are watching the object. For example, if you go to restore your health, or you desire to manage some event of your private life, then first you may restore the creative consciousness of the people involved in that event (including yourself). You can accomplish this through your consciousness and spirit -- as a result, you will obtain the management of the reality.
You will have the management of the restoration via the development of creative consciousness, or via mere creative action.

Any process must consider in terms of its development. That is the basis of this principle. Management of an event must accomplish through harmonic development.

Every element in reality has information about the restoration of any other object. The resources for the restoration of any organ of the human being are present in every another organ. A cell structure, for example, has the resources for the restoration of any of the organs. We can restore an organism with one impulse only, directed to just one cell.
It is the same for any event or situation. According to the principle of “everything is connected,” any element of any event contains all of the other elements. Thus, we can restore any event, and we can manage it through any of its elements.
4.1.3. Third principle group
We can talk about God’s intention concerning re-creation as well as the intention of any object to realize the Creator’s idea about re-creation.
Materialization and Resurrection are the results of God’s intention. Materialization can be applying to either event. This principle provides the management of any event, which has not yet appeared in reality.

Consider your consciousness as a world element; place it somewhere in the world area -- for example, somewhere in your inner organ. According to your consciousness, the intention in the organ will change. If your intention is absolute health, then the organ will get it. In this way, you can fully restore your health.

You can get information for your inner organs from your soul. You can get this information directly from the Creator, because God creates the soul. The soul is the Light of the Creator.
Your ability to get knowledge from the soul proves your connection with the Creator. If you are able to get your knowledge directly from the Creator, then you have direct knowledge. In this case, you join with the Creator on the level of the physical body. God creates the soul and direct knowledge; your soul is one with the physical body. Thus, the body is a part of the soul.
Any organ of your body functions in the same way. Thus, with concentration, any organ can be restoring -- even if that organ belongs to somebody else.
For purposes of restoration, you can also transfer knowledge to another person.

How we can use this principle? Any element of reality is a structure of action in this reality. If we consider a human’s consciousness as regards some object, then the consciousness area, which reflects the object, is the area of an object's reactions, or its creation.
We can watch the creation of an event, in which the Creator’s will, is apparent. Understanding the world's developmental laws as the Creator’s management gives us the possibility to manage any event.

What is the autonomy and independence of any object? Autonomy exists in any action of creation. Independence of every action presents free will of the information object. From the perspective of free will, any situation becomes clearer; you can thus recognize all connections of events -- even in the past and future. Management technology builds on your vision of future connections. You can understand this principle development, and this understanding is the basis for the management of any event.
The harmonic connection of your organism with all elements of reality is essential for your absolute health; you can get absolute health if you understand the role and presence of these elements.

Let us consider a human’s society as a self-restored, self-organized organism. The Creator creates and recreates Himself in all world elements and in all stages of development. That is the core of development.
If you realize these principles, then you develop in harmony with the world. Any world element has the ability to create any another object -- you must have that ability too.
How such a situation will be developing? Why does the situation develop in such a way? Many questions can be answering from this principle. Even more, for some situations it is enough to know only about the problems of harmonic development; thus, the problems will solve (for example, restoration of your health or that of somebody else).
For the restoration of health, we first need to find the cause of the illness. In removing the cause of the illness, you restore your health and your whole organism.
Another way to restore your health is through the transformation of everything. High level developed consciousness person, based on such everything connections is able to change everything in a harmonic way. This restores health.

We already know that a resurrected person has different consciousness structures, which lead to his/her death and restoration stages. Similarly, any object has different states. Any changes in an object's state during its restoration can be comparing to the changes accomplished by the event's management. We can manage the events.
Consider an event as a component with its elements. All of the elements present in two groups: far and near elements. The person managing the event always works with the distant elements, as those elements are from the outer reality relatively to that person. Already, created elements are near elements. For example, think of putting a broken vase together again. When you finish fastening one piece of the vase to another, you consider the one piece as relatively near to the other pieces not yet fastened.
Thus, you restore health through the principle of the near image. You imagine a healthy organ (your organ, or the healthy organ of someone else) and, in vision, superimpose it on the sick organ. You can restore an organ in this way, very quickly.

In the beginning, an event -- and time -- have many details; therefore, a discrete character. Thereafter, when the event is forming, the time for any event will be continual.
Therefore, when we start to manage some event, we can consider any of its elements as isolated. Different elements of an event do not have firm connections. Further event development increases the dependencies between elements.
Let us talk about healing. In the beginning of an illness, health can be restoring through healing separate organs. In this time, an organism should consider as a discrete structure.
If the illness had formed, then the healing accomplishes through consideration of all of its connections. An organism should consider in its oneness.

From the second chapter of this book, we already know that time has its own autonomy structure. This means that event management accomplishes from different times (past, present, or future) with a varying impulse duration. Each process has its specific time. Therefore, the health of an organism will restore via the proper duration of a thought’s impulse. The healing of someone provides the restoration of the health of the person who accomplishes the healing. This is an illustration of the self-restoration, which occurs when a restored person heals another person.

This principle helps to understand an important part of the Creator’s intension, namely, that “any information object must stimulate the creative development of another object.” More, an information object stimulates an increase in the development level of the other object. Every world element contains manifestation of that principle according to God’s will.
The object status, development level, and creative ability defined by the object's influence on another object's development. Any object and any event element have a specific inner status, which realized via management of the object or event.
We need to illuminate that absolute health develops in connection with an understanding of the physical body as a part of the human soul. The separation of the physical body from the soul violates the human’s health. A healthy physical body develops only as a part of the soul.
Genuine religion provides the harmonic development of a human’s soul, physical body, and all of society. The progress of any individual brings the progress of all of society forward.

Resurrection/restoration is the genuine core of the world. The eternal existence of any object provides a possibility to contact it, and manage it. In fact, this means eternal creative development and eternal creative management of that development.
Full harmony is an eternal interconnection between elements, developing creatively. This harmony creates absolute health.
Management based on this principle plays an important role in the new medicine, as it shows full restoration as regeneration and the infinite progress of an organism.

An understanding of the harmony of the world, which a person reproduces in his/her consciousness: this manages the restoration process. In everybody’s spiritual structure exists an ability to manage the restoration process.
This process accomplishes at different speeds. A living person realizes the process at a higher speed than the resurrected person does. A more harmonized object provides faster restoration, as a restored object retains some trace of destruction.
The restoration of your organism will be accomplishing faster for healthy organ. Through concentrating on the health of the organ in the context of the expansion of the consciousness of the whole organism, you will restore its health.

In restoring an object, you implement in it the creative elements of its development. Let us say some object creates a problem for the environment. The restoration of the object with the creative impulse will result in harmonic relations between the object and its environment. We can declare that any process of full object restoration will lead to its being in harmony with its environment.
If we consider a destructive system, then the harmony means the neutralization of all of the destructive functions in that system.
Neutralization of all destructive functions and the development of the creative functions is genuine management of an event.
An illness appears first on the information level; thereafter, it appears in a physical body. The healing of the physical body is a healing of sources. It is better to heal the causes, which are rooted in a low level of our being. Effective healing accomplishes through consciousness.
Consider carefully the approaches to healing from the principles described above. I have said, for example, “In your consciousness, form an image of a healthy organ and cover the sick organ with it.”
The method is universal; this example is quite concrete.

Any object restoration creates the possibility to create any reality structure and, therefore, the possibility to manage any event. Respectively, you can manage your health level.

4.1.4. Fourth principle group commentary
You can transfer the whole of outer space in one event, and manage that event.
How can we use this principle for the restoration of health? The harmony of the outer world can be reflecting and manifesting in your consciousness, body, soul, and spirit. When the harmony is in you, then the organism will be healing.

This principle, in terms of health, says the following: health is defining through many factors. These factors consolidation means the health of any organ, any cell.

Any object can be considering as living in time. The object develops in a specific time that is not the same as for another object. Through an awareness of the time differences of the processes in the organs, you may realize the full health of an organism.

Every organ created for eternal life. If an individual deeply recognizes that, then he/she will never have any health problems.

Reality and all its elements constructed with the ability for full restoration. Everyone has knowledge about eternal life. Similarly, any information object has knowledge about its complete form.
Objects having destructive functions (a bomb, for example) are elements of consciousness with dominant destructive elements. Conscious isolation of the bomb prevents the explosion. Such isolation in consciousness can initiate changes in the political situation. The problem of a bomb's explosion would thus become irrelevant.
The principle of eternity not destroyed a bomb; the principle changes the structure of the society and; therefore, the event. These changes influence the bomb's functions; the bomb loses its destructive component (destroyed by corrosion, for example, or on base some political agreement).
This eternity principle realized in the object’s form. If some element will be partially destroying, then it will lose its function and; thus, this element will trigger self-destruction. The eternity of an object means that time or correct management removes the destructive element from its structure, makes it unable to destroy itself or any other reality element.
Correct management leads to the transformation of destructive elements. Note that the initial object structure will be the same.
In this way, through the principle of Eternity, harmony restores.

Let us consider this principle from the perspective of concern for our health.
We perceive reality elements via our consciousness structure. Our goal is the transformation of reality through the transformation of our consciousness. If you are able to watch the connections of reality perception in your consciousness, then you are able to recognize the illness source, and to heal yourself.

According to the law of everything connections, any changes cause further changes. Thus, any move, any thought, any consciousness change all organism's elements. Through this knowledge, you will be able to heal any illness.

In section 2, we have considered the principles of resurrection from the perspective of health.
Similarly, we can consider the resurrection principles in section 3. How can we restore our health based on resurrection principles? I suggest you think about that. This will be good practice for understanding what we have said in this section.
I want to emphasize that the principles of resurrection as reality management tools reflect world laws and that the methods for resurrection are laws of the world's dynamic manifestation. Any fundamental structure that expresses any of the world's laws is also the world's law in its application.
We can draw the following conclusion in our understanding of the world's processes: one can form the world structure, and one can create constructive world laws. If everyone understood these principles, then they would be aware of the fundamental laws of the world.
4.2. New medicine principles
All principles group in two sections: in the first section, we will present nine principles in three subgroups according to the hierarchical level, in the second section, - eleven principles in one hierarchical level.
4.2.1. Materialization, spirituality, and life Materialization
The new medicine provides a healthy life, spiritual development, physical body reproduction, and event creation in any world and in any point in space and time.
The reproduction of a human’s body accomplishes in a bioorganic environment, the physical body functions according to spirit, soul, and complete information. The new medicine will solve new problems about space-time areas, in which matter will reproduce; and a human’s physical body will function freely.
This is genuine healing.
The souls of highly developed individuals will reproduce the body of some person and, in addition, will structure the segments of a person’s soul in correspondence with creative progress.
The world is changing very fast. Thus, if somebody recognizes necessary changes for the world's harmony, then he/she must change the reaction to the situation, thus accomplishing the proper corrections in the soul element of another person directly, without intermediate actions. This is a special branch of the new medicine.
God creates the body and the soul every moment. The new medicine just realizes the practice of spontaneously creating in correspondence with soul and physical body segments. Body and spirit interaction
All that is physical lives in space. Interactions between body and spirit produce changes in them, and in outer space. We must consider that any interaction is an interaction between information objects. In terms of information, their common creative development makes objects equally significant.
The new medicine is not only about healing. This medicine provides human beings with health in any space-time area. The results of objects interaction will consider in special department of the new medicine.

Now we position our self as HOMO SAPIENS. In the new medicine, a new conception will appear - CELL SAPIENS. This is a fully new conception, which never before considered.
If cells have conscious, then a mechanism for the regulation of circumstances will operate via the inner and outer structures of the cells. Thus, medicine of inner/outer cell regulation will appear.
Note that the physical body will become a more complicated structure as new possibilities for the control of health from inner cell structures appear.

The world created by God can change synchronically with the world development. The development of a human's body will be realizing through consciousness of cell structure, and cell consciousness. A human’s body will remain an active world element; the body will remain self-created.
This new direction in medicine will lead to reconstruction of the spiritual and material processes (at the inner and outer cell level). The development of spirit will remain more complicated. Spirit, brain, and body will perceive as soul, brain, and body. The differences between these will disappear. In the new medicine, some human elements will join, as a creation event will simultaneously be an event for the spontaneous manifestation of all its parts.
The human being will become the new world creator. He/she will be able to create elements that had never before existed on earth. I have already made material just such new elements (certified in various official documents). This materialization process has many details. Any object possible to create in new modern technology via materialization from consciousness. Life in a physical body
The physical body will remain individualized, expanded in many information objects. The body and the soul will be able to accomplish all of the procedures for reality control. This means the physical body will be able (on the level of spirit and soul) to present anywhere. We will need to solve the problem of individualized bodies, and find out the areas of manifestation of the soul, spirit, intellect, and body.
These objects have an infinite number of dimensions. Every dimension will manifest in some perspective, depending on the level of understanding.
The goal of the new medicine is to detect both individual specific attributes and the attributes of information objects. This problem is important for the reproduction of coming generations of human beings, animals, plants, etc.
I place that principle, which belongs to the first group, into this group for better understanding.

The concept of access and development any space-time point joined in this principle. Access to any point of space-time creates a possibility to transform the development in the proper direction. This transformation accomplishes through the impulse of consciousness or the impulse of soul. Impulses influence the past and the future, and control, first, the past to maintain the existing developmental schema.
The knowledge, which I declare here, safely prepares human beings for a better life. Safety provides the access to space-time structures only by people, who have a constructive knowledge and constructive management. Any others will not have this access to management.

The formation and development of organs will realize through access to information, not through food. A human’s needs (excluding needs with a destructive character) will be satisfied through infinite development in a constructive direction. People will not need food. This is one of the functions of the new medicine.
Everything transforms into a constructive form through the soul's will. Individuals will no longer be dependent on circumstances in the outer and inner world; individuals will achieve ideal states of personality, having full control over their own development and actualization.

4.2.2. Materialization, spirituality, and life
Synthesis of consciousness and matter would stay usual process with predefined result. People, who accomplish a consciousness structure development, known well the possibilities of that synthesis. Consciousness work illustrated in world reproduction process.
Let us give an example. If you plant a tree, then your consciousness functions with your body in that life reproduction process. According to goal in your consciousness, your physical body plants the tree. The tree, in accordance, creates the oxygen, which maintains your body life.
That principle will use in all devices and all analytical technologies of new medicine. Analysis will base on inner organism processes and their interaction with the environment. This is new approach, which provide to a doctor new possibilities for health restoration.

Let us formulate that principle another way. Your consciousness is able to form reality in such manner, when every next step in reality development leads to creation the best reality for your progress. That means: every individual will harmonize with reality according to his/her development level.
As result will be disappeared such conception as illness, age, lost of activity. An individual will develop in any creative direction. In addition, every new stage of development leads to escalating to the new stage. If every individual develops in such manner, then the goal of new medicine will be construction the proper conditions of such development.

That legislative basis provides an individual development when in every element of development will grow the love to everything. New worlds will be born in that love, and human being as their creator will organize next stage of development based on that love.
In fact, we can explain that principle following way. A human being as creator bases on the love and simultaneously develops it. Such approach to development is God’s creation; love is basis to world creation. Infinite love of God invisibly directed to everybody of us. Exactly in such manner every your action must be fulfilled with love, and then you will create as Creator does. Thus, an organism construction, or self-healing will be just the manifestation of the love to everything.

This principle can be easy realized in human’s healing, actions, and development, when presented the connections between human being and information objects. That principle provides the consideration of the current and future events. Thus, a human being can get the information and recommendations about his/her behavior in the future for normal development of his/her life and health.

In new medicine, a healing accomplishes not only with medicaments or consciousness technologies, but also with development of consciousness of sick individual. That development directed to area of interaction with other people. Healing accomplishes as a recognition of harmony with any another person.
Technical aspect of this principle is following. The devices will heal the all people and simultaneously will restore the information objects, and as result will be healed a concrete person.

In real new medicine will base on freedom of human’s actions and intentions. Devices will not restrict the freedom of thinking and actions because that freedom is basic attribute of human’s development.
How will realize these ideas practically? We consider here only the consciousness structure. New technology bases on healing via human’s consciousness. Consciousness development will create any medicament structure via materialization; not in chemical processes. Those medicaments will be different without any aside effects. However, consciousness is able to restore any organ. Thus, consciousness structure creates innumerable number of possibilities to development.

In future human’s intent to freedom in actions will increase, especially in the moving in the space-time areas. Thus, new medicine will provides the health maintenance in any space-time area. Therefore, the technologies and devices must work in any space-time areas: in the past, present, and future. Every organism gets the maintenance forever, in any time.

We can watch human moving in space-time, and in the same time, we can watch and analyze the thinking process. Joining these two processes creates concrete form of consciousness, and understanding about health management.

Constantly increasing health level creates the possibility to birth a human being in any age of parents. Consciousness development increases health level of human being.
Possibility to create a human being via consciousness structure will appear in future. In that way, God created the human beings. Creation a human being via consciousness means a full freedom of actions. Newborn in such way will have an absolute health. He/She will have also the possibility to transfer and accept any information. The goal of new medicine is transfer the information to newborn.

Movement to the immortality, infinite development, and eternal life accomplishes simultaneously for all society members. Every person must move in that direction. Thus, goal of new medicine is new knowledge propagation, which will help the people to develop in correct way.
The knowledge is possible to transfer to the fetus in the beginning of his/her development.

During the consciousness development, every reality element will transform by human’s request. Character of reality management will also change. Management will accomplish based on the will efforts - not by the physical power. World harmony will increase and management of reality elements will be corresponded with human’s actions by the information transferring.
As result, the reality will develop harmonically. That is one of the goals of new medicine.
During the reality development, any element will stay more adapted to human’s needs. As ideal solution any element of reality must stay such as it imagine by the people.

In conclusion, we can form that both of the sections contain equivalent principles. However, these sections constructed differently. In first section, principle organized in blocks, and in second section, - as sequence. As result, we will get different consciousness structures.
Correspondently, you will get discrete-continual structure of consciousness when you will realize the inner comparison of these sections. That will provide the possibility to manage the world according to its structure.
In item above explained the principles application - here, the principles discrete-continual joining. Analogically form all events in the world: from cause-effects and discrete-continual elements. In our case the cause are the resurrection principles and the effects are the principles application to the event management. Discreteness is the block structure of first item, and continuity is sequential order of second item. Event management based on that approach creates harmonic management of all world connections diversity.

4.3. Concrete facts of the illnesses healing
Today’s orthodox medicine is looking for the medicaments against cancer, AIDS, diabetes, etc. However, many illnesses remain dangerous for the human beings and some of those still cannot be healing.
By spiritual approach, non-healed illnesses are not existed. Even more, if you understand the principles and follow them, then you will be never sick.
By spiritual approach, non-healed illnesses are not existed principally. If you are staying in harmony with the world, then you will be never sick, because any illness is that harmony violation. Thus, receipt for healing any illness is simple: restore the harmony with the world.
I healed a lot non-healed illnesses. All those cases of healing certified in documents. Part of those presented in my book “Practice of management. Path to salvation,” published in 1998 in print-house “SOPRICHASTNOST.”
I choose four facts of healing: three of them are healing from the cancer; and one, from AIDS (all illnesses are in last stage). In first case patient personally asked me for help; in second, the relatives of patient; in third, patient does not know about my help and even about his illness. We will consider such different cases.

4.3.1. First case of healing from “Carcinoma of mammary gland”
Doctor made diagnosis of Galina Antipova (see Appendix B). Galina asked me about help after diagnosed the illness in Oncology Hospital. Carcinoma of mammary gland in inner channel is practically non-healed form of cancer. According to data of World Health Organization, after that diagnosis the people will live during several months only.
Healing of Galina Antipova, I accomplished in distance. After several months was set new diagnosis in the same hospital and even with the same doctor that cancer healed.
In healing I used the methods and principles explained above. I give you short description of the healing.
First, I create the necessary events. Thereafter, I join it with real cells. Tune the all cells to self-reproduction. Thus, we get the correspondence between healthy cells, whole organism, and events of healing process. As result, we got the healing from cancer! Like from any other illness.
Let us think about healing process. What means the healing from non-healed illness? In fact that means the resurrection, because a patient is going to die after several months, but the illness disappears. Thus, that is resurrection shifted in time.
Let us consider some of the other cases. Many people are going to die from the senility. The senility is also some illness. Therefore, healing from that illness is also the resurrection. We can say that the eternal life is constantly reproduction process of self-creation. Now we get an important principle: ETERNAL LIFE IS PERMANENT SELF-CREATION PROCESS.
That principle discovers the connection between new medicine and resurrection. Indeed new medicine provides the eternal life, which based on self-creation, and; therefore, new medicine is corollary of the resurrection and self-creation principles.
In addition, that principle discovers the deep connection between two most important conceptions: resurrection and eternal life. These words by itself influent positively; if you write these words on audio-cassette, then many times you will hear it – the cancer cells will be destroyed. That fact has an experimental confirmation. Such is the power of these words. These words are the keyword of that book, and the book begins with these words.
After healing, Galina Antipova narrates that history to the people. The people, who have heard the history, got the restoration impulse. They were restored themselves, and surrounding people, and; therefore, the whole world. The world was stay brightener. Thus, influent of healing expanded on whole world events. Life of Galina Antipova is now wealthy, without any illnesses.

4.3.2. Second case of healing from “Cancer of colon”
Doctor made diagnosis of Michael Belyakov (see Appendix B). However, Michael does not know about diagnosis. His daughter, Nadejda Serbina, and his granddaughter Diana Serbin, have asked me about help in September 25, 1996. Diagnosis is “Fourth degree cancer of colon with metastasis in liver and kidney.” I made first session in the September 25, 1996.
Ultra-sound research accomplished in next day September 26, 1996 shows that the metastasis was fully disappear. Next research with computer tomography in September 30, 1996 confirmed that metastasis has fully disappeared.
Granddaughter Diana had watched the restoration process. Asking right questions and talking with her grandfather, she powered the restoration process and full healing succeeded in several days.
In addition, we can inform that shortly after help request Diana began to study and practice my technology of consciousness structure in salvation system. That makes a significant effect in healing process, and fully reflects the principles of new medicine. Anybody who involved in healing process can transfer the knowledge to a patient and via that knowledge help to restore patient’s health.
From orthodox medicine, a person with such illness -- cancer of fourth degree -- will die in several months. Healing process in that case proves that impulse of restoration had sent directly in patient’s future. Additionally, we transferred that impulse to patient in current time during a conversation with granddaughter Diana. Impulse realized in the words indirectly described such conceptions as “resurrection,” “eternal life,” etc. Daughter Nadejda had also helped in restoration process.
Transferring the impulse in the future in point where supposed to be a tragedy corrects the future, and always creates good health in the present. That is main reason of fast healing in this case.
It is highly important to propagate the knowledge about resurrection! More people getting that knowledge – more healthy and stabile environment will create.
That case clearly shows that even if a patient does not know about illness he/she still able to get fast and effective healing.

4.3.3. Third case of healing from “Cancer of pancreas gland”
Doctor made diagnosis of Vladimir Buza (see Appendix B). That cancer has metastasis in the duodenum.
Vladimir asked me about healing after getting the recommendations from his wife Ludmila. What we discussed? We informed about healing, which stimulated by the people from patient’s surroundings. These people can help to manage the events for patient in wealthy direction and even can initiate the proper event development.
In our case, Ludmila formed an impulse to the healing, which finally leaded to full restoration.
I developed that impulse in the future and restored Vladimir in the present.
In his declaration, Vladimir wrote, “In fact, Grigory Grabovoi had healed me from the non-surgical cancer of pancreas gland with metastasis in duodenum.”
That is really so. The only one session was enough for healing the person from the hopeless state.
Notice, that the impulse of resurrection and the impulse of restoration are the same. This impulse can use for restoration any matter, and this impulse is the consciousness impulse, impulse of the knowledge, and the form of knowledge and exactly corresponded with action of God.
This is spiritual approach. We will consider later another approach to healing.
Now we need to repeat some common conceptions of the healing process.
Orthodox science bases on existing of objective physical reality. Objective reality I associate with the static area of consciousness. Why it associates with static area? Let us remember how was created that reality.
Reality, which we perceive, created by collective consciousness. That reality is the result of averaging of imaginations, which have an innumerable different consciousness. Any consciousness has its own imagination. Averaging consciousness manifestation is stable (Are you remember the experiment with coin flip?). Stability is result of averaging.
Stable manifestation means permanent picture of perceived reality. Particularly, the nature laws as the law of gravitation. So created the space, and any space we can consider as static.
Well the orthodox science has operated with the static consciousness, which accepted as objective physical reality.
Practice of achievement the desirable reality (in our case that is healing from cancer) proves the objective existence of the desire in the level of understanding (existence of illness), and in the level of desire realization (healing process). Desire realization I identify as another consciousness form – the dynamic form.
The observed physical world events from static consciousness are only some part of the common world, which included the dynamic consciousness manifestation.
From that, conception will appear an objective law about consciousness influence on the existing reality. Transformation of thought changes the reality.
Let us give the concrete recommendations based on first case of this item. I will explain an idea of method and its realization.
From chemical perspective, my practice increases the magnesium (Mg) content in the head brain. Magnesium concentration increases in 0.5%. We converted the thought energy in the healthy cells in that process.
How we can get such receipt of healing? Changing my thought toward healing of Galina Antipova increases the Mg concentration in 0.5% according to the chemical analysis. So the healing of carcinoma accomplishes by increasing the Mg content. We can realize that method in any medical offices.
If we will monitor the changes of microelements in the patient’s organism in time of healing impulses, then we can detect the proper method of healing.

4.3.4. Fourth case of healing from “AIDS in last stage”
Doctor made diagnosis of Gvanza Mgebrishvili (see Appendix B).
Gvanza Mgebrishvili ask me about help after three years of her illness, which was registered in medical office. The lymphatic nods had an increased size, and along the body appeared the spots with different color: black, green, and yellow. Standard methods were hopeless.
I had healed her distantly, from Moscow. Gvanza Mgebrishvili lived in Georgia in Caucasus region. In the first time the lymphatic nods were beginning to decreased, and then was disappeared sarcoma of Caposhi. Slowly were disappeared all spots on the body, and the skin was cleared. Medical analysis shows the full restoration from AIDS. After two months, Gvanza Mgebrishvili was healthy.
Officially, Gvanza Mgebrishvili asked me about help through my office in Tbilisi (Georgia area), but I already got that request telepathically and began the healing process before she had asked about healing.
Thus, you can ask me about healing or resurrection also telepathically. You can also ask other people who accomplish the resurrection or restoration based on my technology.
Considered cases prove that distance not plays any role in healing. We can send impulse of resurrection anywhere, without the restrictions in time and space. That is natural, because the impulse is consciousness construction and space-time is not.
Impulses of restoration and resurrection have the same structure and nature. Those impulses not connected with space-time. That means we have operated with universal management system, which really makes the world eternal.

4.4. People salvation, warning prognosis
Here we will present the concrete facts of people salvation based on prevention of disaster. Some materials will reproduce from my book “Practice of management. Path of salvation” Examples contain disaster prevention in different conditions: under ground, on ground, above the ground, and in cosmos.

4.4.1. Extrasensory detection of disaster in the shaft
We described experiment in second volume of my book “Practice of management. Path to salvation” (Appendix C).
Government created expert’s commission shortly after catastrophe in shaft. I must detect the people location and kind of damages. Commission provided me schema of shaft ventilation without the map of area.
Expert’s commission not prepared for me some a priory questions. Question would appear in time of the salvation operation.
After getting the question, I give the answer during one second. I correctly pointed the place of fire source, location of the two people in shaft, and place of ventilation damages.
Experiment shows that in practice we can accomplish the extrasensory diagnosis of shaft via its schema. Thus, any object of information (like schema of ventilation) contains information about everything (as we had told above in principles of resurrection).
Shaft diagnosis is only one of many cases. Generally, diagnosis of any object provides the information about possible disaster and its cause, and; therefore, creates the possibility to prevent that disaster, to prevent the human’s deaths. That means the resurrection. This is a perfect example of future changes in harmonic way.
We already considered similar situation with fatal illnesses.
Impulse of resurrection in its spiritual content expanded on all life events, and everywhere that impulse accomplishes the salvation. Its spiritual status is, from the beginning, everybody’s attribute. That status is the union status of everybody, and everybody can contribute in everything salvation. Genuine knowledge (knowledge about how Creator did) and that status are fundament of my religion.

4.4.2. Prevention of the car collisions
Sergey Kuzinov described that case (see Appendix C).
We made the introduction with Sergey Kuzinov at January 3, 1995 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan region. He interested about existence of predefined future. We already know that the future changeable. Even more, that must be the everyday practice of everybody. Every human being must be creator of his/her happy future. We dedicated that book to everybody’s happiness.
Answering on Sergey’s question, I had said that I changed his future during our discussion. That was really so. I got the vision that the vehicle of Sergey, in which he arrived, is in damaged state. This damage can lead to an accident. Thus, I want to repair this vehicle. Therefore, I decide to help him and provide to Sergey the possibility to make that conclusion.
Next morning, when Sergey has been driving the vehicle from garage I had de-materialized some parts of drive wheel shore.
Sergey realized that the vehicle is out of order, because the tires are not reacted on wheel spin. On technical care station, the technicians repaired vehicle, and amazed with such unusual damage.
I choose such manner to answer on Sergey’s question about future because he researched the abnormal events during 16 years. He had studied the parapsychology, poltergeist, and UFO’s. He is a member of commission of Russian Academy of Sciences, and he had worked in that time in American center in New York of researches the abnormal events and healing the abnormal traumas.
Thus, for him, as a specialist, was interesting to see the future changes in practical life. Those changes accomplished in proper time distantly, and transformed his life to more safely.
Later Sergey Kuzinov had narrated that history in video session for United Nations Organization.
We provided many similar examples in my book “Practice of management. Path to salvation”

4.4.3. Prevention of the airplane catastrophe
Case described in my book “Practice of management. Path to salvation” (Appendix C).
We will talk about my practice work for prevention the airplanes crashes. That work realized as experimental series about extrasensory diagnosis of the airplanes: defect appearance, technical support violation, and full system rejection. Research accomplishes according to contract with Uzbek Department of Civic Aviation in Uzbekistan.
In that case, I diagnosed the airplanes from the distance 100-200 meters. My prognosis for different airplanes placed in Appendix C. Let us consider the last prognosis for airplane IL-62 board number 86704.
I predicted the defect in engine number 3; material in fire camera damaged. Ten days after was detected a hole in blast pipe, and engine was replaced. Defect was detected in right time because after prognosis that engine was under special control. According to expert conclusion, that defect will cause the destroying of peels, and, thereafter, the hull violation. Missing the hermetical isolation caused the airplane crash. That prognosis helps to prevent that crash and salvage life of people.
Accuracy of that prognosis, as in other cases, is 100%.
In first volume of my book, “Practice of management - Path to salvation” described over 400 concrete facts of prognosis with accuracy 100%.
At first glance these cases, in which based on prognosis was salvaged life of people, look as separated. However, the situation is here more complicated and we should consider it from common perspective.
Diagnosis and prediction are the elements of management. Correct diagnosis and actions will salvage the people life. These facts show that we are able to remove from our life the tragic occurrences and that must accomplish on scientific basis. Example of such science is the resurrection principles considered earlier. Principles of resurrection provide the possibility to create a society, which will creatively develop based on genuine knowledge and management principles.
Let us consider next example (see Appendix C).
In that case, I made the diagnosis of airplanes AN-12. According to experiment condition, the diagnosis takes 2-3 seconds from distance 20-25 meters.
By one of the airplanes, I detected the corrosion in area of 62-th frame; and by another, cracks in the areas of the left and right parts of aerofoil. Several days after those defects detected with the devices control and visually. Particularly, that case proved the inner diagnostics vision of material.
Detected technical defects are able to cause further airplane crash. In due course restoration salvaged the people life. Thus, we consider the possibility to manage the events via defect detection and it reparation. Analogically, can be accomplished the diagnosis via airplane schema, board number, etc.
Next example describes test flights of airplane TU-144. World famous pilot Boris Veremei accomplished that flight. His spouse Inna Veremei has asked me to make the diagnosis of the airplane (she get the information about me from TV).
I made the diagnosis and written on the recorder all possible defects and recommendations for pilots. Inna Veremei transferred the cassette to Boris.
My predictions fully confirmed. Very important was the information about the pointer of the angle of airplane gradient. That device must show the exact angle of gradient. My information salvaged the life of pilots, because that device indication will cause a hit of airplane tail in time of landing. Additionally, I would recommend increase the speed of landing.
Here I want to illuminate the mastery of Boris Veremei. His practical experience joined with my information and that create much power and stabile system of interaction between pilot and airplane. Such system has more possibilities to salvation and improvement of the technical system.
Indeed the human’s experience, mastery, and intuition bring closer to possibility of event management. In that book, I suggest to set this process on scientific basis.

4.4.4. Diagnosis of the space-shift
According to contract with Russian Center of Cosmic Flights, we had made these diagnostics (see Appendix C).
First prognosis was about joining the Russian Orbital Complex “MIR” and American Space-shift “ATLANTIS,” which would assign at September 27, 1997. I got that request at September 26.
Shortly after getting the request, I would make the prognosis: joining will be successful, but will consider some deviation of the axe. Prognosis fully confirmed.
In the same time, I got another request: make a prognosis of onboard computer of station “MIR.”
I would answer that the onboard computer will work only 5 days. Exactly that has happened and caused computer replacement after 5 days.
Three days after at September 29, I got a request to diagnose the engine of “ATLANTIS.” I answered after several seconds, the down engine parameters had been changed, and it is possible the damage which would lead to trajectory change and collision. My diagnosis fully confirmed. For cosmic devices is essential important any prognostic information, which can help to prevent an accident.
First two requests I got in Center of Cosmic Flights, and third request I got in time of walking through NEW ARBAT Street in Moscow by cell phone.
So pay attention on conditions, in which I got the third request. On that street always walk many people. Thus, surrounding with people, walking across the street I, nevertheless, had made the correct prognosis in seconds.
That case illustrates the ability to solve the problem in any circumstances, which in real mean full control of event management. That aspect is essential in resurrection process. You must accomplish the resurrection in any circumstances, in time of doing something.
According to independent expertise of my prognosis, the accuracy of it is 100%. Thus, we have operated with new science methods, which built up on consciousness basis.
The facts considered above are not set of happy co-incidents. There are more than 400 facts with 100% accuracy. Can that happen accidentally? There are the results of new science with new level of world understanding. That science will use in the people salvation, because that science warrants the salvation in any circumstances.
Let us consider again, what means the prognosis about cracks in airplane wing. Where leads the prognosis? Based on information will be repaired the defect of wing and the events will develop in safety way. Correct diagnosis changes the events. That reflected in the documents. Consider the case from that perspective and you will see an inner movement toward benevolent direction.
Thus, we have operated in new science, which provide event development in wealthy direction.
Final desirable event has defined the actions, which will lead to it. Technical devices diagnosis and prognosis of some possible deviation from the normal state provide the information for management in necessary direction. Realization of such management leads to desirable result, and desirable future. Next conclusion from our consideration is following; consciousness manages any event in any distance.
My mathematics uses similar program of actions. We already considered that. Each symbol in it has managed toward desirable result. Result warranted by order of management; firstly would consider the future event and; thereafter, the events sequence leads to that future. Thus, any deviation is just impossible, because the movement toward result is under control.
According to that principle must developed all sciences. Therefore, the orthodox sciences must correspond to that principle.
We can consider the crashes after airplane collision with a bird. Such accidents are occasional just from orthodox science, which operate with static area of collective consciousness. Such accident never happens occasional. New science is able to predict such accident on base vision of many different processes.
Two approaches are relevant there. First approach bases on usual calculations (I can accomplish that). In second approach, we consider a result without any calculation. I usually do that.
We know these approaches from the school. For example, we are going to solve some mathematical problem. We need to carefully read the conditions, think about a way of solution, and correctly execute the calculations. Thus, we will get the result.
Another approach is easier. We just need to open the book on the page with answers and get the result. In my doctrine, registered in UNESCO documents, is developed approach to education (from beginning level until highest one). We will talk about that in next books.
Thus, we need just open the book on the page with answers for get the answer. Certainly, I talk not only about usual textbook, I imply the Book of Universe.
Let us went back to technical system diagnostics. We already recognize that diagnostics and prediction leads to the people salvation and in some cases factually to the people resurrection. Correct consciousness structure provides the ability of diagnosis and prediction. Thus, the consciousness structure process creates the possibility to resurrect the people via such simple ability as maintenance the safety work of technical devices. In that case, we have an example of consciousness, which is able to prevent the technical crashes for resurrection. That proves the unified character of the consciousness structure methods in the salvation systems. The unification means following: any method is applicable in the completely different situations.
Well, one of the steps is ability to diagnosis the technical devices. When you will succeed in that then you will be able to resurrect the people. If you will improve that ability deeply, then you will understand a human’s soul function. Thus, you will be able to resurrect a human being via his/her soul.
4.5. Methodology of warning prediction
In such type of prediction, the salvation element will realize as warning information and direct possibility to preventive actions.
Prediction in political, economical, and social areas bases on actions of many people, organizations, parties, etc. Therefore, the prediction has many details. For example, last name of politician or exact date in political prognosis caused some shift in information. In some cases of prognosis, you can set concrete date and circumstances from which is possible to detect a concrete person. As an example, we provide the confirmation of my prognosis about president’s election in 2000, in Russia (see Appendix C).
Information transforms in favorable way in practice of political, economical, and social prognosis. Information of the people about their future, placed in collective consciousness has the most important value.
We must transform negative information in time of prognosis realization. For example, information about the apocalypses was existed in 1999. Thus, forming the prognosis in July 1999 about future I had transformed that information in information about missing of global catastrophe and favorable development. “World Apocalypses is canceled” – that is a head of publication with my prognosis.
I convinced any prognosis is an act of management, which develop favorable future.
Examples of such management provided in Appendix C.
4.6. Materialization and Dematerialization conception
In previous item 4.4., we already considered the dematerialization event. Let us discuss several cases of materialization and dematerialization in details. In fact, in that book we are talking about such events. Indeed, what is the resurrection? Resurrection is one of the most important materialization events.
Physical body of the people who have gone factually dematerialized, and after resurrection, it materialized again.
Soul materialized the human’s physical body. Analogically, soul can materialize any object. We are able create the object with soul.
The information about eternity of any object provides possibility to its restoration.
Let us consider the concrete facts of materialization and dematerialization.

4.6.1. Object materialization in unknown place
Let us consider declaration of Svetlana Glushko, observer of “Mega polis-Continent” gazette (see Appendix D).
In time of conversation with me at September 22, 1994 Svetlana asked me to materialize some objects in her home, because she was writing about materialization an article for gazette.
I did not know the address of Svetlana’s home, and never visited her before. She asked my intentionally for make the experiment clean.
I realized Svelana’s request, and eight days after our conversation, she had detected two new objects in her apartment. Nobody was visited her during that period. Materialization had accomplished. These objects have the content, which cannot create in physical process.
The following conditions are important in such experiments: a human being must know about materialization, and who will accomplish it. That is important for excluding a stress appearance of the people (we already told about that in section 1). If a human being knows about materialization, then he/she will not get the cell structure transformation in time of watching the materialization results.

4.6.2. Key materialization
That case described by Tatyana Babaev (see Appendix D).
Tatyana was lived in the same hotel as I. One day she lost her key form the apartment. She searched the key in her bag, pockets, and even she extracted all things from bag. However, the key was not there. She becomes stressful, because the situation requires entering in apartment. She decided to ask the hotel representative. I had sat in that time in hotel hall and watched the situation.
I decided to help Tatyana and materialized the key in her bag. Then I suggested to Tatyana to control bag ones again. Following to my suggestion, she opened the bag and detected the key. Tatyana recognized that it was my action.
Key lost is a frequent case. Anybody knows that problem. In contrary, in following two cases materialization and dematerialization of the key accomplished by experiment (see declaration of Ekaterina Livado in Appendix D).
I accomplished dematerialization of the key (its weight is 10 gram) in the distance 10 meters during 20 minutes. After registration the fact of dematerialization, I began to materialize the key, and key would materialize in the distance 3 meters during 5 minutes.
Experiment shows that materialization take four times less duration, than the dematerialization. Thus, we can accomplish a resurrection process four times faster, than the transition process from clinical to biological death. We are talking about the consciousness level a bit higher than normal. Highest consciousness level can accomplish resurrection in a moment.

4.6.3. Experimental key materialization
In the declaration of Nadejda Lavrushkina, described next two experiments (see Appendix D).
In that experiment was accomplished partial dematerialization of the key, and, thereafter, was realized it full restoration. Key weight was 10 gram, and distance between me and key was 50 sm. Experiment duration was 5 minutes. During the experiment was done four photos (see Appendix D).
On first picture presented the key. On the next picture is seen only head and tail of key, and the barbell is practically non-visible. We watched the partial dematerialization of object.
So on second picture barbell is dematerialized. Where placed the information about key and its shape? That information presented in everywhere; in remaining parts of key, in the space between parts, and near to before existent full shape of key.
On the fourth picture, we can see full dematerialization of the key, which disappeared. Nevertheless, the information about key is still there and disappeared slowly. That information stores the key shape and provides the possibility to restore it.
We can compare key and human’s body dematerialization. Human’s body can be dematerialized, but the information will store in human’s soul. Thus, in any moment we can restore that human’s body.
Same thing happens with any object. In reality, any object is alive, and any object has the consciousness elements. Remember, collective consciousness creates all objects. Thus, any object has consciousness elements, and is possible to contact with any object. We can conclude the agreement with any object about its dematerialization. It is possible to convince it to go through dematerialization process. After dematerialization the object, more accurate saying, object substance has information about previous object state. Essence of further object materialization is, in fact, the action, which help to remember the object its previous form, and materialize it.

4.6.4. Document materialization
That case described by Svetlana Salnikova (see Appendix D). Svetlana prepared to publish book about me, and suddenly find out that was lost the document about my meeting with Philippine healer Uco Labo. Nevertheless, she transferred to me the prepared material of book. In time, when I take the material, I recognized that the document is lost. Thereafter, I materialized the document on the table of Svetlana. That new document was much better in quality than the previous one; more clear letters, better font, etc. Thus, we can restore any object in maximum good form. By the way, the resurrected people, who have gone by illness, went back as healthy people.

4.6.5. Stamp materialization
That case presented in declaration of Victor and Tatyana Babaev (see Appendix D).
Spouses Tatyana and Victor Babaev traveled with me in India. In airport of Tashkent during the passport control was detected that stamp of departure is missing. Custom service representatives were amazed - how that happened. However, much more amazed were spouses Tatyana and Victor, because they had seen that stamp sealed in my passport.
I made that experiment for demonstration that extrasensory action removes the stamp in document, and any sign or part of text can remove too.
Notice an ethic moment of such experiment: nobody’s interest should be touched. Such fact confirmed following: according to wish of resurrected person, we can eradicate all records about his death.

4.6.6. Air ticket materialization
Tatyna Babaev declared another case, which happen with her in India (see Appendix D).
Occasionally, she lost her air-ticket. All searches remain without success. I decided to help her, and suggested to see again in her bag, because already I had materialized the ticket in bag.
Tatyana already searched in bag, but according to my suggestion, she has searched again. Finally, she detected the ticket on the bag bottom a little bit moist of the apple juice.
We intentionally materialized the ticket in such way, for prevent possible stress after its detection. When she saw ticket creased and in apple juice she would become patient, because state of the ticket was such as it already was before in the bag. One moment later, she remembered that she had searched in bag before, and then she realized that the ticket materialized. Relevant understanding of situation become in proper moment.
When you accomplish the materialization, you need to keep in mind perception level of the witnesses. Nobody should stress with materialization. You can accomplish the materialization just in necessary cases, like in case with air-ticket. Analogically, by resurrection you can materialize passport of resurrected person, if you not intend to form it from beginning.
Another case with the lost of air-ticket and followed teleportation described in case of Elena Balakireva (see Appendix D).
Elena Balakireva in the way from Moscow had lost her air-ticket of free flights during one year. She asked me about help.
I had detected ticket location and saw that it damaged. First, I restored it (that is partial materialization) and then accomplish its teleportation. Thereafter, Elena detected the ticket in place, where it not placed before.
Analogically, we can act by resurrection. If physical body not fully decoyed, then we need to recreate it. We can merely restored it and get new organism. Thus, in the resurrection process can be accomplished partial materialization.

4.6.7. Article dematerialization
That case described by Galina Gusarov and Anna Zvetkova (see Appendix D).
The article printed on 10 pages and stored in apartment of Anna Zvetkova in the cabinet.
I had de-materialized the article, and 10 pages disappeared without trace.
Here we can remember, if information created once, then it exist always and everywhere. If somebody written an article, then its information existed independently, even if the article will dematerialize. Analogically, if somebody had written a book, then the book will exist eternal.
Resurrected person always transferred information about his/her resurrection. That information is accessible from everywhere and in any time. A publication about healing from cancer of fourth degree, even about one case only, informs that this healing process is natural for any time.

4.6.8. Voice materialization
I that declaration, Tatyana Chutkova described a case of voice reproduction in any distance (see Appendix D).
Tatyana Chutkova asked me about help for her grandson. I assigned a distantly remote session. Natalia, daughter of Tatyana, arrived in hospital to her son at the assigned time. Waiting the session, Natalia had flustered, she did not know my name and asked herself, “What is his name?” Making her patient, I decided to answer on that question. As followed from her declaration, she clearly heard: “My name is Grigory Grabovoi. I am working with your son. Don’t worry, I’ll help him.” Natalia sincerely thanked me. She heard a physical sound (that illuminated in declaration) even I was far away from that place.
This is another example of materialization, in that case materialization the physical vibrations. Remark that the voice is identical to voice of human being, to which that voice belongs. That is additional example of management the reality.

4.6.9. Teleportation
In this declaration, Vadim Shelehov narrated about my teleportation in his closed vehicle (see Appendix D).
Generally, instead of the vehicle I can teleported in any another place of any planet, any galactic, and any world location. In such cases, we use principle of space management. According to your desire, you can teleport in any space-time point, and can create in that place the life conditions.
We are talk about genuine science, which is the base of such teleportation. Firstly, you split up the environment, and then you fill up the created space with the air and other life essential attributes. You are able to create new world and really teleport in it.
Future vision is also the materialization process because it materialized in present the information about future.

4.6.10. Chemical process research and future materialization
In that declaration, Lev Olehnovich (professor of Rostov State University), and Valery Karnilov (PhD of chemical sciences) described the case of analysis of chemical process (see Appendix D).
They asked me to find the optimal state of chemical process. That problem solution based on complex quant-mechanic calculations or by experiment with methods of magnetic resonance. Staying in Moscow, in my office, I answered on their question and provided the description about optimal structure in short article. Additionally, I pointed on possibility of appearance third structure, which authors had not considered. I did not know about their research in magnetic field, but I had seen that the experiment would accomplish in such field, which would influent on the results. My prognosis confirmed.
Second problem was about the order of migrations number for acetyl group in that process. I had given the answer in seconds and provided short description of explanation. My prognosis was 20-30 migrations per second. Prognosis confirmed in further experiments.

In the next declaration of Sergey Kurbatov, and Valery Kornilov (both PhD’s of chemical sciences) described my prediction on migration number of acetyl group but in another reaction (see Appendix D).
I present the reaction description in Appendix D. I had given an answer migration rate is 106 migrations per second. That was correct prognosis.
In such reactions, the rate of migrations can change in broad diapason: from 10-6 until 106. That answer cannot guess. We need to know it.
In second problem, researchers needed to estimate speed of the transformation of one material to another (see text of declaration). I had given the answer: in existing conditions rate will be five transformations per second, which confirmed later in experiment and in the theoretical calculations.
Thus, we consider here an ability to see the answer of any question. That ability I got in my childhood. I used it in school, and in university. For example, in university after receiving the test with problems, I had written the answers, without any calculations. That confirmed in his declaration Constantine Rumyanzev (see Appendix D). In that declaration, he described the concrete facts of my direct vision in 1982, 1983. Sometimes I have late to the lesson, sometimes I arrived to test several minutes before ending. In our university that was acceptable, because main goal of our study was real knowledge. Nevertheless, my ability to know the correct answer on complicated question, the university lecturers remarked in short period. In the first time, they discussed with me how I got the results. However, some time after curator of our group had declared in public about my ability. Thereafter, I began to provide some intermediate results just to decrease an attention to my person. Getting master degree, I would continue to get accurate results via direct vision. You also are able to direct vision based on that book as on normal education course. By the way, I get the right from Russian Ministry of Education to graduate the students in my technologies.
By the direct vision, the answer exists for any recognized problem. That is Creator’s goal during the world creation. World is created in such manner, when you are able to solve any problem in infinite space-time. That is an ideal of human and society development. If you aim to resurrect a human being, then the answer about how to resurrect is already existed. Getting that answer, you will be able to resurrect the people.
Why that topic about getting an answer places in that chapter? Because getting the answer is materialization process. Normally, for answer on some question we need some time, maybe a lot. Some of problem requires many years for getting the answer. That means the answer is in somewhere in the future. Thus, getting the answer now is, factually, the future materialization. Many of resurrection principle I got from the future by direct vision. These principles provide the ability to resurrect the people now and in physical body.
We need to illuminate one more detail about prognosis. In prediction of acetyl, group performances confirmed the possibility to predict the process on molecular level. I need to inform that during the prediction I directly watched the chemical reaction and microelements interaction. Thus, the molecules, atoms, electrons and other particles can be watched, but not by physical vision.

4.6.12. Audio record as sound form materialization
Declaration of Olga Yakovlev described extrasensory transformation of the audiocassette content (see Appendix D).
In first case, Olga had informed about changes in audiocassette content. That cassette contains the record of my discussion with Olga in time of our meeting. On cassette were recorded some noise sounds. I cleaned all these noises. Even more, I had added my additional text. After comparison with original record was detected that additional text and was identified my voice in additional part of record.
Thus, it is possible to materialize the sounds on audiocassette by extrasensory activity. Generally, the consciousness structure materializes the sounds form in any physical devices by.
Materialization of sounds form is useful for resurrection. For example, a wind sound stimulates fast adaptation of resurrected person.
In second case, Olga informed about cleanup part of record by me.
That record contains three parts. I had cleanup the second part with extrasensory action, but in such manner than after first part immediately followed the third one without any pause. Thus, the record was continual, and even the first and second parts were perfect connected without any noise.
Physical parameters of the tape were remained the same. Length of the tape not changed too. Thus, with the same length and the same speed the volume of information would decrease, even the removed part of record was quite long.
Thus, we show that you can manipulate with the information as you wish. You can manage the physical parameters and conditions too. Thus, for example, we can increase the Earth volume to proper size of all resurrected people accommodation.

4.6.13. Computer diskette materialization
Dematerialization of computer diskette presented in that case, which declared by Contantine Ladichenko (see Appendix D).
The diskette contained the information in 1.44 Megabyte. Diskette location intentionally not discovered for me, but diskette was dematerialized.
That case has confirmed any information with non-constructive character can be dematerialized without any damages to anybody. We can use that possibility as one of the management elements.
We can implement such approach in any world events. New technological devices and machine will have the dematerialization ability. A human being will not get any injury from these devices. That is new specific attribute of such devices, which will provide teleportation or dematerialization of devices in case of danger appearance.

4.6.14. Computer virus dematerialization
Declaration of Raphik Valitov (see Appendix D) described experiment, in which I must to diagnose 20 diskettes about computer viruses via simple visual examination with extrasensory methods. I accurately detected all five infected diskettes.
Thereafter, I must extrasensory remove viruses from diskettes. After viruses removing, we made the copy of diskettes of the hard-drive. Further testing of diskettes copies with anti-virus program had confirmed that the viruses removed.
By the way, during the disinfection I compressed the information in volume in 10 times smaller than original volume has.
Thus, we can change the information by our wish.
When we imagine some object, we get some imagination of object in thought level. We will get some certain picture. Any element of reality reflected in special imagination. Computer virus has certain colored background. If we will change color of that background then we will cleanup the file from that virus.
If we in thoughts have seen some human being, which must resurrect, then we already accomplished the resurrection on the thought level. Next step is to transform that human being in physical reality.
Normal development supposes the eternal life. Nobody must die. We can say that the reality must be cleanup from virus, which is the biological death. Cleanup the reality from the death virus will restore the original reality.

4.6.15. Lift management
In that declaration, Tatyana Babaev described my ability manage the elevator without touching any button on its panel (see Appendix D).
That demonstration I accomplished in April 1994 in the hotel of Deli city in India. Tatyana and Boris Babaev several times watched when I manage the elevator without touching the panel buttons. Here I turned on the electric net by extrasensory management.
We can consider here also another example when I turned off the electric net by extrasensory action.
In previous case, we had considered declaration of Sergey Kuzinov, specialist of abnormal activities. Sergey narrated that after the situation with vehicle was happened another event. Ones he turned out the electric cork, but his apartment was still lightening and fax was working. I created that situation for demonstrate the possibility of consciousness management.
Rupture of the electric net can be repaired but not by materialization now. In this situation, I created in my consciousness missing part of electric net. How I can do that? I implemented in missing part the information about continual electric net, and then created imagination in consciousness worked as physical conductor. Thus, consciousness can accomplish any function.
That experiment proved the possibility of the consciousness to create new technology for the eternal development without any additional resources. Even more, such technologies are safe. For example, when I modeled the missing part of electric net, the current appeared, but that current was not able to hit the people. Thus, based on that possibility of consciousness and optical technical systems it is able to build safe and invisible for physical vision new devices directly in air.
In other cases of materialization, which we described above, imagination transformed from thoughts in the physical reality. That is materialization process.
Analogically, we acted in the resurrection process. Firstly, we created in consciousness imagination of resurrected person. Then that imagination we would transform in physical manifestation in usual three-dimensional space. This is natural process, which confirmed that the life has spiritual base.
Thus, if we will understand that God created the human beings for eternal life, then nobody will die. Life is eternal and it will stay eternal, and physical reality will realize as eternal. Consciousness imagination defines physical manifestation, creates physical reality, and can create happy life via that approach.

4.7. Restoration and resurrection the people via technical devices
First, we need to say that all devices have a secondary function, and will help the people who have not completely structured their consciousness in area of health care, organs restoration, and resurrection. These devices help to develop the human’s abilities.
We already had told about, that a human being in process of creation got the knowledge about eternal life, organs restoration, resurrection, and healing from any illness. However, not everyone has awaked to understand that, and freely communicate with his/her soul.
Everybody is able to communicate with soul. In that case, we have worked with soul directly. Soul is God’s creation, and; therefore, cannot supply with technical devices.
Technical devices we are able to use when we will work with the consciousness, and not with the soul. Technical devices in that case will fill up soul knowledge structures, which not transformed yet in consciousness level. Thus, those technical devices will supply the consciousness structures.
I had created several devices with such functions. Devices construction bases on my discovery, which described in details in my thesis of doctor of physic-mathematics sciences.
Let us explain that discovery content. All events we perceive via our perception: vision, feelings, and thoughts. When we have perceiving same object in our consciousness creates some light imagination, which we are watching via spiritual vision. That imagination manifested in consciousness too. In scientific language, we can say a human being has some transformation system, which transform a perception in light imagination.
Transformation system we will call optical system, and will use for the resurrection. In resurrection management, a human’s imagination considered as an optical signal. This signal in spiritual space (resurrected person imagination) is corresponded with the human’s perception in physical world. From that perspective, the resurrection process is transformation process of the optical signal in spiritual space to the physical object in physical three-dimensional space.
Optical transformation system can implement in physical level as technical devices. In that item, we will talk about such devices, which supply the human’s abilities in space of management. That means all technical devices will work as additional to the consciousness management.
As an example let us consider some program complex, which based on my discovery.

4.7.1. Information archive in space-time point
I created supplementary device for information archive in any space-time point (see Appendix E).
The matter can product from the information, which archive in some point of space-time. That point can assign in any material, in air, in vacuum, or in any place.
Let us explain method of that device. We consider space as time structure manifested in perception. We consider time as space function, and matter production - as time reaction of space transformation. We can calculate the points of space and time interaction. These points are the information archives.
Knowledge of the information archive points creates the possibility to development the computer technological system, which will be able to archive the necessary information in any point of space-time. Based on these points we can create a form of mind, which we can consider as Machine-sapiens by analogy with Homo sapiens.
Information archive of the past is static construction of this machine. Information archive of future is its dynamic construction. Area of the present manages that Machine-sapiens. Thus, we can create new form of mind, which manages and controls the Machine-sapiens based on human’s consciousness.
That form of mind will not destroyed its creator and other objects because in current time it always realizes the creative function of management. That machine is safe for human being, animals, and other objects.
Important feature of information archives is possibility to store those in any information devices and even in vacuum. I create these archives via impulses of special device, which connected to computer.
It is possible to store the information in air (or in any another information storage) via reflection of impulse from diskette.
Information archive can be stored in small area with diameter less than 3 mm.
Method of creation the information archives provides new possibility to development new computer architecture of new mind form in any material and environment.
Analogically, it is possible to develop the device for read the information from archives. Thus, we will get in point of space-time machine-sapiens as consciousness form. We can create with that machine the matter, space, or time.

4.7.2. Computer technology of distant control
We described that discovery in Appendix E. I had developed that method, and we will talk about the method assigned to transformation any event in geometric form. That transformation creates a possibility to manage the event via changes the geometric form. That management accomplishes in any distance.
Particularly, via computer we can create form of mind in some assigned point. Impulses from special device, which connected to computer, create that mind.
I developed several devices with such functions. Those have worked fine. Based in interaction space and time the devices will create the matter (That certificate – license “Time is form of space” is provided in Appendix E).
Certificate described the computer technologies, which transform time in any sort of matter. These new possibilities for creation matter are following: restoration of organs, fast production any sort of matter, creation the mechanisms and machines, the buildings construction, control of the machines, etc.
Thus, we can forget forever about the energetic crisis and problems. Energy we can get from the past events. This source is non-restricted source of energy.
How we can make the information archives in unusual storage, even in vacuum? Remember, that the space-time is consciousness construction, and; thus, we can implement the information in any point of space-time. Vacuum as empty space is also consciousness construction. That is the reason of recognition of many scientists that from vacuum we can get everything. They are beginning to call the vacuum as physical vacuum. Correspondently, new term just covered up the real problem. We will never solve that problem that way, because the physical reality created by consciousness.
Indeed, the core of problem is simple; vacuum, like any another object, is the consciousness construction. In addition, from it we can get everything, because it is real consciousness construction. Everything has coming from consciousness.
Nothing amazing is in the possibility to get and store the information in any space-time point, and; therefore, to create any form of mind in some such point.
Based on these discoveries I created computer program, which work according to principle of extrasensory action. That program fills up the management information and helps to construct the matter, and to restore the destroyed cells.
The matter, which created by the organs and physical body restoration, connects with soul. One of the soul manifestations is highly concentrated information. The connection between soul and matter realized via that information.
If we remark that the soul is infinite structure and one of its manifestations is information, we will recognize the archives of information, and; therefore, that the information archives is one of the fundamental principles of the world. Therefore, our technology based on that principle is completely natural.
We are able to create form of mind in any space-time point. That will be a natural form, which constantly will restore a human being – even resurrect and heal any her/his organ.
Technical devices will accomplish that work of restoration/resurrection as supplementary devices of the human’s consciousness areas, which bad-structured or concentrated in that time on the different aspects. My devices worked exactly in that style.
Identity of restored organs or resurrected person is quite complex problem. Resurrected person must be the same person who is gone; he/she must have the same inner organs, same physical body, and authentic manifest that person in physical reality.
My discovery “Reproductive, self-developing system, which reflect inner and outer areas of the manifold of the creative spheres” is basis for that management of resurrection (see Appendix E).
The essence of that discovery is constructive information area. Basing on knowledge of the soul, I discovered that area, which restores the authentic object. Fully identity of the restored object and its original was notary certified by UNO.
I developed the technologies of detection and usage the constructive information area. Idea of procedure is following. Past events and information objects will pack in sphere. On inner surface of sphere we will get the reflection of the objects of current time (according to the law of everything connections). Now, let us select the object for restoration, and its reflection on inner surface of sphere (it is easy, because we already know its past). That is creative information area of that object. As result of that detection, the object will fully restore.
That is the exact principle according to which are worked my technologies. These technologies restore whole human being, or his/her organ and cells. Technical devices work based on the special computer programs and optical systems.
These results are presented in my book “Applied structures of creative information area” and in patent “Method and device of prevention the disaster” (see Appendix E).
We already discussed that device in topic of the earthquakes prevention. Earthquake is only one sort of the catastrophes. Cancer and AIDS are also the catastrophes. Thus, the catastrophes have very different scales.
We create our device on base genuine science, and; therefore, it has universal application. We can use that device for prevention illnesses of the human’s organism and for resurrection the people who have gone.
That device works in following way. Firstly, it decreases the power of disaster, or fully liquidates it. In case of partial disaster liquidation, the device will predict place and time of its appearance. If we will concentrate on the crystals with thought of disaster prevention, then device resource will increase in several times.
We implemented same principle in the device of human’s health restoration and people resurrection.
That device is an optical system with crystals, and for restoration is enough to position it near to a patient or orient it perceiving surface in direction to the patient. By the way, that device works also with photos or X-Ray pictures, and is able to accomplish the resurrection too.
Device is able to normalize the events of activity also via schema, or plan, and has universal quality to normalize the events.
What is a normal development of events? How the device recognizes that? Answer is simple: device read the information of harmonic form from the Information Field, which created by God. The device configures the events toward that norm. By the way, information about norm exists in any point of space.
Well such devices managed by the consciousness already have worked. The future devices will create by the same principles.
Based on these principles I had created the device for transfer the information (Patent #2163419 “System of information transfer,” see Appendix E).
The device has worked following way. You thought some sentence. That sentence is the message, which transfers via device. The destination device will get your message, and transform it in words or images according to your wish. This is new sort on information connection without electro-magnetic waves. That device named the telepathy transmitter. In that transmission, you will play the role of operator (source). Instead of operator can be used video or audio devices, or laser. Thus, the radio translation or television show can transfer in same manner. I have developed the technology with possibility of sending and receiving devices. Miniature crystal system, which can be set on bracelet of watch, will restore human’s health. These systems are able to connect with central powerful system with big crystals. That system will increase the power of healing, when it will need. Such technologies can expand on any information object.
Information transferring accomplishes in one moment. Distance not influents on transmission. You can send your thought in any point of space (in any galactic). That message impossible to stop, and in nature is not existed challenges, which can stop the message. The message always will be authentic to your traits. Thus, the messages will be ideal by transferring and authentication. Such devices have worked under full control like the devices for restoration and resurrection.
4.8. Healing with digital series
In section 3, we have already considered digital series in resurrection method 11. Seven digits used for resurrection. Purpose of concentration defines the content of digital series.
If we can resurrect the people with digital series, then definitely we can heal them, because the other “illnesses” are less complicated. Thus, that simple method, in fact, is very effective.
I have worked up the guide of illnesses healing with digital series. That book “Restoration of human’s organism by concentration on digital series” already published in 2001 in Russia. In that book considered around 1000 illnesses and for every illness assigned digital code with seven, eight, or nine digits. If you will concentrate on some code, you will heal yourself from illness.
How works that procedures so effectively? Any illness is some deviation of normal state in cell, organ, or whole organism level. Illness healing is restoration the normal state. If you will concentrate on digital code, then you have tuned and kept the organism in normal state. As result, the organism healed.
Let us consider the vibration structure of the digits. Our life combined of rhythms. The planets are spinning around the Sun. On the Earth periodically changes the winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Earth has spinning around its axe, and that caused the night-day changes.
On the micro-level, the picture is similar. Electrons in atom are periodically spinning around the kern.
Everybody can hear the heart pulses. In human’s organism, any cell has its own rhythm. Any set of cells has its rhythm, and any organ, to. Organs interaction also maintains with specific rhythm.
We can compare organism with orchestra, which play in harmony. Any violation of harmony, any dissonance means appearance of the illness. Thus, you can maintain the harmony of your organism.
Rhythm can be detected in anywhere, if seems that it is missing. Consider the rainbow. What beautiful colors are in it! However, from scientific perspective our perception of color accomplishes via electro-magnetic waves with specific frequency. Frequency in violet part of spectrum is approximately twice higher than frequency in red part. Watching the rainbow we distinct the different frequencies!
When we consider the digits, it is also not obvious; which vibration structure presented there. We already know that each color corresponds with frequency. Analogically, each digit has vibration structure, and; therefore, each digital sequence has such structure to.
We can consider a digital series as some digits composition. If we went back for a moment, and consider the color TV screen we will detect that all colors created by different composition of three main colors: red, green, and blue. Just the brightness will vary to create some new color as mix from main colors.
Orchestra sound distinct from the sound of one musical instrument. Any composition of colors creates its own color. Analogically, the digital composition has unique vibration structure.
Bad digital series of the airplane can cause the destructive vibrations. In addition, vise versa, the harmonic digital series of airplane board number stimulates favorable development of the events. On that property of digital series is based that healing method.
I told already, that the correct digital series leads to healing any illness. After consideration of vibration structure of digital series, we can describe the healing process from another perspective. The correct digital series leads to healing because the vibration structure of digital code is normal vibration of sick organ. That structure accomplishes correct “sound,” and concentration on digital series is organ’s tuning process. Analogically, we tune a musical instrument with the fork.
Let us consider the book -- my guide of healing. Book contains 27 sections. In each section, we considered group of illnesses. In first 25 sections, we presented practically all known illnesses. In section 26, we presented the digital codes for healing from the unknown illnesses and states.
After section caption, we presented a digital series, which healed all illnesses of that group. That series will use if you do not know the exact diagnosis, and you know the group of illnesses only. If you know the diagnosis, you can use the digital series of that illness.
Let us consider a book fragment as an example.
SECTION 1. Principle of healing the critical states – 1258912
That is pathological state of organism, when the blood content of air not maintains properly, or decreasing/increasing of arterial blood pressure, or disorder of inhale rhythm, or decreasing of pH level (7.35).
Heart lost the possibility of adequate feeding the organs and organism. That deficiency characterized as insufficiency of oxygen, low arterial pressure, and decreasing of blood stream in the vessels.
This is a transitional state between life and death -- not the death, but also not the life. That state begins from stopping of nervous system, blood circulation, and breathing.
Hard state after trauma accompanied with violation of life essential functions of the organs; firstly in breathing and blood circulation.
Further, I will present the section captions only.
SECTION 3. SEPSIS - 58143212

Section 26 assigned for cases when hard to diagnose the illness. Human’s body considered with seven parts: head (1819999), neck (18548321), right hand (1854322), left hand (4851384), body (5185213), right foot (4812531), and left foot (485148291). How we apply these series? According to areas of disease, you must concentrate stepwise on these codes.
Digital series have different number of digits. Code with nine digits heals one, two diseases; eight digits code, around 5 diseases; seven digits, more than 10 diseases.
Practical work with digital series we described above in section 3. You can concentrate on digits in order of series, or simultaneously on two digits from beginning and end of series to its center. You can vary the time and sequence of concentration on each digit.
Let us went back to color TV. When we change the brightness of three main colors in pixel then will change the color of that pixel. So is with the digits in series, we can vary the time of concentration on digits and that will change the summary effect of concentration. What is an optimal time distribution between digits? Answering on that question, you must appeal your intuition.
Keep in mind that during the concentration you must recognize yourself, feel your organism, watch it via inner vision, and imagine it as healthy. All these details are important for quick restoration.
You can heal other people with that method too.
Well, purpose of book with restoration codes is healing the people and maintenance your health of organism.
Another method of health restoration is some short text fragment with several sentences. Such fragment is very effective and partially corresponded with digital series. In fragment are used the words, and in digital series – the numbers.
Word is also a symbol. For example, table in different languages denoted with different words. Word is the symbol, but everybody knows its power. Spiritual-energetic vibration structure of the word produces that power.
So is with digit. Every digit has spiritual-energetic vibration structure, which produce the power.
We can analyze many events of our life based on such approach. In music, for example, spiritual-energetic structure encodes in every sound. Thus, the music has a strong influence on the people.
If digital series can help to heal the people, then those can use in different aspects of human life. That is really so.
In human’s life on every step, we make a decision. For example, accept or decline the new job preposition; is that job corresponded with your expectations or not; is that solution the best of that problem; is a person good partner for your business; is your desire leads to your expectations; etc. For any life situation, we can provide the digital series, which optimize the situation and solve the problem.
Digital series structure the consciousness for event management. Therefore, those digital series will help you to figure out a situation in best way and will orientate you toward correct direction.
In Appendix G for every day of month given two digital series; one contains seven digits; another, nine. You can concentrate on those during the day one by one or on both, simultaneously.
Those digital series have connected with management from spiritual sphere and stimulated the spiritual development.
Two other exercises have harmonized your development with Universe Pulse.
4.9. How to create a matter by human’s consciousness
We already know that theme of matter creation very well. We work on that during the whole book.
I will give you the methods of matter creation from your consciousness. Understanding of these methods provides the possibility to recognize how God created our world.
Methods explain how is existed every element of reality and how it is interacted with other elements. Those methods construct the matter and control the process of its construction.
Understanding of elements interaction is essential important. For example, Let us consider the people resurrection. If you will set as normal even one only parameter, like microelement of person, then that person will resurrect. So is important the understanding of normal interconnection.
These methods are fundamental. If you are able to build up one cell of human being, then you will be able to resurrect him/her. That practice gives a real knowledge about eternal life realization.
Well, you must consider these methods as methods of matter restoration from your consciousness.

4.9.1. Micro-matter construction
Firstly, you must frame in your consciousness a remote area (That conception we defined in the beginning of section 3). You must exactly imagine that remote area of consciousness. You must tune yourself on that remote area and accept it as the micro-matter, which has connected with all reality elements. For example, a molecule or another micro-particle can play the role of such remote area. That can be also an element with deeper level such as structure, which created the matter and owned a basis for that creation.
Well, you frame remote area of consciousness, assign it as micro-matter or microelement. Such areas you can assigned in any quantity according to your purpose. That is first method of materialization.

4.9.2. Construction macro-elements from micro-elements
You have many microelements from first method. Now you must move that areas of consciousness and watch the appearances of imaginations and symbols. These imaginations and symbols will move to, and as results will be appeared some joined object, for example, molecules conjunction.
You can in such manner restore an organs, resurrect the people, heal an illness, materialize any subject. Definitely, you must manage that process. That method provides the creation of any reality spiritual or physical, and we can accomplish the transition from micro-matter to macro-matter.
Let us summarize these two methods.
In first method you frame several remote areas (maximal remote areas), and assign those as microelements. If you correctly understand these areas connections, then you will get the whole object.
In second method you watch the moving of these areas (The moving can be systematical or sporadic. There are not important.). Important in this process is joining the areas. The matter will create as areas conjunction.
In first method, you assign, in second you receive.

4.9.3. Reality construction from the consciousness
We consider that method as corollary of the first and second methods.
You create in your consciousness macro-matter from micro-matter, and join those with very high thought speed. The area of such conjoining is illuminated part of thought and present some platform, which is basis for any matter creation via your thought. In this case, we imply the matter creation from the basis.
Another way to realize that method is following. You not need to frame micro-areas and create macro-area. You can create the matter based on thought. It is enough to think only. Thus, in that approach you frame the thought component, which create the reality.
You can build up a table, computer, plant, human being, and everything what you wish.

4.9.4. Outer reality element construction by its reflection on your consciousness
In that method, you focus on inner element of consciousness and watch the approach of reality to that element. When the reality succeeds the border of element, you imagine your target object (you implement your desire in element of perception). That way you will create what you need in region of your perception. Moreover, the perception will place in management area.
Thus, in that method, the management area places in your assigned zone of perception area and in that area will realize the reality - spiritual or physical.

4.9.5. Construction of inner content of the outer reality imaginations
You can perceive the objects via physical vision. For example, you watch a computer, and see its outer surface. You are able to perceive the computer on the thought level. That is another perception. In that method, your goal is to apply another perception. You must construct in thought inner content of the object in such way like construct it Creator.
Creator exists in every reality element, and; therefore, in any computer element. Acting like Creator means understand the object inner connections, frame those in micro-system and recognize, for example, how connected the molecules (in case with computer recognize its architecture).
If you are able understand for some object or device all systems of the connections and interaction of systems; then you already get the core of object. Therefore, you can create or repair it. For reparation you not need to know the physical components of object or device, you must know only the information connections between information components of the object or device. If you know the connections between information elements, you will able to restore the object or repair the device.

4.9.6. Discrete management by continual thought
We present in that method any object as set of the parts (excluding a human being). We consider human being only as whole object. However, other objects we can imagine as set of the parts.
Let us take, for example, a spoon. Imagine that spoon as three parts – discrete imagination. How to use these parts for materialization some object? We can create new object, which is not a spoon, based on these three parts. Accordingly, we need to transform one form of some part in information form of our object. If we succeed to keep one thought only during that transformation, then we materialize the object. Continual thought means one thought manifestation during the time of transformation. Creator used the same laws for world materialization. If you will possess such sort of thinking, then you will be able to create any object from another element of reality without any changes in that element.

4.9.7. Space construction with time vector
In that method you, firstly, construct the space, and; secondly, vector of the time. That vector of the time creates possibility to construct and separate the matter.
Vector of the time is technical conception not usual mathematical vector. I will explain this conception below.
Imagine some landscape with tries. One tree is old and growing on the river coast, another tree is young and growing on the hill. Time we can imagine as system, which unpacked the space, or filled up each space part. Any part of space has its own time. Consequently, time plays a specific role; we can compare the time with conductor, which regulate and coordinate the space processes.
That space-time conception has management instrument – vector of the time. When I talk about construction of vector of the time, I imply that such vector must stay the essence of your consciousness. Then you will know exact place of any object, without any plan or schema. Construction of vector of the time in consciousness is, factually, recognition what and where exists, and when and how has developed. If you understand such conception as vector of the time, you will be able to construct the matter.

4.9.8. Method of enclosure
Core of that method is construction universal, dispersed in many directions system of the concepts, and construction the information area with element, which is able to construct another element. In that method you can take two elements and with multiple enclosure one in another and replacing one with another you can get any another element. This is method of enclosure.
Let us provide that procedure in details. You can take two objects, for example, videocassette and orange or any other. It does not matter. These object you imagine as two spheres. In thought, you insert one sphere in another, and; thereafter, you change the spheres. In such way, you exchange the spheres many times. When you move these spheres long time, then you will detect in consciousness some corridor of these moving. After some practice, you will create such corridors quite fast and easy. If you will watch an appearance of some corridor, then you will recognize in it the thought path. These thought paths are the matter. You can take that matter and insert it in sick organ and then this organ will stay healthy. You can also direct this matter toward the photo of person who has gone, and you will resurrect that person.
4.9.9. Matter construction via forms manifold
Let us suppose you consider some object, which contain several parts. (Human being always needs to consider as one object, because he/she has unique consciousness structure.) Each part has its own place and specific form. Thus, you get a forms manifold. You perceive it simultaneously, and your perception combines from many parts of perceptions. You perceive several elements with different forms in one moment.
Now you must find a point in consciousness, which assemble all these forms. That point we call as assembly point. In this point, you can assemble yourself as information imagination, and this point is area of your reassembling.
Therefore, we consider the selected object as set of parts. Now you take all these parts and reflect those via assembly point. On the place of joining all reflections, you will get the matter. Definitely, you should manage that process.
Well, you reflect all object parts via assemble point. Then you gather all reflections in area of matter creation. That gather process has some analogy in optics: exactly in same way work the convex lens, which gather all light beams in one point. Keep in mind that analogy when you will work on materialization with that method.
We can construct any creative matter via that method. For example, you can create a physical matter like computer, or element of society development, or new technology of society development, or source of information. This diversity of elements you can reflect via assembly point and get the knowledge. In addition, that knowledge will stimulate your personnel development and, therefore, the progress of society.

4.9.10. Matter construction based on corollary of event
Imagine a tree. We see many branches, and on those, the green leaves. We consciously remark that situation, as already existed in nature. We know also that later on the braches will appear new leaves near to existed ones. That happens because the tree is living and developing. However, you not need to wait when will be appeared new leaves -- you can create those by yourself.
In that case, you consider the elements, which appear as corollary of tree development. Therefore, you create these elements by yourself. We realize that method via information areas, which built up in your perception. You must construct next element based on these areas.
Let us consider another example. Watch how growing the corals or crystals. Let us make some experiment. In the dish in some volume of water, we dissolve some portion of usual salt until we get the saturated solution. If you put in that solution only one crystal of salt, then you will watch crystal-growing process. New slices will appear on the old ones. Based on your consciousness you are able to manage that process, and construct the crystal in desired form.
Well if you need to construct some matter; then, firstly, you consider from which process created that matter as corollary. Thereafter, you create the matter from consciousness. You not need to take anything, just produce the matter from consciousness.

4.9.11. Resume to materialization methods
We considered 10 methods of materialization from many other. These methods are well adapted to any consciousness level. If you combine these methods with methods of resurrection then you will be able to construct any matter on scientific-practical basis. If you understand these methods, then the matter construction will be the standard procedure.
Therefore, you can resurrect and heal the people and restore organs. You will be able to manage any situation, construct any elements (for example, air in space), figure out a critical situation with airplane, prevent the explosion of nuclear station, etc. Thus, you will succeed in the people salvation.
You, definitely, know that these methods must be personnel developed. Thus, the main factor is a practice. Try to apply these methods for construction the physical and spiritual matter. On spiritual level, we can produce our feelings: love, prosperity, compassion, etc. If we consider the love, as initial matter, then these methods will help to understand it by other people.
All conception considered above are relevant to construct any information. You can construct the information to, and manifest your consciousness in creative way (particularly for creation spiritual and physical matter).
Thus, you will be able to create any information and any matter -- spiritual and physical, because in these methods is presented the technology of Creator.

5. Conclusion
This book series dedicated genuine world construction. We considered the fundamental problems above. What is a source of the World?
This book gives clear answer: Creator and then soul and spirit, and then consciousness. Consciousness is connection between physical and spiritual level, between spirit and soul. Physical matter is form of consciousness development. Such is world construction. Life has spiritual basis. Many facts confirm that. In book series “Practice of management. Path to salvation” we presented several hundreds of such facts.
Resurrection is fact of nowadays life. The people who have the possibility to read that book will get new perception of life. Many of them are beginning to resurrect the people. Many people had already resurrected, and number of such people is constantly growing.
Resurrection of all people who have gone, and birth new human beings leads to significant increasing the people population. Thus, we will solve the problems of life resources. The material resources are restricted with natural development. Thus, production the resources via consciousness will be a basic way of life maintenance. That is one of the reasons of my development the materialization methods, which provided in that book. These methods also provide an increasing of space for the people.
Methods illustrate the management of reality, and maintain the further civilization and our life development.
We presented the principles of resurrection, methods of materialization and eternal development as genuine nature of the human beings.
Additionally, we considered the matter construction from our consciousness (we already discussed that conception in section 4). I want once again explain why a human being is able to construct matter, and that ability can stay his/her usual practice.
Creator developed our consciousness “in God image.” Thus, we are able to create any necessary object of the reality. We must only to form our idea in the way as Creator did. Then, for our creative activities will be opening the unlimited prospect.
Once, I had demonstrated how to get new matter, which not existed on the Earth. That was a case with materialization an object in apartment of Svetlana Grushko. That object was looking as it made from some metal. However, when the researcher had made analysis of its inner structure and chemical content, they had detected another nature of the object, which not existed on the Earth. I had created that multi-component object intentionally for demonstrate some result as appearance of total everything connections in matter.
By the way, I can accomplish practically the transformation one element from table of Mendeleev in another. The transformation bases on spiritual level.
Such transformation is only some case of general matter creation ability. In fact, everything what you have in your thought and recognize it can be received in reality.
I present new technology of creation the technical devices. The necessary electronic schemas can be created in ecological clean processes, which based on materialization (see paper “Fundamental definitions of the optical systems in micro-processes management,” - journal Microelectronics, series 1(153), 1999). Materialization process excluded many intermediate stages, for example, tinkering and welding. It is possible to create a machine as whole object; without separated creation its parts.
We can also create the machine via transferring it from the future; we materialize future machine in the present. I did this too.
When you will be able to materialize, you can create new materials, machines, and everything what you need for happy life.
5.1. Resume to healing via digital series
Healing procedure bases on vibration structure of digit, which presented all properties of the object. Thus, the correct series of digits will restore normal state of object.
Well, I want to make here one more notice. I recommend the digital series for healing different illnesses. Indeed, these series were created for simplify the procedure, and for acceleration the healing. When you will get the results of healing, you will recognize that with one digital series only, which had helped you, you can heal any illness. You must recognize many illnesses existence, but the health is one only. Thus, if you find the access to some digital series, then you will have it always.
If we consider these methods from fundamental perspective, then we will understand that all the matter is in state of the consciousness. Digital series help to form you the necessary impulse of consciousness, which lead to healing. That is the reason, why I recommended the seven digits series. Human being will faster understand the one-impulse action via seven digits series. As result, you will get the ability to manage your health with one impulse of consciousness.
Let us make one more notice. We had talked above about series of digits, words, and sounds. Nevertheless, we can consider the series of arbitrary symbols. One only thing must be controlled of these series – the rightness. For example, the selected series can restore some object. Let us take a paper sheet and put on it some series of symbols. If you put that sheet near to some plant or some stone, then the plant will restore and the stone will be not broken. That happens via those perceptions of the symbol series.
5.2. Life transformation
We can totally transform our life based on principles and methods of that book. We considered already the possibilities: to prevent all earthquakes and other catastrophes; to create new space-shifts; to construct new devices for resurrection the people and organs restoration. I had remarked about the devices for thought management (I patented one of such device).
I discovered new energy sources. As result of this discovery, we can fully refuse the atomic energy stations and solve the energetic problem ones forever. New energy sources are ecological clean, because we can get the energy from the past events.
Let us consider one example of new technique development. Based on principles developed by me, we can create super-computer with unlimited speed of data processing and infinite memory volume. You can suppose the big size of computer and its complicated architecture. Nevertheless, in fact, it is not correct. Based on my discovery we can insert in one physical element infinite volume of information. We can then realize unlimited speed and infinite memory on one small microprocessor.
We already considered the device for prevention the earthquakes. How serious can be the disasters? Let us consider some examples.
First, near to the Earth surface will change the electro-magnetic field intensity. Normal value of intensity is 120-150 V/m. Before and after the earthquake the intensity will grow in thousand times!
Corollaries of that can be different. For example, one day before of Carpathian earthquake in 1986 in BUCURESTI were destroyed all computers, and in the night was observed light around the different objects.
Light appearances quite frequently appear before earthquake. Sometimes you can watch the light in sky, ground, rocks, electro-lines, treetop, antennas, etc. The light can appear around the people and animals to.
In quite big area will violate not only the devices, the people; pilots, operators, drivers, etc. will be not able to get correct solution. Refusal of devices, inability of the people to get correct solution will create the danger situations.
Now we see the importance of new device for prevent the earthquakes.
Nuclear weapon and atomic energy station create serious danger for our civilization. Current situation is utterly serious. The dangerous situation is not only with weapon storages but also with atomic energy stations. Let us consider an example when I salvaged the Earth from annihilation.
We mean the situation, which happen in Bulgarian on Cozloduisk Atomic Station. Information about that accident published in “Russian Gazette,” #18 (1878), January 30, 1998 under caption “Disasters for tomorrow are denied.” In that article described how was prevented the catastrophe on atomic station by me. That accident was lead to global catastrophe, much power than the Chernobyl accident.
Under Atomic Station in the ground placed the layers with high electric conductivity. In case of explosion, that obstacle leads to appearance the vacuum sink, which was able to sink whole Earth’s atmosphere. Nowadays level of technical devices is insufficient to stop that process. According to the calculation of physics scientists, that process will transform our planet in dust cloud in 2000.
I detected the defects of stations (all of these were documentarily confirmed on the Bulgarian state level), and after proper actions that catastrophe was prevented. The Earth salvages.
5.3. Technologies and education
Nowadays reality is under danger of totally world destruction, and science must developed the methods for prevent it. Science in such situation is system of knowledge, which developed real methods for prevention that global catastrophe.
In my practice, I use direct vision. This is irrational technology. With that technology, I had prevented several catastrophes with global characters. These catastrophes are impossible to prevent with any other methods. The methods of orthodox sciences are not able to prevent those. Thus, scientific methods – genuine scientific – are the irrational methods and technologies such as direct vision, materialization and dematerialization, teleportation, etc., but, first, the people resurrection. People resurrection and objects restoration are genuine scientific methods. Such is the reality.
Note, that I use term “irrational technology” as today’s conception. These technologies are irrational for normal consciousness level only, because in normal state of consciousness the people do not watch the processes clearly and cannot understand those fully. For expanded consciousness, these processes are natural, and realize the new science basis.
The genuine science bases on real world construction, and; therefore, solves the problems effectively.
In my practice, I can use combination of direct vision, new and orthodox science. That confirmed my discoveries, inventions, technological devices, and thesis of doctor degree. That confirmed also by including me in several academies of the world. That approach I use also in my lection, which included the orthodox methods. I am lecturer in the Russian Ministry of Extreme Situations and in the Russian Academy of President Service (Appendix E), where I explain the technologies of prevention and liquidation the extreme situations.
There are the courses in thematic “Methods of distant prophylactic of the catastrophes”: Mathematical modeling prophylactic of the catastrophes, irrational management of catastrophes prophylactic, special methods of prophylactic global catastrophes, and General analysis of extreme situation prophylactic.
In March 2001, Russian Ministry of Education confirmed my educational course “Technologies of preventive prognosis and safety development” (Learning course see in Appendix E). Students, which successfully studied that course, will get master degree, diploma of Russian Federation, and certificate of UNESCO (example of diploma presented in Appendix E).
My lections included in educational program of Russian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Defense and Extreme Situation in high schools of Russian Federation.
Lections, practice of resurrection, new technological devices, and other sort of my activities are the parts of my doctrine “Humankind Salvation and Harmonic Development.” Below we present general schema of my doctrine.
Doctrine of Grigory Grabovoi contains two systems: global salvation system and harmonic creative development. Healthcare, Prognosis, Education, Science, Art/Culture, Management, Religion are the subsystems of system described above. Science subsystem contains two next divisions: science of Grigory Grabovoi and then orthodox sciences in Grigory Grabovoi vision. In the subsystem Management are included: Politics, Economics, and Sociology.
In any educational system, form my viewpoint, must be presented a course for study the direct management of events from consciousness. Education must start even before the birth of human being. In my system the education start in infinite past and continue in the infinite future. We can mark following stages of education. First period started in infinite past and ended three years before birth. In that period the parents and other representative based on special concentrations would form the future events of the child. Information of the past is basis for such construction. Second period ended one year before birth, and third period, ended in birth date. Thereafter, every day presented a new stage. Some time later, the stage duration would be increasing until month, and then properly in infinite future.
Learning is relevant in any age. Adult person can travel in thought in his/her childhood and make proper course of concentrations. That method provides the possibility to get the knowledge of many months in one day. Even more, you can travel in thought in future and get the future knowledge, which will help you to take the correct decision.

5.4. Salvation tower
For prevention global catastrophes and maintenance stabile creative development of humankind, I suggested build up a special device. That construction looks as arrow directed in sky. On the top of it, we will place a crystal. That device will work on principles described in my patent “Way and device to prevent catastrophes.” We already discussed that patent.
Device will work in following way. Information from the crystal will transfer via optical channel to the bottom of construction. On the earth around the construction will be drown the circle. Bottom of the tower is set in center of circle. One circle segment will contain the Earth map. If danger of catastrophe will appear in some location of the Earth then in proper place on the map will light the point. This is signal of danger for the people. Thereafter, the crystal of the tower starts to decrease the power of potential catastrophe. If technical resources of tower are enough, then the danger will remove, otherwise the device will request the additional maintenance. Thus, danger will remove with the additional tools.
Let us consider another half of circle. Star map will present on it. That map will reflect possible development of Universe for all the time. Then will be possible to prevent the catastrophes in cosmos.
We can transfer via Internet the maps from the tower to any Earth region. Then any person can watch what is going on, and help to salvation via his/her consciousness.
We presented such circle with Earth map and fragment of Star map in my office stamp.
My suggestion about tower with crystal has a positive response.
I created also a social structure for broadcasting of my doctrine, which called fond of Grigory Grabovoi (see Appendix E).
That fond is management structure of international association “Union of Broadcasting the Doctrine of Grigory Grabovoi.” Any person can enter that union, organization, and state. Along the development of union, I implement also a system of safety progress, which based on agreements with special created state. That state I need for conclude the agreement about safety progress with all states of the world.
5.5. Juridical status of resurrected people
Process of people resurrection develops with growing speed. Thus, juridical status of resurrected people is now on the plate. Forming that status of resurrected people, we must declare the principle of eternal life. That principle must be official included in state constitution. Resurrection is a harmonic process of state development, and; therefore, any state, any human being, and any environment must accept it.
Goal of resurrected structure is everybody resurrection overall Earth regions and in different time stratums. We need to resurrect the people from ancient time, from different state systems. Each region has stratums and cells structure. Simultaneously with modern people will live the people from the prehistoric era, and that will not create any problem; now on the Earth live the people on different level of development. After everybody’s resurrection will be slowly leveled differences between people.
Further development of resurrection will accomplish on the general world structure level.
5.6. Spiritual beings
In section 1, when I considered second case, I said about some beings, which manage the resurrection. They also accomplish the registration of resurrected people. Let us explain some details about them.
God creates the spiritual beings directly, and they stay under His straight control. They are a link in world development. Those beings have the ability to transform in any outer form. For example, they can transform in human being. Then they are able to transform in a building. Even more, they are able to transform in building and human being simultaneously, which meet the resurrected people and registered they.
These spiritual beings manage the resurrection process. They keep whole information, and control the situation. They are the islands in physical reality, which function as autonomic blocks.
Resurrection accomplishes under direct God’s control. Resurrection mandatory goes via God.
Let us remark that the powers of destruction are not able to resurrect. Resurrection is a privilege of creative powers.
In section 2, I told about distinctions between resurrected and living people. Now I am saying that after resurrection these distinctions will disappear. The people will have the equal status.
5.7. Myths and delusions
That book helps to divulge the biggest illusion of our civilization: myth about objective existence of physical reality independent from human consciousness.
Such conception arise the problem about genuine origin of human being, neglect his/her veritable greatness and creation in God’s image.
Many other myths and delusions cover the genuine nature of human’s life. Let us take a problem of suffering. We know the sentence that the suffering is an attribute of our life. That is wrong, because the suffering has not any basis and reasons in that world. Similar conceptions about suffering connected with misunderstanding about real world construction.
Indeed, Let us consider one of the most serious reasons of suffering – death of the relatives or friends. That is serious reason without any doubt. However, we already know how resurrect the people, and we know that death must not exist in our life. Death exists only as corollary of misunderstanding. Soon that conception will disappear fully.
Same things are happen with other wrong causes of suffering. Together with those will be disappeared an absurd idea about understanding via suffering. In nowadays reality, that idea can lead to global catastrophe. The thought about getting something via suffering was implemented in human’s consciousness during hundreds years. Now is the time to release of these delusions. Indeed, for suffering and negative emotions is not existed the basis. With the beginning of resurrection process, these delusions and myths already start to disappear. Thus, main criterion for control of accuracy of resurrection process is positive changes in the life of person who accomplish the resurrection and in the life of the people surrounding that person.
Creator bases our world on creative emotions, and first on joy, light, and love. Joy, light, and love are real world fundament. Then exactly those emotions provide wealthy and happy eternal life.
Essential important in that is increasing of consciousness level. Transitions to higher levels of consciousness are real path to God.
All great religions of world appeared from experience of those creators. That is to say, in basis of religion lays the revelation. Only via entering in higher consciousness level human being reveals the fundamental reality of the world. Then a person, who recognized that reality, will talk about it. Therefore, all world religions maintain the technologies of consciousness development.
Nevertheless, do not try to understand that reality via logical way, because it lay outside of the logical considerations. Irrational logic works in that reality, which not has any connection with logic of normal consciousness.
Increasing the consciousness level is unique path to God and world understanding. Because in highest consciousness level is discovered the TRUTH.
5.8. Role of this book
We had written that book for all people. It appeals to each person. However, that book assigned not only for the people. Because our goal is work on salvation system of everybody -- the people, animals, plants, stones, and everything. That is possible. That is necessary. That book shows the path to that, and expands that path to all reality elements, and all manifestation of the world. That leads to genuine harmony of the world. Thus, that book is for whole world and forever.
Eternal life provides realization of all our desires. When we talk about our wishes we must know that these wishes partially predefined by Creator. If you watch the eternal life remotely, then you should know that this life is near to you. If somewhat in the reality is not fit to you, then this must not exist in it. In that world, everything must fit to you.
When you accomplish a people resurrection or object restoration, you create your image of that. You can transfer knowledge to any object, and it will bear that knowledge.
In that book, we had given practice of recognition via resurrection process. That helps to understand: recognition is bases on Eternity principles.
In my religion, management realizes the eternal development and eternal life. In my principles of the world, Eternity is unique, and God creates it for everybody’s development toward wealthy and happy life.
Based on these principal conceptions of my Doctrine take that book and bear it like light, light of life, light of your progress. That book bears genuine happiness for everybody. It gives such development, which you will have forever and already have. You can transform the world with that book around you and inside of you. In it implemented action principle, principle of creative activity. It is by itself a real action. This book is a Path.
When I am talking about that book, I am talking about real life, which reproduces that book. I expressed that life in words, and these words bear for you a light of life, eternal light, which will be never expired. You will have that light always when you touch the book, or think about it, or read its first pages.
That book teaches us how to build around us the reality. Learning it, you can manage the reality always, everywhere, and forever. Then eternal management reflects in your soul in such way, that this knowledge will transfer to you. Thus, everybody will succeed welfare, tension to oneness, and to creative development.
If you will touch the Creator in His highest feeling to you, in His infinite Love to you, then you will understand that you are Creator’s being, which must create and create by image. You will create like create God. You will bear the light of His consciousness in areas, which need to transform. You will bear the light of His consciousness in areas, which show your soul, intellect, consciousness, and mind. You will bear the light in the areas of needs of the animals, plants, and existing world. You get that light ones and forever, because you are the light of world.

Salvage yourself and you salvage the other.
Salvage the other people and you salvage yourself.
Moving to world is truth of the world.
Moving to understanding is truth of understanding.
Your mission is universal.
You must going through the way assigned for you.
Your path is path toward Eternity.
Your life is creation.
Your image is God’s image.
Your consciousness is image of mind.
Your consciousness is image of truth.
You are creator, as God is.
You are the truth, because truth is God.
When you watch the world with clear, open eyes, you see the reality, which God creates for you.
When you watch God, your eyes reflect truth of the world.
God creates your eyes, and you are able to see how He would create those. You watch and create.
Your eyes is your consciousness, your soul is everything what you create.
Your body is your consciousness.
Your hands are your consciousness.
You watch yourself and you create yourself.
You watch the people and you create the people.
You watch the world and you create the world.
You perceive the world and world creates you.
You watch the reality and the reality watches you.
You watch the reality as you watch everybody around you.
When you go to peak of world, world locates around you.
When you go to world, it locates on peak.
If you see world you see your love.
Your love is your creation, which God sent to you once and forever.
I present to you that book as the God’s love created and existed everywhere and forever.
You will have it because you are forever.
When you exist forever, you move up and your path covers with flowers.
When you exist in everywhere, you move in everywhere and path covers with space and worlds.
When you are everywhere, the path covers with flowers.
Take these flowers and present to everybody a flower of eternal life.
Show the path, make the path fast and equally for everybody.
Everybody must have eternal life and has the path.
Everybody has that path in soul.
Open your soul and show your joy flower for surroundings.
Recognize the reality in spirit, in which you already recognized it.
Step in to what you already know.
Be a manifestation, which you already are.
Salvage yourself and salvage the other people, and your mind will reflect the Eternity, and your mind will be in Eternity.
When you in moment of your mind will see yourself -- you resurrect immediate everybody and everything.
Everybody who presented must be resurrected, and everybody who is gone must be resurrected, and everybody who living will not go to die.
Based on principle of immortality, realize everybody’s resurrection, because modern knowledge, knowledge of salvation and genuine salvation base on your knowledge, which you must know.
Creator’s Advent is included in your recognition of knowledge, which you have already. That is Creator’s Advent to everybody. You must have this knowledge and salvage with it.
Everybody’s salvation comes to everybody, because we can salvage if everybody will salvage, and all people salvage together.
We develop toward salvation.
We will salvage in any case.
Your goal is develop the salvation as everybody’s business, and that business must stay a salvation in eternal life. Because only eternal life is genuine salvation and genuine salvation is eternal life.

Grigory Grabovoi

Appendix A. Documents confirmed resurrection facts
1. Declaration from Emilia Rusanov

2. Declaration from Tatyana Kozlov

3. Declaration from Svetlana Kulikov

4. Second declaration of Svetlana Kulikov

5. Declaration of Lubov Kazakov

6. Declaration of Lev Bogomolov

Appendix B. Documents confirmed healing facts of fatal illnesses
1. Declaration of Galina Antipova

2. Second declaration of Galina Antipova

3. Diagnosis of medical doctor about Galina Antipova

3. Declaration of Diana Serbin

4. Declaration of Nadejda Serbin

5. Diagnosis of four stage of cancer

5. Healing certificate from fourth stage cancer

6. Healing certificate from cancer

7. Healing of cancer of pancreas gland

8. Diagnosis of duodenum cancer

9. Healing from AIDS certificate

10. Healing certificate from AIDS

11. Fragment of illness history

12. Rejuvenation result certificate

Appendix C. Documents confirmed prevention of disasters
1. Certificate of extrasensory people detection after shaft crash

2. Certificate of de-materialization part of car

3. Certificate about airplane diagnosis

4. Certificate of airplane extrasensory diagnosis

5. Protocol confirmed extrasensory diagnosis

6. Certificate of extrasensory diagnosis of airplane

7. Declaration of Boris Veremei about extrasensory restoration

8. Certificate of extrasensory diagnosis

9. Certificate about prognosis of Mir and Atlantis junction (September 27 1997)

10. List of confirmed prognosis made by Grigory Grabovoi
1. Prognosis about situation development with president of Russia Boris Elzin
2. Yugoslavian situation development in August 1999
3. Economical situation development in Russia after October 1999
4. About abilities of new government in June 1999
5. Stabilization of Russia economical development
6. Prognosis of Russia economical performance
7. Prognosis for Moscow on year 2000
8. Oil price prediction for August 2000
9. Price prediction on situation with food in 2000
10. Chechen war development in year 2000
11. SBS-AGRO bank development for next 2-3 years
12. Prognosis about agreement of product specialization
13. Prognosis about money laundry in Russia for next 2-3 years
14. Central bank development prognosis for next 2 years
15. Prognosis about mortgage credit
16. Prognosis about prophylactic of accidents in oil and gas transportation

Appendix D. Materialization and dematerialization certificates
1. Materialization unknown object

2. Key materialization

3. Key materialization and de-materialization

4. Key partial dematerialization and restoration

5. Documents materialization certificate

6. Stamp dematerialization certificate

7. Airplane ticket materialization

8. 10 pages article dematerialization

9. Certificate on distant voice transfer

11. Certificate of teleportation

12. Certificates of chemical processes direct vision

13. Certificate of direct vision of Math results

14. Extrasensory cleanup and record on audiocassette

15. Dematerialization of computer diskette

16. Extrasensory computer virus detection and cleanup

17. Extrasensory distant lift management

Appendix E. Documents confirmed restoration via technical devices
1. Certificate-license on invention
Patent on “Information Archives in any space-time point” presented below.

2. Certificate-license on invention
Patent on “Computer technology of distant management” presented below.

3. Certificate-license on invention
Patent on discovery that “Time is Form of Space” presented below.

4. Certificate-license on invention
Patent on discovery of “Systems reflected spheres manifold” presented below.

5. Patent on method of catastrophes prevention
We present here first two pages of invention description.

6. Certificate from Agency of Extreme Situation Monitoring
Document certified 100% accuracy of earthquakes prediction, which based on crystal module.

7. Patent on Information Transferring System
We present fragment of patent (first and second pages) on system, which transfer information based on crystal spheres.

8. Test results of Information Transferring System
In conclusion of protocol, confirmed functions of device in information transferring system.

9. Diploma of G. Grabovoi in Mechanics

10. Diploma of doctor of “Know-sphere Technology”

11. Diploma of Grand Master

12. Diploma of Grand Doctor Philosophy

13. Diploma of Doctor of Technical Science

14. Diploma of Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Sciences

15. Diploma of Doctor of Informatics

16. Diploma of Doctor of Science

17. Certificate of “Full Professor” title

18. Diploma of Professor
We present here diploma of professor in “Safety of extreme situation”.

19. Diploma of professor
We present here diploma of professor in discipline “Analytical and Structural-Analytical Devices and Systems”.

20. Diploma of professor title
We present here diploma of professor title in discipline “Informatics of Systems.”

21. Diploma of academician title

22. Diploma of academician title
We present here diploma of International Informatization Academy.

23. Diploma of active member
We present here diploma of active member of New York Academy of Sciences.

24. Diploma of academician of Italian Academy
We present here diploma of academician of Italian Academy of Economics and Social Sciences.

25. Diploma of academician of Medical Technical Sciences

26. Diploma of academician of IAISB

27. Diploma of academician
We present here diploma of Academy of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions.

28. Diploma of academician
We present here diploma of Russian Academy of Cosmos Sciences.

29. Certificate of lecturer
We present here certificate of lecturer in Agency of Extreme Situation Monitoring.

30. Course of Technology and Development
We present here course of “Technology of Warning Prognosis and Safety Development.”

31. Example of certificate
We present here an example of certificate of course “Technology of Warning Prognosis and Safety Development.”

32. Certificate of registration
We present here certificate of registration Doctrine of G. Grabovoi in Moscow Registration Office.

Appendix F. Phenomena of resurrection
We know that resurrection as phenomena is exists ever. Evidences of that we know from history. We can remind the mysteries of ancient Greece. Persian conceptions contain especial imaginations about that. In those was narrated that divine Beings will resurrect all died people in their bodies.
Analogically, Christian religion explains the resurrection of died people after Second Mission of Jesus Christ. In that religion, the resurrection means resurrection in physical bodies.
From ancient time, many philosophers considered these problems.
Bible contains a classical text about that. Bible contains evidences of resurrections, which Jesus Christ accomplished. We know too, that Jesus Christ healed the non-healing illnesses.
We can consider the examples known from orthodox Christianity. St. Varlaam Hutinsky, St. Sergei Radonejski, St. Ioahn Kronshtadsky accomplished the resurrection too.
St. Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba from India accomplished the resurrection in nowadays life.
Therefore, the facts of resurrection confirmed in history. That was separated cases of resurrection. Nowadays reality is mass resurrection process, resurrection of everybody. Resurrection is developing as chain reaction. Knowledge about methods and principles helps in that process, even that knowledge is partial. For example, I gave part of manuscript of that book to Natalia Philipova. She worked on resurrection of her husband, and in December 2000, he had resurrected. Then she met her resurrected brother in January 2001 (she worked on resurrection of her husband only, but her brother had resurrected too). Following my practice, resurrection of one person caused the resurrection of another person. I know cases, when after one resurrected person was resurrected the family. Creator gives to people more that they can expect. That is Creator’s Love manifestation. In Creator’s Love is everybody salvation and eternal life.
Let consider some citations from Bible.
“Your dead shall life. Together with my dead body they will arise” (Isaiah, 26:19).
“Most assuredly, I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of Son of God; and those who hear will life” (Gospel of John, 5:25).
In sentence below of St. Paul remarks that resurrection will accomplish for everybody -- for righteous and non-righteous.
“I have hope in God, which they themselves also accept, that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of just and unjust” (The Acts of Apostles, 24:15).
In many places of Bible told about qualitative transformation of human being.
“For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself” (Philippians, 3:20, 3:21)
“So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption” (Corinthians 1, 15:42).
Process of resurrection described in several places.
“Thus says the Lord God to these bones: “Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live” “I will put sinews on you and bring flesh upon you, cover you with skin and put breath in you; and you shall life. Then you shall know that I am Lord”” (Ezekiel, 37:5, 37:6). In addition “Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols” (Ezekiel, 36:25). Moreover, here placed following “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel, 36:26). “I will put My Spirit within you…” (Ezekiel, 36:27).
As result, a human being will transform from unconscious baby to wise person. Now human being watch some things unclear as via cloudy glass, but; thereafter, he/she will see clear; “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (Corinthians, 13:11). Moreover, here placed following “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in a part, but then I shall know just as I also am known” (Corinthians, 13:12).
About that is saying in other places, for example, “Beloved now we are children of God: and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is” (The First Epistle of John, 3:2).
In follow sentence of St. Paul is saying that body of resurrected people will be non-destructive, and death will not exist.
“Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: ”Death is swallowed up in victory.“” (Corinthians, 15:51-54).
Mass character of resurrection requires mass right understanding. In that book, I had narrated, first time in history, the basic principles and methods of resurrection. The resurrection presented, first time in history, as science. Therefore, it is not amazing that many people accomplish resurrection.
Problem of resurrection has now different character. Modern world brings closer to problem of global self-destruction. In such conditions, the resurrection is genuine path to salvation. Resurrection bases on spirit; therefore, it is real salvation without backward move.
Mass resurrection opens new stage in development of our civilization. Eternal life is our reality.
As an example of fast knowledge transferring about resurrection, I give a concrete fact of such transferring.

Certificate of physical resurrection of Hikolai Gribanov

Appendix G. Everyday consciousness development
These exercises will help you to develop health, consciousness, wealthy events in life, and harmonize your life with pulse of Universe.
I suggest accomplish these exercises everyday. For everyday of month, we provide three exercises for management the events. Basis of exercises is concentration on the goal, which will be achieving. You can choice a goal of concentration, for example, healing of illness, world understanding, etc. Mainly, you must regulate the information for everybody’s salvation and harmonic development. You accomplish world salvation job, and; therefore, this regulation can realize the information war against disaster.
Practically, concentration will accomplish in following actions.
1. You define goal of concentration in some geometric shape, for example, sphere. That sphere manifests the goal of concentration.
2. You spiritually prepare to build the necessary events as God realizes that.
3. You control sphere location during the concentration on the objects, and move that sphere in most enlightened area of perception via will effort.
That is only one of possible variants of concentration. You can find many other. Very effective concentrations based on genuine world understanding.
In first exercise, you will concentrate on element of outer or inner reality; in second exercise, on sequence of digits; and in third, on word form of concentration.
The item 4.8 is essential important for second and third exercises.
Efficiency of concentration depends of your relation to it. Try to use creative approach, and hear your inner voice suggestions.
You can write digital series on sheet, and then concentrate on it. Another way of concentration is following.
Concentrating on nine digits series, you can imagine that you and goal of concentration as some ball locate in sphere center, and the digits had been writing on inner surface of sphere. You must find the most enlightened digit, and; after getting the thoughts about it, you must connect that digit with inner ball.
Concentrating on seven digits series, you can imagine the digits on some facet of cube, and you can move these digits according to your feeling for succeed maximum effectiveness.
Let describe another way of concentration. You can connect each digit with some element of inner or outer reality. For example, you can connect one digit with some feeling; and another, with some tree. That is up to you. Thus, you manifest the digits with reality elements or your consciousness elements.
These examples give you some management possibilities. You can change the concentration structure, mood of it, and symbolic manifestation of digits. As result, you will achieve more efficiency, and better time management, which is very important in everyday life. When requires fast salvation, your concentration will provide it.
If your goal is harmonic development, then time is not so important. Base factor is here harmony (in any circumstances), which will be providing by your concentration.
We assume individual character of these exercises. Choice of your development system cannot accomplish based on logistic level. Surely, you form your goal, you intent to realize it, but goal already existed in your soul, and that goal formed earlier. Therefore, concentrating on some goal, firstly, will realize goals of your soul, which are goals not only of your development, but also the development of society. Accomplishing these goals, you will feel (on the soul level, on the level of Creator) that this is exactly what your must realize in first step.
Thus, when we are talking about concentration, we, firstly, are discussing the world harmony. Need to understand, the harmony always contains as necessary element the salvation, if a situation requires it. Main goal of harmonic development is creation such conditions, in which never appear the dangers. We must care about eternal harmonic development.
Created and approbated concentrations in each day of the month, I dedicated for that goal. Accomplishing these concentrations, you will develop your path of development as continual and joyful, you will salvage yourself and other, and you will live eternally.
Based on these concentrations, you can actively influent on any situation. Your understanding of concentrations action as world salvation and harmonic development will open freedom, which Creator had given to you. That forms creative development of everybody and your happiness.
We provide concentrations for 31 days. If you accomplish concentrations in February, which contains 28 days, then after concentrations for 28th day, you must follow to concentrations for March 1. That means day must always correspond with day number in concentrations. Any time of day and night is acceptable to concentrations. For each day, you will define number and duration of concentrations. We suggest concentrations before important event and systematically.
If first exercise is too complicate for you, then you can remove it, and accomplish other two. In any case, you will get the results. Along the exercises, you will understand the first exercise deeply. Thus, you can accomplish the concentrations, which you like and understand.
1 day of month
1. You concentrate of right foot. That is basic point connected you with outer world. You are basing in thoughts on Earth. In your consciousness, Earth is basis. Your basic point of foot is simultaneously the point of maintenance and point of creation. You can develop your consciousness based on point as point of creation. You recognize the principle of development the plants and your physical body. According to that principle, you are able to create any outer reality. That understanding is basis of concentration.
Nevertheless, you not need to think about that deep mechanism. You can only concentrate on your right foot, and imagine event, which meets your goal of concentration. Mechanism of concentration will work automatically, and you will get the event in harmonic way, because that concentration provides harmonic development.
You can execute that concentration many times in the day.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1845421.
Nine digits for concentration are following 845132489.

3. You concentrate on world, on all objects of world. You feel any object of world is part of your. Perceiving that, you will feel slight wind from every object, which gives you the solution. When you will get that every object has your consciousness particle, you will watch Creator’s harmony.
2 day of month
You concentrate on little finger of right hand, and simultaneously hold in consciousness the desirable event. You can concentrate many times in day with different duration. You must relay on your intuition and inner voice as in other concentrations.
During this concentration, you can do something and touch some subject with little finger. It not interferes.
Important is concentration on little finger, not on the other. Management will stay harmonic.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1853125.
Nine digits for concentration are following 849995120.

3. You must consider world harmony in connection with you, and you must create that world as God creates. Watch on the world and you will see the picture from past. Watch on the world and you will see the picture from present. Watch on the world and you will see who you are. That world is forever.
3 day of month
1. You can concentrate on the real existing plant, and you can watch it along the concentration. Another approach, you imagine some plant, and then you concentrate on its imagination.
Concentrating on plant, you form necessary event in light, which reflected from the plant. You construct that event and really see it. That method called method of reflection. Event, which constructed in that concentration, will be harmonizing, because the plant exists in harmony of world.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 5142587.
Nine digits for concentration are following 421954321.

3. Watch the reality and you will see many worlds. Watch your world, come to it, and expand it. Watch world as witness. Near to world, and put your hands on it. You will feel warm of your world. Move it to your and watch Creator. Hear what He says and what He suggests. Compare your knowledge with that and get the eternal world.
4 day of month
1. You concentrate on crystals or stones. Concentrating, for example, on stone, you imagine around it some sphere of information. You watch in sphere all necessary events, and; therefore, you place those in sphere. In such manner, you control the events.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 5194726.
Nine digits for concentration are following 715043769.

3. Watch the reality from perspective, which induce harmonic methods. One method continues another. When you are going via street, you are feeling current step is appearing from previous. If you are sitting, then you can stand up. Every move is different. Move roots in previous move, and create next. Consider world as continual, as world in which every move touch you only. Monolithic world gives you the concrete methods of management. Come to that world, take it in your hands, and your hands will be the world, which hold your world. You will see that you touch the eternal world – world of all worlds. That world will be unique for everybody; world, which you choose and everybody choose. Create world, which is ideal for you and everybody. Ideal world is monolithic. You must watch everybody’s perfection and your perfection in your monolithic world, which is monolithic for everybody.

5 day of month
1. You concentrate on reality elements, which appear from your interactions with other reality elements. Let us explain what that means.
Considering some subject, you concentrate your consciousness on that subject. Therefore, that subject got some part of your consciousness and knowledge, and transferred those to other reality elements. Similarly, sun light falls on subject and then reflected light falls on other subjects.
Thus, if you concentrate on some subject, you interact with it, and then that subject sends somewhat to surroundings. Your goal is to think and illuminate what was being sending by subject. You can concentrate on that, and then imagine the necessary event. In this method, you accomplish concentration on manifested secondary element, which created the subject of your concentration.
Well, based on direct vision, or logical considerations, you find what subject has transferred to surroundings (after interaction with you). Concentrating on that corollary – secondary element of concentration – you imagine desirable event, and realize it.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1084321.
Nine digits for concentration are following 194321054.

3. When you watch sky, you know that Earth existed. When you watch Earth, you can think about sky. If you locate under ground, then sky exists above it. This truth must be a source of eternal world. Connect Earth with sky, and you will see that everything what existed under Earth can be above it. Go to your spirit, and find resurrected people where they are. Move the infinity to world truth and you will see the eternity of world, and genuine Creator. Because Creator gives to you what you have. Because you creates as Creator do. He is close to you. He is your friend. He loves you. You give Him your hands, and create as He has created. You are His creation, and you are creator. Only Creator is able to create the creators. You must be in harmony with Creator. You must be open for Him, and must be eternal in every manifestation and appearance. Everything, which you want to correct, can be correct ever. Everything, which you want to create, you can create in your location in any time. Eternity exists for perfection. Creator’s actions fill the Eternity. You are the one who watched by Creator. You are the one who want Creator realization in Eternity. You watch yourself in Eternity. Creator, which presented in you, acts with you in every your actions. Call to Him, and you will have a harmony.

6 day of month
1. You change density of consciousness structure via perception the remote objects. That method is convenient for realization the desirable event in proper place. You need to concentrate your consciousness in that place.
In contrary, your can use that method to prevent some non-wealthy event or situation in proper place. You must dissolve the negative information through disperse consciousness in that place. Dispersion of negative information leads to event dispersion.
Realization of desirable event accomplishes via consciousness concentration, which based on remote elements of your consciousness. We already discussed that method. Here you will use consciousness elements, which responsible of perception the remote objects. You can watch real physical remote objects, or objects in your imagination. In both cases, you will use the remote elements of your consciousness. If you simultaneously imagine the desirable event in proper place, then this event will realize.
Well, more remote area of your consciousness with information of event provides faster and more complete realization of event in proper place.
In relation to destructive forces, you can use dispersion method, which disperses negative information and prevents the undesirable event.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1954837.
Nine digits for concentration are following 194321099.

3. If you watch upended world, you must realize that upended, compressed, or dispersed world is always world of harmony, wealthy, and unity. Creator’s wealth lays in basis of such states of world. You can get that harmony from knowledge about your eternity, and any structure and information will not be able to change that God’s Will.
7 day of month
1. You concentrate on super-remote consciousness areas. In practice, we deal with it when we watch the remote clouds, or far objects as trees of those leaves. You must process lots of information for materialization some object or realization some event. Super-remote areas of consciousness provide super-fast processing of information. More remote area provides faster processing.
Knowing that, you watch a cloud with physical vision, or in thoughts, and simultaneously you build desirable event on that cloud (you can use any remote object for that practice). The desirable event will realize in fastest way.
Event realization will accomplish in harmonic way, because cloud cannot destroy and damage somebody.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1485321.
Nine digits for concentration are following 991843288.

3. You see, that world develops in image and status of your actions, which accomplish in correspondence with God’s will. You see that everybody recognizes world. If you are going to change it, then keep up a correspondence of your actions with everybody’s wealth. Consequently, your action will realize, your health will improve, and everybody’s wealth will come. Everybody’s wealth is deal of world, which leads to God’s Realm, to eternal life for everybody.
8 day of month
1. This day you learn to manage based on corollaries of event.
Imagine, you are sitting near to some lake, and watching a moving launch. Water is still, but behind the launch appear waves. Waves are corollaries of launch move.
Watch a leave on tree. We can consider the leave as corollary of tree existence.
Clouds cover the sky. Shower begins. Each drop we can consider as corollary of cloud existence.
Many such examples exist around us. You take some event and concentrate on one of corollaries of it. Simultaneously, you keep in mind desirable event. That event will realize.
This method is very effective. Based on it, you can change the events from the past.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1543218.
Nine digits for concentration are following 984301267.

3. Infinity of digit contour of number 8 connected the worlds, which already considered in previous seven days. When your world will connect with all worlds, you will see that your soul is joyful, as worlds count. Perceiving each particle of world as everybody’s joy, you will see that joy is eternal as eternal is wealth. In that status of joy, you will rise your hand up, and will see impulse of God’s wealth, which calls to Eternity. Watch Eternity in place where it exists. Watch Eternity in place where it not exists. Watch Eternity in place where it exists ever, and you will stay Eternity creator in place, where it missing from another person viewpoint. When you will watch and create Eternity, you will stay eternal forever, and in any world. You are creator by image, and Eternity creates you by image. Creating eternal, you will create yourself. Creating yourself, you will create eternal in same manner as Eternity creates another Eternity, and in same manner as Creator created all of us simultaneously.

9 day of month
1. Concentrating, you transfer maximum remote areas of consciousness in nearest areas of consciousness. Your perception of remote and nearest areas of consciousness must remain the same for both types of areas. In that case, you can get united impulse for creation any world element. When you will succeed that, you will stay a specialist in management, which can keep everything in good conditions based only on desire and stayed in some spiritual state.
United impulse develops some spiritual state. This state not connects with mind, because thoughts in that state can miss. That state can have simple mood on good, creation, and harmony.
That mood creates wealth development of events. Based on that method of concentration, you illuminate especial form of perception. Perception locates in your consciousness, presents part of your consciousness, and you intentionally structure it for management.
Method involves deep knowledge of management, which based on consciousness.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1843210.
Nine digits for concentration are following 918921452.

3. Watching the world as core of world structure, you will see that everything (plant, human being, animal, molecule, etc.) has one God’s basis. God showed mechanism of everything creation. Watching how God created, you will create too. Understanding that via beginning and deepness of your ego, you will see the ego development, and ego transformation in world. You are that world. You are the reality. Watch on that via world eyes, via eyes of everyone, via your eyes and you will see that your soul is your eyes. Watch world via soul and you will see world as it is. You can correct it, if that is necessary. You will see world as world of Eternity. You will know your path always when you watch world from inside and outside.

10 day of month
1. You concentrate on the objects, which you perceive in one impulse of perception. First, you prepare for perception all objects in one impulse. Then, you must recognize all these objects in one impulse.
In the beginning of that practice, you will get partial perception of objects. Do not worry about that. Your target is maximum full perception of the objects. You will get this perception after some time of practice.
However, even in the beginning you will get some information about each object. For example, you will get the information about objects existence.
Getting the information about object, you must find point of concentration and prepare to impulse. Then, you can consider any object. You can get access to all management spheres. If you will perceive many objects simultaneously, then you will manage big information area.
As concrete example, I give you some result of that practice. Assume you watch a computer. One glance only will enough for you to understand how manage that computer, and what you can get from that computer.
That concentration helps to get information from any object, because you learn to manage information objects. Access to information accomplishes on logical or direct spiritual basis.
Well, I had given to you concentrations for first ten days of month. The other concentrations you can find based on cause-effect connections in information area. What you already know, you can develop further based on fundamental management position. However, I will continue my description, but in brief topics.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1854312.
Nine digits for concentration are following 894153210.

3. Union of two digits, one and zero, gives you an ability to watch world from the beginning, when zero presents in one. You act when you increase one with zero in ten. You action must be harmonic. You must understand that every your action can qualitative and quantitative increase your manifestation. You are world manifestation. Harmonize it with what you are watching. Watch yourself and your thoughts. You must be in place where you are presenting. You must be in place where you are not presenting. Your harmony must lead to Eternity. Resurrection is Eternity element. Immortality is also Eternity element. You must find for yourself genuine Eternity, in which immortality and resurrection are just particular cases of Eternity. You must be creator of everything. You must clear imagine and recognize what is follow up after resurrection and genuine immortality. Genuine immortality creates next Eternity status, next world status, and next person status. You must recognize that other problems, problems of Eternity, which you consider, create new worlds, which you build in consciousness. That world you will get when you succeed the Eternity. You eternity includes in you (like one and zero gives ten). You just need to understand that. Transfer to that level via logical action (as union action of one and zero), and you will get the Eternity in every your action, in every your manifestation, and in every your step.

11 day of month
1. You concentrate on interaction between animals and human being. For example, in your home live dog, cat, or parrot. Think about your interaction with them on deep level. What is sense of these contacts and interactions from your and they perspectives?
Understanding the processes of thinking and perception of all participants of interaction will give the possibility to enter in structure of reality management.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1852348.
Nine digits for concentration are following 561432001.

3. Number 11 is world manifestation (you add one to one), which is inside of you and which everybody can see. You are a being, which everybody can see and can get your harmonic experience of development. Share your experience with other and you will get Eternity.

12 day of month
1. You concentrate on events, in which assembled some object. For example, a goose lost his feather. In that case, you concentrate on action of restoration that feather. How you can restore that subject? You try to understand how to restore the subject.
Another example, a leave fails from some tree. How get back that leave on its place on tree?
That is concentration on assembly the separates objects in one, providing their normal state. Practice in that concentration develops management.
In this concentration, as in many others, you can consider yourself as object of concentration. You can restore any of your organs. Some women asked me once to restore her womb, which removed in surgery. Using this concentration, I had restored her womb (see document in Appendix B).

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1854321.
Nine digits for concentration are following 485321489.

3. Unite with world in its covering. Unite with world, which you perceive it in your actions. You will see that your actions are core of world, which harmonizes with you everywhere and in any time. You will see, that Creator send to you His wealth, and want to join with you. You must have union in place of God’s development. Union with Creator exists in development. In divine, genuine, and constructive development will be accomplishing that union. You develop in direction to Eternity, and that will be joining with Creator. Life eternity is genuine union with Creator.

13 day of month
1. You concentrate on discrete separated elements of some object of reality. Let assume, you watch some object. That can be truck, palm tree, or stone. No matter what the object is. You consciously consider parts of object. For example, you can imagine truck, which assembled from many parts.
You can consider in such manner any object, excluding a human being. We must consider a human being as one object. This is law. Any other object you can consider separately. Your goal of consideration is detection existing connections between parts. You are finding these connections and simultaneously keeping in consciousness a desirable event, for example, healing somebody or getting the ability of direct vision. On this way, you will realize the management of that event, and will improve your management ability.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1538448.
Nine digits for concentration are following 154321915.

3. You will watch the faces, which created world before you. You will watch the mechanisms, which created world before you. You will watch world, which was before you. You will feel that you exist ever. Transfer that feeling to these faces, to these mechanisms. You will see that everything around you (created artificially or naturally) is Creator. He manifested you in what you are watching. Your manifestation is world, which will create. In such manner, you can detect any constructive technology of intellectual, spiritual, or technological development. Consider the development as equal development of any reality element and any information object, then you will see core of your soul, personality, and Creator. Individuality of Creator and everybody creation is base of world harmony, which existed always, in everything, and understand everybody. Creator creates everybody individually, and in one moment. Thus, you can create world individually and simultaneously for everybody, for any space-time.
14 day of month
1. You concentrate on moving objects. You are watching those and asking the questions. “Why the cloud moves?” “Why is raining?” “Why the birds fly?” “Why happens something?” You try to find information sense of each event.
If you are concentrating in such manner, and simultaneously keeping in consciousness the necessary event, then you will realize it. Correspondently, you will improve your skills in management.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 5831421.
Nine digits for concentration are following 999888776.
3. You must watch your hands as hands reflected the life light. You must watch your fingers as fingers reflected light of hands. Watch your body as body enlightened with clear light of Creator – light of love, good, and health for everybody, and light of my doctrine about the eternal life. In that day, you can perceive that Doctrine of Eternal Life, my doctrine, and you can ask me in thought about your problem. You can ask me also in any another day and ask me about help in development eternal life and creation for everybody. Ask me and you will get help. You can ask yourself, and can recognize what you got from me. You can recognize that knowledge, and share it with others. In that day, you can harmonize with me (as in any other day). You can ask me also when the time will be not measuring with space-time. You can ask me about help, conversation, some event, and just to attention. You are free as you was ever. Take that rule, and expand it for everybody, then you will get eternal life in place where I am. You will get eternal life in place where you are. You will get eternal life in place, where everything exists. That principle will be genuine and true, as it is now. You are a person, who exists in Eternity, and you are Eternity.

15 day of month
1. In second day, you concentrated on little finger of right hand. Today you can use for concentration any another part of body (another finger, or nail, or any another part). Then concentration accomplishes similarly to concentration in second day.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 7788001.
Nine digits for concentration are following 532145891.

3. In fifteenth day, you can feel Wealth of God, which sent from Universe Mind created by God. That Mind thanks God for His creation and status, which provides Him an ability to reproduce Universe. You can feel wealth of plant or animal in relation to you, wealth and love from another human being. You will see that you love them. Creation, Wealth, and Understanding are in Love. Love of everybody to everyone is Creator, which manifests world in your appearance. You are appearance of Creator’s Love, because He is love related to you. You got present of God from the beginning, and you are creator, because Creator creates you. Go to Him. He is everywhere. Go to His call. His call is everywhere. He is where you are. He is everywhere, where you are. You are in God’s moving, and you are His Eternity manifestation. Go to care of Creator. He created eternal world in everybody’s development. You will see that world is eternal, and manifests your Eternity. You are creator, which creates eternal. Creator created you as eternal when He created world.
16 day of month
1. You concentrate on elements of outer reality, which contact with your body. Are you remember sentence, “Sun, air, and water are our best friends”? You need to recognize contact with such “best friends.”
You feel the warm and touching of sunlight.
You feel wind, sometimes quite power, sometimes very week. You can feel the non-moving air, or hot and humidity of weather.
You can feel the freshness of water when you swim, or take shower.
You can accomplish these concentrations in any season and you will recognize the interaction with nature forces.
You can practice these concentration everyday. If you will keep the necessary event during the practice, then that event will realize.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1843212.
Nine digits for concentration are following 123567091.

3. Feel harmony in everywhere. Harmony belongs to Creator. Feel the harmony, where it is and where it will be, where it was, and where it was not. That is harmony of transformation in eternal life. Go to yourself, and feel the harmony everywhere. You will see the waves of joy and happiness, which harmony creates. You will see that you create world as stabile and harmonic forever. You are warrior for eternal life and eternal belief in God’s Divine.

17 day of month
1. You concentrate of the elements of outer reality, which surround you always. There are surrounding space, Sun, Moon, star constellations etc. You concentrate on some such element and simultaneously keep in consciousness necessary event for realization.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1045421.
Nine digits for concentration are following 891000111.

3. Watch the resurrection of everybody. You will see that world restoration is reality in which you live. You will feel that you locate in eternal world. Move forward along the path, and you will see Creator, which is eternal. You will enjoy your eternity. That joy is eternity of life and Creator. That is Creator, which created you. His Love is infinite. His simplicity is credential. He is simple and clear as you imagine. He is creative and kind as you had thought. He is Creator of you and He shows your path. Go on that path. That path is your path.
18 day of month
1. You concentrate on static objects (building, table, tree, etc.). Choose somewhat of those. You need to detect individual core and sense of selected object. Sense of object is sense for you. You must understand what means that object for you. During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1844212.
Nine digits for concentration are following 185321945.

3. You move in direction to people. You move in direction to events. You work in direction with resistance. When you watch that, the resistance will decrease, power of it will be weaker, and you will watch world of Eternity, even the resistance still there. Go and present everywhere. You are able to be everywhere. You can embrace the world of Wealth. Thus, fight the resistance for eternal life wealth, and the resistance will destroy. Then, you will see and accept the light of eternal life, and that will realize for all the time forever.

19 day of month
1. You concentrate on set of separated elements of outer reality, which appeared as result of one element transformation. Let give some examples. Cloud transforms in the raindrops, or leaves separated from tree. During the concentration, you try to find the laws, which prevent such process development. Core of that concentration is search of such laws. During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1254312.
Nine digits for concentration are following 158431985.

3. Spirit fighting for your place in world, as fighting of your soul for manifesting Creator, leads to your control about intellect and mind. Your consciousness will stay universal. You will stay what you are. Your Eternity manifests in your considerations and your considerations stay Eternity. Your thoughts make world eternal. You will be there, where you are locating, and you will be there, where you are not locating. You will be eternal, even world constructed from time intervals. Interval of world will stay world if you will be there. Space will unit with eternity, if you will be there. Time will disappear, and you will be in move, in eternal time. You will feel eternal time, and that time will come to you. Every moment of your time is eternal. Feel Eternity in every moment, and you will see that you already got Eternity.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

20 day of month
1. You concentrate on remote areas of consciousness. Your goal is help for other people. Imagine you need to explain something to some person. You will explain something, which that person does not know and understand. We already know that every person have full knowledge in his/her soul. Thus, you must help that person to recognize information, which he/she already owns. By the way, genuine understanding is recognition the information from soul.
Arousal of person to recognition information from soul we will realize via remote areas of consciousness.
Realizing that concentration, you involve in world salvation program. Principal thing of your concentration is management for everybody wealth, and positive development of events for everybody. No matter, is a person far or close to you, your management will help everybody.
We can call that management as concentration of everybody’s success. We imply that according to your work, the events development will be positive for everybody.
You can add additional exercise in practice beginning.
You concentrate on remote objects such as Sun, planets, star constellations, etc. You not need to watch those via physical vision. Your goal is recognition the objects as objects of information.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1538416.
Nine digits for concentration are following 891543219.

3. Consider world from highest point of your consciousness, from deepest position of your soul, and with spiritual desire to everybody’s wealth. Consider world as world, which created now, and create it as it is now. However, try to create world and change it state. Change and decrease the defects of world in direction to eternal life and positive development. You will see that the defects are not defects, those are non-correct world understanding. Recognize world correctly, as Creator gave it to you. You will see that creator is everywhere, and truth is everywhere. Just need to step in. Just need to not neglect, and come to truth forever. You will see that world changed. You will see that Universe is your, and Creator welcomes you. You will see that you are creator, and you can create everywhere forever. You are Creator’s assistant and assistant for everybody. You create creator and you come to point of union for everybody. That union pint is your soul. Watch it and you will see life light. Your soul creates that light. Light of your soul calls you to development. Light of your soul is world. You watch world because your soul watches. You watch soul, because you have soul eyes. Watch yourself, and you will see your union with world, which existed always. Your consideration is consideration of world. Your knowledge is knowledge of world. Disseminate your life knowledge and spread up your soul light and you will see eternal life in such state, in which you are. You will see that eternal life is long time with you. Eternal life is always existed. It exists. It will exist forever. Eternal life is you.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.
21 day of month
1. You concentrate on digital series in reverse order. Let give an example: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, and 10. Numbers in series must be between 1 and 31. Thus, you have 31 numbers. Relay on your intuition when you create the series.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 8153517.
Nine digits for concentration are following 589148542.

3. Watch on mountain brook. Watch snow melting. Imagine these pictures, if you watch those. You will see that your thoughts not distinct from your eyes. You will see that your consciousness not distinct from your body. You will see how your soul builds your body. Do not forget that knowledge. Transferring those from second to second, from you to another person, and creating from moment the Eternity, you will always build yourself as you live earlier without efforts. That eternal creation is eternal life. Build around you other objects, based on the same principle. Build the worlds. Create joy, seed the wheat, create bread, and construct the tool and machine. Do the machine non-destructive. You will see that in machine manifested God and consciousness. Stop the machine if it is danger. Build the body if it is seek. Realize resurrection, if somebody has gone. Prevent death of somebody. You are creator then act with harmony of world. Act with harmony of everything, which created. Act with harmony of everything, which will create in infinity and manifestation of world. Act with harmony of yourself.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

22 day of month
1. You concentrate on reality elements, which infinitely reproduce. For example, you can concentrate on Eternity conception, or infinite space conception.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 8153485.
Nine digits for concentration are following 198516789.

3. God creates your soul structure. God restores your soul structure. Watch how God creates and restores your soul. Your soul is in action of restoration. Open your world and watch where God restored. Watch mechanism of restoration and your will see Love. Love brings the light for world. Love is basis of world. Love exists forever and from beginning. Who created Love? Watch and you will see yourself. Your Love is you belonged to Love. Create with love, wealth, and great joy of eternal life and everybody’s happiness, then you will see everybody’s joy of your surroundings. Watch joy of everybody and happiness fills your heart. Be in happiness, be in harmony and that happiness brings to you Eternity. Watch via your eyes, watch via your eternal body, watch via eternal glance on your relatives, and give them Eternity. Watch via your Eternity on world, on your surroundings and give them Eternity. World will bloom and flower appears, which bloom eternally. That flower will be your world, which is world for everybody. You will live and your happiness will be infinite.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

23 day of month
1. You concentrate on development all elements of reality in direction of God’s goal realization.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 18154574.
Nine digits for concentration are following 581974321.

3. Watch on world. Watch on business, which must done. Watch your feelings. Watch the connections of those with events. Why you watch forward? Why you feel? Why your business develops in such manner? Word “else” cannot be presenting in world because world in unitary and different in its unitary. Why word “unique” means diversity? Feel nature of events in your concrete business. Watch your business from all perspectives. Watch your organism and restore it in conscious moment. Watch your consciousness and make it for solution of all your problems. Watch your soul and see that everything already is there.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

24 day of month
1. You concentrate on shape of human being and transform it in some another object (for example, videocassette, pen, or plant). You must see an element of human being, which can transform in videocassette, for example. That means - we need to consider a human being for transform his/her shape in videocassette.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 5184325.
Nine digits for concentration are following 189543210.

3. You watch your reality. You come to reality, which is you. Consider all days from first until 24th, and you will see that your love is infinite. Watch world with love. Watch how you construct your feeling. Consider the feeling as eternal creation and you will come to love as to Eternity. You come to it always and will stay with it forever. Creator is your God. Creator creates you as loved. You are God’s creation and you love. Love is life, and life is Love. Manifest your love everywhere you will appear. Manifest your love in places, which define and predefine you. You cannot express love in words, and you cannot express love in feelings. Your actions are love on the place, where you create.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

25 day of month
1. You concentrate on set of objects, which you choose. You classify objects in groups based on some property. For example, you can set in one group tape and audiocassette, because those accomplish one function. Tape and radio-device you can put in one group because those created on electronic base. In one group, you can put objects of one kind, for example, two different books. If you consider the book content, then you can put these books in different groups. You are free to choose classification property.
Staying in your home, you can use the surrounding objects for concentration.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1890000.
Nine digits for concentration are following 012459999.

3. Come to the thought about you. Catch the thought about you as your reflection. Watch yourself as you are watching the others. Watch yourself as you are watching everybody. Watch yourself as you are watching a tree branch, plant leave, and dew on grass or show on sill. You will see eternal things. You will see you are eternal.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

26 day of month
1. You concentrate simultaneously on part of object and on whole object. Consider an example. You watch the cowherd and simultaneously some of cows. You concentrate on some cow and imagine cow’s further development. Same way you can consider the ants and some ant separately.
Your goal is to embrace in one glance the whole and part simultaneously. Concentrating in such manner, you will get such ability to see whole and its part simultaneously.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1584321.
Nine digits for concentration are following 485617891.

3. Understand that you will develop eternally. Watch that your development is permanent. Involve in process, which develop eternally. Every move is eternal, and every thing is reflection of Eternity. Every individual is Eternity. Every soul is many eternities. Go to multiform eternities from one unitary Eternity. You will see that Eternity is one only for everybody. Come via that to your soul understanding, and you will see that you are creator of what you need. Apply that to creation of anything, and you will see that you created everything. Apply that to your organism creation, and you will see that you can restore organism in any time. Apply that to health of the others, and you will get the experience if you healed somebody. Everything restoration is always an experience for you. Create more kindness, joy, and happiness and you will get the Eternity as technological instrument of your consciousness. Expand consciousness on firm conditions of Eternity. Outrun the Eternity in infinity, and consider yourself as Creator’s manifestation. You create on place, where the Eternity expanded. You are creator of Eternity, you control the Eternity, and you compel the Eternity.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

27 day of month
1. Your concentration repeats concentration of ninth day. Just add to it infinite development of every element of concentration.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1854342.
Nine digits for concentration are following 185431201.

3. Help to those, who need help. Help to those, who not need help. Help yourself if you need help. Help yourself if you not need help. Consider the word “help” is expanded sense. Consider kindness as help manifestation. You are kind and you help. You are creator and you have help. Every action of your creator brings help to you. Everything, which you created, is help for you. You have an infinite number of assistants as you help to infinite number of the others. Lead society in common connections and help one to another to the wealth. Give happiness to everybody, and you will see yourself in harmony of world. World in which God-Creator is everything created around you and created by you. World is manifestation of God in surroundings of you. Manifestation of God as your creator will express in your soul as genuine world understanding, which self developed after accepting infinite life. Infinity of life is infinity of Creator. Being infinite living you must be infinite creating and co-creating. We not need to do something for being infinite creating. We created forever for being co-creating. You are able to do that every your thought, every your move, and every your action will create Eternity.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

28 day of month
1. Your concentration repeats concentration of eighth day with one important addition.
You, probably, remarked, we summarized the numbers of previous day 2 and 7: 2+7=9. In current day situation is different; we must multiply numbers 2 and 8. Thus, eight will double, and program of eighth day will repeat. You not need to repeat that concentration exactly; you need change it. For example, you can change somewhat in yourself, or in concentration conception. Using old schema of concentration, you can discover new aspect of it.
Your understanding and perception of that concentration must permanently expand and recess. Concentration is a creative process, which maintains your development.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1844512.
Nine digits for concentration are following 195814210.

3. Watch yourself as you are watching on world. Watch Creator, as Creator is watching you and get from that an understanding about Creator’s expectation of you. Watch His look, and you will see it. You will see that Creator’s look directed to far events of world too. Thus, your goal is management of these events of world. You must transform any event in harmonic event. That is your genuine goal from beginning. Creator already created and realized and your goal is follow that path, because you are “image of God.” Creator had self-created, and created you too. Create yourself and the others. Create the others and give them wealth, then you will get world, which created for you, for others, and for Creator. Create for Creator, because He created you. Create for Creator, because He created everything. Thus, everything created by you, you always created for Creator.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

29 day of month
1. You accomplish generalized concentration. Revise all concentrations from first day until 28th. You must accept those in one impulse; all concentrations you perceive in one moment of perception.
Analyze your work and create new platform for next month.
You can imagine all concentrations as some sphere and place it on some infinite line, in which you include next month as beginning interval. You will create new platform for your infinite development.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1852142.
Nine digits for concentration are following 512942180.

3. Watch world via your eyes. Watch world via your feelings. Watch world via all your cells. Watch world via your organism and via all your manifestations. Watch world, watch yourself, and watch inside of you. Watch world with understanding of it surroundings of you. Watch reality, which gives you life. Watch reality, which gives Eternity. You will see that any perspective gives one reality, which creates life and Eternity. Creator created that reality, and eternal life. He sees you as you see. He sees you as you not see. He created you. He is God.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

30 day of month
1. You accomplish first concentration on created platform. That concentration is basis for next month.
Concentrate on world harmony. You must find, enjoy, and wondering about it. You are amazing about its perfection. You are amazing of world harmony as corollary of Creator perfection.

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1852143.
Nine digits for concentration are following 185219351.

3. Principle of your concentration of previous days in that day can be basic. In February, number of days is 28 or 29. Thus, on thirtieth day, you will concentrate on first or second day of March. That transition shows eternal life cycle. Find the Eternity in all your previous harmonies. Find harmony in that simple example, because only after February we have joining between numbers 30, 1, and 2. Joining of the numbers, which are distinct in nature, says us about universal nature of anything. Find universal nature in everything, in any information element. Find universal nature in hidden and visible manifestations. You will see, you will feel, you will recognize, and you will inspire.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

31 day of month
1. You concentrate on separated areas of manifestation. For example, you watch some tree, ground under it, air above and around it. All that components are the manifestations, which joined in your consciousness. You watch in those an eternal life reproduction. Life is eternal. Recognize that. Remember that when you are watching and feeling the surrounded world, and when you are dissolving in it. You will get the understanding of Truth: LIFE IS ETERNAL!

2. Seven digits for concentration are following 1532106.
Nine digits for concentration are following 185214321.

3. Concentrate in that day on yourself. You are healthy and everybody around you is healthy too. World is eternal. The events are creative. You see everything in positive light only. Everything around you is always positive.
During the concentration, you must keep in consciousness the necessary event, which will realize.

Notice to concentration
You must define number and duration of concentration by yourself. You define the most important result of your concentrations. If you aim the result for some date, then add that date to concentration.
Remember, these exercises are creative, and develop you. Basing on that concentration, you will develop spiritually. Thus, level of concentration will increase permanently and infinitely. You will detect that your life will begin to improve (that is result of your development). You will take your life management in your hands.
These exercises develop your consciousness, provide health, and harmonize your progress with Universe Pulse.

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